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Center for Innovation and Information Technologies: Activities and Contacts

Today there is no more actively developing sphere,than information technology (IT). Every day, new IT elements are being developed or developed in all corners of the world, advanced information technologies are being introduced everywhere, and the process of improving this sphere has an incredible acceleration.

Center for Innovation and Information Technology

To help the Notary Chamber

Non-Profit Organization The Center for Innovations and Information Technologies Foundation was established in 2009 by the Federal Chamber of Notaries.

The subject of the activity, according to the statute, are:

  • Creating the necessary conditions for the widespread dissemination and use of modern information and communication technologies by the notary of the Russian Federation.
  • Formation of modern telecommunication andinformation structure of the notary, on this basis ensuring the quality and guaranteed notarial protection of the high level of citizens of the country, as well as its accessibility for individuals and legal entities.
  • Development of measures for effective information security in the use of communication and / or information technologies in the activities of the notary.
  • Organization of interaction of the notarial system with federal authorities aimed at increasing the efficiency of the provision of public services, as well as improving their quality.

Activities of the Fund

The Center has no membership and is established on the basis of voluntary property contributions by a legal entity.

The main purpose of the fund is to develop IT,related to ensuring the activities of the notary, but aimed at socially useful goals, primarily educational and social. The purpose of the fund is not to make profit, but if it is received, it is sent for the implementation of the goals stated in the statute and the tasks arising from the subject of the Center for Innovation and Information Technology.

Foundation Center for Innovation and Information Technology

He has the right to create branches, subsidiariessocieties, representative offices, agencies and other isolated units both in our country and abroad. The center is guided by the norms and laws of the Russian Federation, and, if necessary, by foreign legislation.


"Center for Innovation and Information Technologies", both independently and with the help of third parties, carries out its activities in the following areas:

  • Development of system software (software), as well as applications and tools that are ready for use.
  • Advising on the hardware configuration and their types, as well as installation, subsequent operation and upgrading.
  • Development of software for work with databases (DB), software of an individual character and provision of other services from the field of software and informatization.
  • Modification and customization of already installed software to the needs of the customer in the case of creating information networks and systems.
  • Ensuring the operation of an integrated centralizeddata collection and processing systems (data center - data processing center of the Federal Chamber of Notaries) at any stage of data processing, including their input, provision and training using the software and hardware of the Center for Innovation and Information Technology and / or the customer.
  • Evaluate and review user information needs, prepare and offer effective solutions for the creation of information networks and systems.
  • Maintenance of office machines and any computer equipment, including their repair, as well as after-sales service.

Center for Innovation and Information Technologies contacts

Addresses and telephones

Contacts of the Center for Innovation and Information Technologies: Moscow, Dolgorukovskaya Street, house 15, p. 4-5. Postal code 127006. Electronic addresses for calls: [email protected], [email protected]

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