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The coat of arms of Sweden - history and basic elements

History of the arms of Sweden originates from the coat of armsKing Eric III of Sweden, which can be considered the first official symbol of the country. In 1224, it first appeared three leopards, which were located one above the other, which was similar to the Danish coat of arms. After the death (in 1249) of King Eric, there were no direct heirs left. Jarl Birger from the noble family of the Folkungs, as the closest assistant to the late ruler, achieved the throne for his young son Valdemar, who is the nephew of Eric on the female line.

history of the arms of Sweden

Golden Lion

Jarl Binger, who ruled Sweden as a guardianson before 1266, on his ancestral coat of arms had an image of a golden lion on an azure background over three left silver sashes. After the transfer of full power to the adult Valdemar, the new king used his coat of arms of Uncle Erik III, on which were three lions, as his coat of arms. In 1225, Valdemar's brother Margus Birger toppled him from the throne, receiving the nickname Defender of the Peasants. He, in contrast to his predecessor, decided to remain committed to the ancestral heraldry of the Folkung family, but on the new coat of arms crowned lions appeared.

Three Crowns

heraldry of Sweden

Three golden crowns - the most famous in the whole worlda feature on which to recognize the arms of Sweden. What does this heraldic element mean and what is its purpose? Disputes about this do not stop to this day, and hypotheses are put forward the most different. Interestingly, the crowns are on the oldest known royal seal. Three crowns as one of the main elements of the emblem introduced King Albert of Mecklenburg (1363-1389). One version connects the appearance on the arms of these details with the most widespread at that time cult of the Three Kings - the Magi, who brought gifts to the infant Christ. This cult gained strength and wide spread after Frederick Barabarossa in 1164 transferred the relics of the Magi from Milan to Cologne. The second version relates three crowns to the symbol of the Holy Trinity.

There are versions that treat the crowns as ordinaryheraldic element. Some researchers argue that they are similar to the crown of the Mecklenburg royal coat of arms, strengthened by the sacred number, or are signs of possession of Mecklenburg, Finland and Sweden. Another version says that the crowns are nothing more than the coat of arms of the legendary King Arthur, who embodies all the moral ideals of sacred chivalry, or simply one of the coats of arms of the kings of Ancient Ireland.

The Swedish national coat ofthe main symbol of the state. In certain cases, a large state coat of arms is necessary for carrying out official events in the parliament and government, the army and foreign Swedish diplomatic missions.

Large Coat of Arms

coat of arms of Sweden

The large state emblem of Sweden mayIt is used as the basis of personal arms by members of the royal family. All changes and additions concerning the main symbol of the country are approved only by the head of state.

The large state emblem is a shield of azure color, divided by a golden cross into four parts, with the emblem of the royal house in the middle.

On the first and fourth parts of the shield there are threeopen gold crowns (two on top and one from below). The second and fourth parts of the shield include six left silver and azure bevels and a crowned golden lion in a scarlet setting.

The central shield is divided into four parts. In the first - the coat of arms of the house Vaz: two right silver and azure bevel and a gold sheaf on the scarlet field. On the second part of the shield there is a coat of arms of the Bernadotte family: a silver three-hanging bridge with two towers on which there is a golden eagle holding paws in the claws, and above is a constellation of the Great Bear.

The shield is held in the clutches of two crowned guardianslion of golden color with scarlet arms and forked tails. Lions stand on a golden base. At the top of the shield is the royal crown, surrounded by the signs of the knightly Order of the Seraphim.

The large Swedish coat of arms uses the purple mantle on the ermine as background, with golden tassels, cords and fringe.

There is a simplified version of the large emblem, on which there are no medal signs, lion-bearer, mantle and base.

Small coat of arms

coat of arms of Sweden image
Small State Emblem of Sweden consists ofan azure shield color with a royal crown at the top and three open gold crowns (two on top of one). In addition, the shield can be surrounded around the perimeter by medals of the Seraphim.

Open three golden crowns without a royalcrown and shield - this is a simplified small arms of Sweden. Photo of the hockey team of this country, where the players' sweaters depict such a small coat of arms, made three crowns one of the most recognizable world symbols.

Swedish organizations and companies wishing to use the elements of the state emblem in their symbolism are required to obtain special permission from the State Heraldic Council for this.

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