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Sample application for RWP: specifics of filling, form and recommendations

Today a sample will be presentedstatements on the RWP. In addition, it is necessary to understand which document in principle is involved. After all, permission for temporary residence in Russia is a very common document. Every foreign citizen should know about it. In fact, everything is easier than it seems!

RVP is ...

The first step is to understand what a RWP is. How it can be received in Russia?

a sample of a statement on a RVP

A RWP is a temporary residence permit. This document is presented in the form of a special record (print). It is put on the passport of a foreign citizen. If a person does not have citizenship, he is issued a special permit book.

The RWP is an interim document between residence in the territory of the Russian Federation without registration and obtaining a residence permit / citizenship. It is issued to all foreigners who wish to live and work in Russia.

To obtain a RVP, it is necessary to have grounds for this. For example:

  • marriage with a Russian citizen;
  • work by invitation (for specialists);
  • on quotas (allocated annually).

Permission is granted after contacting the FMS witha package of documents and an application. Usually the process does not have any features. Next, a sample application for a RWP will be presented. But before that you need to find out what rules exist for filling out this document.

Presentation form

For example, every citizen should take into account that any request or application is submitted solely in writing. An oral request does not take place.

sample application of a new model

A sample application for a RWP can be written:

  • on the computer (printed);
  • by hand;
  • is presented in electronic form.

Important: If it is necessary to amend the document, it will be necessary to provide a new form in the same form as before. That is, if the application was printed on a PC, it will have to be altered and re-printed. Therefore, most often this document is filled in by hand. In addition, manually written paper allows minor corrections.

Recommendations for citizens

What rules of filling means everyonethe correct example of a statement of a new model of the RWP? It is enough to remember only a few recommendations. They will help to avoid most problems when applying for permission.

Among the main nuances of filling out the application, the following points highlight:

  1. It is forbidden to use abbreviations and abbreviations. All information is written in full.
  2. It is recommended not to mimic (when filling out the document manually), but also not to stretch the words too much.
  3. Use a ballpoint pen when filling. With its help make fixes more conveniently. Helium handles can be smeared, blots are more common when used.
  4. Corrections and dashes in the document are not allowed.
  5. All answers to questions should be clear, understandable.
  6. People with ugly handwriting are best served by filling out an application form on a PC. All information in it must be legible.

Perhaps these are all recommendations that you canselect. A sample application for a RWP, filled in with these features, is likely to be adopted without any problems for consideration by the migration services of the Russian Federation.

A new example of a rvp statement

How to fill in the application correctly?

Many people are interested in how to fill in correctlyapplication for a RWP. In fact, this is a rhetorical question. Reply exactly to it will not work. It is enough to take into account all the previously proposed recommendations. The rest of the application does not have any specifics.

Nevertheless, we can name a few nuances that are taken into account when completing the document. Namely:

  1. The application must be completed in the most detail. The detailed answers to the questions are welcome.
  2. The document must be filled in accurately. As already mentioned, it is recommended not to make mistakes when writing an application.
  3. Hiding information about a citizen and documents is impossible. This will result in the cancellation of the RWP.

No more significant features of the correct model of the statement of the RWP has.

sample of the PDP application form

What is written

And what kind of data can be requested fromcitizen planning to obtain a temporary residence permit? The sample application for the RWP, presented below, provides for writing the following information:

  • the name of the Federal Tax Service to which the citizen applies;
  • the reason (motive) for submitting a request for a RWP;
  • Name and passport data (in Russian and English);
  • date and city of birth;
  • floor;
  • TIN (if any);
  • information about the identity card;
  • nationality and religion;
  • address of stay;
  • contact number for communication with the applicant;
  • data on education;
  • marital status;
  • information about the close relatives;
  • data on work for the last 5 years;
  • the proposed position after moving to Russia;
  • source of livelihoods in the country;
  • the proposed place of residence;
  • list of documents attached to the application;
  • date of submission of the document;
  • signature of a citizen.

As a rule, just simply carefullyto study the application form for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Russia to properly fill out the document. In it everything is extremely simple and understandable. Especially if you take into account the previously listed features.

rvp statement sample


Now you can see how the sample of the completed application for the RWP will look. It is recommended not to sign it immediately - it is necessary to do this in the presence of the migration service officer.

The document might look like this:

"I ask you to issue me a permit for temporary residence in the territory of the Russian Federation (the use of quota is indicated.) Motives that prompted me to apply for a document - (a description of the reason).

Information about the applicant (filled in with a separate numbered list).

Do you have disabled parents? (yes / no, the right is either underlined or written separately).

Are you a participant in the resettlement program in the Russian Federation? (well no).

Do you have outstanding debt or a fine? (give a detailed answer if available, in the absence of being written "I do not have").

Together with this statement I enclose the followingdocuments: copies of passports (national and foreign), birth certificate, photographs (2 pieces), migration card, receipt of payment of state duty. "


It is now clear how it looks likea sample of the RWP form. This option is relevant for 2017. In fact, filling out the document does not cause trouble. Especially when all these features are taken into account.

sample filled out application for RVP

It is recommended to pay attention to the fact that the formsfrom time to time change their form. Therefore, the latest "version" of the paper is recommended in advance to take in the migration service. Usually the new model of the statement of the RWP is not very different from its predecessors, but if you attach to the documents its old interpretation, you will have to rewrite and rewrite everything.

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