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The infantryman is the main army

Perhaps the infantryman is one of the oldestarms of the armed forces. Even when a caveman, having collected tribesmen and armed with cudgels and stones, went to the neighboring tribe to repel their food reserves or a more convenient parking lot - these were the first units of the infantry. Such troops require the least money investment and are the most massive type. Today the infantry uses motorized transport and, thanks to various types of weapons, is capable of performing any tasks: from searching for missing travelers to launching Grad missiles from portable tubes.

History of infantry

Already in antiquity in the arena of the ancientsbattles left the cavalry. However, in ancient Greece, hoplites appear and for several centuries make the infantry the most combat-ready and important army. Now the infantryman is a small mobile fortress with a spear. Their linear system, armor, armament allow them to successfully resist the enemy cavalry and destroy the infantry of the enemy.

an infantryman is

Rome during its existence has introducedsignificant changes in the concepts of war, tactics, weapons. The infantry began to divide into a heavy one with massive armor, shields, spears, swords and darts and light, armed mainly with bows, darts and slingers. Armor of light infantry could be absent.


In the early Middle Ages, a militaryThe estate, which can provide a good horse, a durable armor, weapons, squire. All this cost a fortune. The armor was worn on the horse, turning the rider into a medieval tank. Such a heavy cavalry easily reached the enemy infantry, without receiving special damage from bows, and destroyed it. The infantry became an auxiliary part of the army in order to support their own, to distract the enemy's attention. In these times the infantryman is the service staff for the cavalry. She began to recruit from the militia, which could not get a good outfit. This was the case in Europe and the Middle East. In Asia and other steppe regions, they completely abandoned infantry, as they had to travel long distances, where there were no natural shelters.

Some people came up with fortresses, while others -artillery, and again the balance of power has changed. Manual artillery became the harbinger of small arms. Beginning to increase the number of shooters, and with the advent of firearms, their number has become predominant. There were guns with pieces, and then rifles, as a result, the infantry became infantry troops.


In the field charter of the workers 'and peasants' Red Armyarmy of 1939 infantryman is a representative of the main kind of troops, who endures the main hardships of the war. Artillery, tanks and aviation should help in everything. To date, many countries have issued doctrines on the supremacy of missile forces, but such transformations have not yet been completed.

Black berets

Among all types of infantry you want to see the seainfantry. This is a vivid example, when all other types of troops help infantrymen. Aircraft cleared the shore, ships shield their landing with artillery, marines on floating APCs reach the shore and take control of the coastal strip or begin to move deeper into the mainland.

Among the types of troops of the Russian Navy, the marines -the most efficient unit. These are mobile, perfectly armed, trained and universal troops, ready to fulfill any task. They can be compared only with the Airborne Forces. Subdivisions of the Marine Corps have repeatedly proved their skills and strong-willed qualities, defending the interests of the Russian people and state.

 marine soldier

In 2015, on November 27, 310 years have passed since the daythe creation of the Marine Corps. In this regard, many events were held, especially in cities where black berets serve, for example, in the Kaliningrad region. On May 9, the parade march was held not only by employees now, but also by veterans. So in every city of Russia, a marine soldier showed off in his black uniform!

How to get to the Marine Corps

Many people dream of joining the marines. Although the service is hard, but honorable. As they say in the army: "I fell in the marine infantry - be proud, did not get - rejoice!" If you have such a desire, then evaluate your health, it must correspond to category A-1, or at least A-2. Contact the military registration and enlistment office and find out when they are recruiting a team in the marines. In advance, watch your physical preparation, dystrophic and frail there are not needed. For any difficulty or complaint in the Marine Corps they say: "You're a Marine!"

Collecting point

When you arrive at the collection point, you will needshow oneself. Although they say that the initiative is punishable, it is also rewarded. Representatives of the Marine Corps will look for healthy, physically developed adequate guys. If you find them and apply with a desire to get into their troops, you will be remembered and noted.

You can arrange a physical test right on theassembly point, the exercises are limited to the imagination of officers. There can be and usual pull-ups, jumps, running. If you want to get into the assault battalion, then it is possible that you will be sparring with the officer himself. Here, your determination is more important than the skill of hand-to-hand combat. A Marine soldier must be brave, sharp-witted, sometimes defiant, and be proud of his army.

Earnings, privileges, service

If they decided to link their lives with the army,Think carefully. Service is not work, it will require the whole person. The military has many privileges, they have a vacation that increases with long service, a stable career ladder, many trips around the country are paid by the state, military mortgages, besides all this the state feeds and clothes its soldiers.

The value of wages varies from place to place, dependsfrom the terrain, the title, the position, the part, the state's attitude to its own army. The army is a great option for any man. Of the serious minuses - this is life on orders, if they say they settle the North Pole, then it will be necessary to populate the North Pole. This is a joke, but not without a grain of truth.

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