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Pensions in Belarus: increase, types, size

The standard of living in each country variesdifferently. Often the state of affairs in the state is considered and by the level of pensions. Will there be an increase in pensions in Belarus? What percentage will increase and when will it be expected?

Increase in retirement age

The obvious is precisely what exactlyhanging retirement age for both men and women. It will happen in several stages, once a year. Each time the retirement age will increase by 6 months. Under the same criteria, there will be an increase in the age for obtaining preferential labor pensions and for long service. In addition, the age of servicemen required for retirement will increase.

pensions in Belarus increase

On such things, the President of Belarus did not tryto say, since there were elections, and such discussions could cause public dissonance, disrupt election ratings. Will there be an increase in the pension in Belarus for those who have already left it? On what count these citizens? How does the government of Belarus consider this issue, in particular, the president himself, Alexander Lukashenko?

Depending on a number of conditions

Not so long ago there was an event for those whoreceives pensions. Since December 1, 2016, there has been an increase in pensions in Belarus by 5%. But Belarusians did not cause any special joy. Since, in their opinion, this increase turned out to be quite penny, and prices have recently increased significantly. As the head of the department of pensions and benefits Ilona Remnev explains, the amount of payments was different for each citizen. The thing is that there are a number of parameters when calculating pensions: what kind of payment does a citizen receive (labor, disability or social), what was the amount of seniority and the level of wages before retirement. All this was individually displayed on a pension in Belarus. The increase, of course, was insignificant, so pensioners were in frustrated feelings before the New Year, explaining this by the fact that this extra charge for them did not really matter, as if there was nothing.

Policy of increasing pensions

As in many other countries, pensions in Belarusare paid from the state budget, and funds are received there at the expense of working citizens and their deductions. The increase in pensions in Belarus in January 2017 would lead to an improvement in the situation of pensioners, especially since a good increase in the base rate was planned. This was repeatedly stated by President Alexander Lukashenko.

increase of pension in Belarus

However, this did not happen, in January it increasedonly retirement age and minimum length of service. The situation in the country is not the best: every year more and more Belarusians are retiring, and the working-age population is getting less and less. In this regard, there is a shortage of budget funds for the payment of various types of pensions. For the same reason, there is an increase in the retirement age. But it is planned to increase it only until January 2022, then this process will not happen.

Pensions for various categories of citizens

There are several types of pensions in Belarus. The increase and their accrual as a whole also depends on a number of factors. The labor pension is put to the citizen, who for a certain period deducted the compulsory insurance contribution to the corresponding fund. If a citizen has not worked out such a length of service, and he does not have the right to receive a labor pension, he is paid a social pension after reaching a certain age, which is equal to the level of the subsistence level in Belarus. Citizens who receive a disability pension or a survivor's pension do not apply to them. Their calculation of social payments is based on different criteria. An increase in the pension in Belarus for disabled people and those who lost their bread-winner is also taking place on an ongoing basis. But these increases are calculated from the level of rising prices for food, other goods and services. Thus, the Government of Belarus is trying to maintain an adequate standard of living for its citizens.

Demographic ratio

It is worth knowing that pension benefits are eligiblereceive only people who have the citizenship of Belarus or live there permanently. The last increase in the pension in Belarus could not compensate the costs of citizens for various services and goods.

increase of pensions in Belarus in January

The demographic situation is suchway: the number of young people and fertility remain approximately at the same level, and the number of people of retirement age is growing every year. For the economy of the country this is not the best forecast. If to speak in a digital format, then for 100 pensioners there are about 66 working citizens. Accordingly, further similar parity of pensioners will only increase. And recently more and more pensioners are working and getting a pension, which significantly affects the money resources of Belarus.

