/ How is the production characteristic written?

How is the production characteristic written?

What is the production characteristic and forWhat is it needed? Speaking in general, this is a document from the place of work on behalf of the manager, which characterizes the professional and personal qualities of his employee. The form in which the production characteristic is written to the employee depends on where it is required. In the guardianship, to another job, the police or a court can bring a document written in a free form by hand.

For example, a production characteristic: a sample

Grigoriev Dmitry Eliseevich was received onposition of the driver-forwarder in 000 "Pupkin and Co" on March 14, 1998. In 2005, he was appointed the head of the delivery department, where he works until today. During the work he showed himself to be an attentive, responsible employee. Dmitry Eliseevich was not seen in the violation of labor discipline, administrative fines and penalties shall not apply. At the same time in 2006, the management of the company awarded him the diploma "The Best Worker of the Year". Colleagues speak of him as a kind, punctual and conscientious person. Dmitry Eliseevich in the team enjoys authority, during the time of his work he proved himself an excellent organizer.

That's it, or something like that, might look likeproduction characteristic. If the document is needed for admission to another place of work, it is worth describing what duties the employee performed and how he coped with them. When a person goes on promotion and will occupy, even if not a low, managerial position, it is worth emphasizing leadership qualities, on his relationships with members of the team.

In any case, it is assumed thatThe production characteristic will be written in a positive or neutral vein. Do not bring to a new place of work document, which says that this employee is a chronic truant, who repeatedly appeared at work in a drunken state, and his colleagues do not tolerate the spirit. Even if this is the case, such a review may hurt rather than help.

What to do if you do not really want to scream, and the worker tearfully asks for assistance? You can limit yourself to common phrases, for example:

Dontsov Yevgeny Zakharovich was received by Sidorov TD. for the position of the loader. His duties Dontsov fulfilled in full, with colleagues, the relationship is neutral.

By the way, even if a person is really brilliantfulfilled his duties, an overly enthusiastic production characteristic of an employee can raise suspicions: is he really as good as he is written about?

In addition to court and new work, this document mayYou need to go to a medical institution for MSEC or VTEK. In this case, the characteristic is written not in free form, but according to clearly defined regulations. The first line indicates: the name, actual and legal address of the organization. Then write the employee's data: position, length of service in the specified position, qualification. The next stage describes the nature of the work performed, the availability and duration of business trips, working conditions (outdoors, with increased noise, temperature, etc.), employee performance indicators: does he cope with work, are there often breaks, sick . Further, indicate whether it is possible to transfer an employee to easy work (with or without pay), whether he enjoyed light working conditions and so on.

As a rule, the medical institution issuesready form of the production characteristic, which must be filled, signed and certified by the stamp of the head. This characteristic is needed to obtain a group of disability and determine the degree of disability.

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