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Violation of peace and quiet of citizens. How to fight for silence?

Oh, these noisy neighbors!It seems that the disturbance of peace and quiet of citizens has become a normal phenomenon. That music, then laughter, then the bed, rested in the battery, then screams, then the footfall and God forbid construction tools. Neighbors are able to diversify the silence in the night and always in the daytime.

First of all, it is worth remembering that there isCode of administrative violations, and no one can abolish it. In Russia and most CIS countries from 22.00 to 06.00 breaking of silence at night is prohibited. It does not matter what it is: a TV or radio, a music center or a piano and so on. Even a regular challenge to representatives of the law will not give the expected effect. In such a situation, your only savior is only a precinct officer. Write a collective complaint and initiate a case of administrative violation. But here everything is not "thank God." Often, such a turn of events either does not reach the logical conclusion (bringing to account), or does not guarantee the proper effect. A noisy neighbor pays a fine and continues to "spoil" all life, only now even more assiduously or, frightened, hands over positions. The second option, by the way, is extremely unlikely.

Even the presence of audio and video evidence,protocol, signatures of other tenants does not guarantee that the court decision will be rapid. Cases that consider the violation of peace and quiet of citizens, often last very long. With what it is connected, it is extremely difficult to argue. But in the judicial practice there were cases of forced eviction of irresponsible tenants who are not interested in the health and peace of others.

Violation of silence at night is extremely unpleasantaffects the general state of a person. At night the body rests, well, at least, should rest. And the high noise level not only knocks down the usual sleep schedule, but also guarantees a regular stressful condition. One can only imagine what a person experiences when he goes to his favorite job, spends a lot of nerves and health there, and then his neighbors regularly celebrate something at night with loud music

Violation of silence in the daytime is a separatehistory. Often there are cases when a drill and other "not quiet" tools work with neighbors without stopping. And already I think: "Well, how much can you? They would sit down at least and have dinner. Not a moment's rest ... "Indeed, nothing takes people out of themselves like non-stop noise, while you want to eat quietly, watch your favorite show or just lie around. Indeed, there are laws that prohibit the breaking of silence in the daytime. But, here's the trouble. Our people are used to doing almost anything during the day. This is primarily due to the incredibly low fines. And this means that bringing an offender to justice for violating the silence and tranquility of citizens in the afternoon will not in any way change his schedule of work. And repair as it went, so it will go.

We examined the method of force. This is not the most popular way of educating neighbors, unlike our European counterparts. At them this process already more than 50-years is adjusted and has due efficiency. Even the cry of a small child behind a wall can cause huge problems for his parents. Up to the Commission for the Supervision of Children. It's good or bad, it's hard for us to judge. After all, for almost half a century we have been taught mutual respect for each other and before we complain, we think ten: "Maybe it is not necessary?". But we have not forgotten how to quickly find a common language among ourselves, and this strongly distinguishes us from other peoples. Let's look at this method of struggle.

If all the same you can afford to talkwith the disturber of your peace - do it. First of all, it's an opportunity to get acquainted. Maybe he is not and ... bad, how do you think about him the last three weeks. Just explain that walking, of course, you can and should, but it would not hurt to think about others. Violation of peace and quiet of citizens in no way provide him with good relations with other tenants. Do not frighten, do not threaten. Speak calmly and you will succeed. If the interlocutor himself shows aggression, then go quietly. And get ready for the plan "A", it is described above. Good luck to you and good neighbors!

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