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Chief Engineer and his duties

The chief engineer is a person without whom he can notdispense with any technical enterprise. It is from his work and its organization that the work of the entire enterprise, its success and profit will depend. So, the main function of the chief engineer is to study the direction of the technical development of a certain enterprise. In addition, the engineer is engaged in ensuring the proper level of technical training based on the best practices of other enterprises and available scientific achievements.

Chief engineer: duties and tasks

The most important tasks facing the chief engineer are:

- clarification of the technical policy and direction of the enterprise development;

- identification of ways of technical reconstruction of the enterprise and re-equipment of production;

- determination of prospects and level of specialization of the production process;

- ensuring the proper level of technical training of the enterprise and constant work on its improvement;

- Conducting activities on the effectiveness of increasing labor, rational expenditure of financial, material and labor resources.

The chief engineer also provides a highquality of products, services and works, high competition, reliability and durability of products. He controls the compliance of the products with all available standards. The duties of the chief engineer also include:

- management of the development of certain measures to improve the products that are being produced;

- modernization of the production process;

- control over the external environment, resource consumption and technical culture of production.

The engineer organizes the development of technicalplans taking into account all modern technologies and world standards. He organizes the introduction of innovations in the production process and exercises control over working conditions, occupational sanitation and safety. It is from the chief engineer that the preparation of technical documents and drawings and the coordination of work with patents for inventions depend.

What should the chief engineer know?

First of all, the person who occupies such aThe post must know all laws related to this activity. He must understand the documentation of the enterprise and the organizational and administrative documents of other organizations related to the enterprise. The chief engineer should also be competent in the production structure and clearly understand the development prospects.

Among other things that such an employee should understand:

- production technology;

- rules for drawing up and signing business plans;

- methods of production management in a market economy;

- rules for the implementation and preparation of various contracts;

- The economy of the organization of production, labor and management;

- the basis of labor legislation;

- safety regulations.

Naturally, the chief engineer has certain rights. He has the right:

- use the information of the enterprise to perform its direct duties and act on behalf of the technical services of the enterprise;

- receive information on the progress of production;

- check the work of the company's units in the field of technical training;

- take part in the development of instructions and contracts;

- to give instructions on production to the heads of enterprise divisions;

- independently resolve issues that are within its competence;

- make suggestions to the director regarding the improvement of the work of subordinates.

The chief engineer is responsible for not fulfilling his direct duties, as often such non-fulfillment entails certain material damage.

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