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What is the reorganization of an enterprise?

Many of you already know what "liquidation" islegal entities. "Yes, this process has to be watched quite often, as some firms cease to exist almost every day, which in this case occurs with their duties and rights? They simply disappear. Of course, all this occurs when the legitimate claims of creditors are satisfied in a lawful manner.Can the legal entity cease to exist, and its rights and obligations - no? It can only be the case that is not in liquidation, but in a process called "reorganization dpriyatiya. "In certain cases, it is better to resort to it than trying to remove the company completely. The reorganization of the enterprise is good and what forms it takes place? Let's examine all these issues together.

reorganization of an enterprise


As already mentioned, its essence is thatthere is a succession. It is possible not only the transfer of duties and rights, but also the transfer of debts. What is the reorganization of an enterprise? This is something that businessmen use so often to update their business, make it "cleaner", get away from problems that have arisen with creditors, taxation and so on. As a result, they will have the opportunity to continue the same activity under a new name and with an updated history.

Reorganization and liquidation of the enterprise are connected with the introduction and even with the removal of information from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. Both these and other processes can be delayed for objective reasons very, very long.

Forms in which the reorganization of an enterprise takes place

reorganization and liquidation of an enterprise

When merging two organizations form onenew enterprise. When dividing, on the contrary, two equal firms are formed from the same company. Upon accession, one legal entity absorbs the other. And in the process of separation, one of the companies is separated from the other, taking with them not so much of the duties and rights as in the division.

The reorganization of the enterprise allows not onlyget rid of the problems, but also update your business or make it more. Legal entities unite, increase their authorized capital in order to reach a whole new level and test themselves where they could not previously reach. In other cases, on the contrary, they alienate a part of themselves in order to develop immediately in several directions.

As you know, almost everyonecommercial legal entity there are creditors whose opinions and wishes should be taken into account when making any important decisions. The decision on reorganization is taken at the general meeting. The specifics of its adoption depend specifically on the organizational and legal form in which there is a specific legal entity.

what is the reorganization of an enterprise
Those founders who do not want to receive sharesor a share in the authorized capital of a new firm (firms), may require the redemption of what they have. Everything will be done in the same order as defined by the Federal Law. The notification of creditors and the satisfaction of their claims are also required.

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