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What does the exclamation mark mean?

Exclamation, surprise, joy are associations,unconsciously caused by an exclamation mark. He is one of the venerable punctuation marks. Information about its use in grammar has been encountered since the sixteenth century. At that time the exclamation mark was called awesome. According to one version, it comes from the Latin word "Io", which means joy. To simplify writing in the future, the letter I was placed above o, which eventually gave a "!".

Exclamation point

The first rules for its application in writing were identified by MV. Lomonosov in the eighteenth century.

Surprisingly, until the 70-ies of the last centurythe exclamation mark was absent from ordinary typewriters. In order to display it on paper, a point was first printed and only after that - an accent (a so-called apostrophe), returning to the point of the point.

The main application in Russian

There are certain spelling rules applicable to this sign:

  1. The exclamation point ends exclamation sentences.
  2. Used at the end of narrative,incentive, exclamatory questions. Helps show emotional formulas of speech etiquette, denoting greeting, farewell, treatment, gratitude, etc.
  3. It is put at the end of the "rhetorical" proposals containing the question. These suggestions may imply a more emotional narrative.
  4. Can be used in sentences instead of commas for emotional treatment.
  5. After the words "yes" and "no", an exclamation mark is used to express strong feelings.
  6. Used in situations where the sentence is both exclamatory and interrogative, which is indicated by two signs on the letter -?! (but not the other way around).

yellow exclamation point

Another use of an exclamation point

This punctuation mark is widely used inmathematics and computer science. For example, it is used as a part of symbols for the designation of factorials or subfactorials, and in the programming language the sign "!" Means some operations of logical negation. Especially often we see it as an attraction of attention on the monitor, working at the computer.

In 2009, a new sign for motorists was introduced- Yellow exclamation mark. Drivers whose experience is less than 2 years are required to install on their car an icon with a black exclamation point on a yellow background. This is done to prevent other participants in the movement. It does not limit the right to drive for a novice driver.

An important role is played by this amazing symbol, attracting attention when an exclamation mark is on the instrument panel in the car, signaling a malfunction in the car.

an exclamation mark is on

The reason may be the following:

- not enough brake fluid;

- a break in the indicator circuit;

- breach of tightness in the vacuum brake booster;

- Apply the parking brake.

In any case, when an exclamation mark is used, we always feel the increased attention. After all, this symbol really means the importance of what is happening in this situation.

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