Military pensions

Increase of labor pensions in Belarus, to whichalso include the military, usually occurs several times a year. The calculation of military allowances is based on the same set of criteria as civilians: old age, seniority, loss of breadwinner or disability. If the military was the only able-bodied person and kept the family, then in case of his death, the survivor's pension is paid to the dependents.

whether there will be an increase in pensions in Belarus

If a serviceman received a disability duringservice in the army or within three months after leaving it, then he is also entitled to a pension. If the disability was received after more than three months, but it is directly related to military service, then in this case there will be a pension payment. Only for this it will be necessary to prove the relationship, to provide the opinion of the medical commission.

The percentage of increase in pensions in 2017

Will the increase in labor pensions in Belarus2017? Of course, Belarusians are interested in this issue. Everything depends on the economic situation in the state, and the increase will still take place. Only it is not known, by what percent the monetary payments will increase. If in the first wave of increases it was 2-5%, then most likely, subsequent increases will not be very different with these indicators. Alike, these indexes do not correspond to the current inflation. However, the government of Belarus encourages citizens that pensions will be paid without delay, and all social guarantees will be preserved. An increase in the pension in Belarus can be achieved by a single payment, for this purpose, funds are budgeted, but this option will only give a temporary result. The overall picture will still not change. Therefore, in 2017, great attention is paid to pension reform.

Pension for working pensioners

Every year the number of employeespensioners, whom it is simply necessary in order to secure a normal standard of living. If we talk about raising the pension in Belarus for retired workers, it will. But the indexing of these payments is not provided.

the last increase in the pension in Belarus

Increase of pension to working pensionersis planned for August 1, 2017. If, for some reason, the retiree leaves his job, he will simply need to file documents with the relevant authorities, and his allowance will be increased taking into account all the missing indexes. However, if, after a certain period of time, the pensioner again gets a job, the indexation of his pension will cease, but the amount of payments will not be reduced, but will remain at the same level. Pensions to working pensioners will increase annually from August 1.

Places of work

Pensions in Belarus, their level andindexing - these are all important topics for the citizens of this republic. However, where can retirees work? Where do I get them, where do they get jobs? It turns out that such jobs exist, and they are among the best. In 2014, a social survey of Belarusians was conducted, following which the statistics were compiled.

increase of labor pensions in Belarus

This statistics suggests that almost everyonethe fifth pensioner works in the field of education, followed by approximately the same percentage of people who work in the field of public and social services, as well as in the health sector. Then follows government and industry, and finishes this list of financial activities. A small increase in the pension in Belarus is a result of the fact that pensioners are working not only in the listed industries.

In comparison with other countries

There is one more issue that does not concernonly Belarusians. And what if we look at the world level of pensions in Belarus? The increase in these payments is not so close to the ideal. The following data are not given in exact equivalent, but are well approximated to real figures. In Greece, the average pension according to data for 2015 was about 32,500 rubles, in Ukraine - 3,000 (due to the difficult military situation in the country), in Germany - 79,300, in the USA - 68,000, in Kazakhstan - 14,200, in Bulgaria - 8 000, in Lithuania - 19 000, in Estonia - 14 500, in Finland - 112 000, in Russia - 11 800, and in Belarus - 10 000 rubles. This is only a summary of pension benefits in different countries, but it is not difficult to understand from it that these payments depend on the average salary in each country.

With the help of pension reform

It is quite realistic to guess that the size of the futurebenefits will depend on the amount of salary and length of service, and the increase in the pension in Belarus will depend on the economic situation of the country. Many pensioners, of course, are not happy with the payments they receive today, but it is very difficult to fix this situation. The state reports how the percentage of price increases is noticeably reduced, but the people are saying the opposite.

Will the increase of labor pensions in Belarus

This trend can be viewed not only inBelarus, it exists in many other countries. It remains to be seen that the pension reform, which begins in 2017, will significantly change the position of the elderly. Increasing the pension in Belarus is of interest not only to them, but also to young people who also plan their future. They believe that when their time comes to retirement, the state will be able to provide them with a decent old age.

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