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Marine Corps of Russia. "Black Berets": preparation

Russian Marines, black berets, blackdeath - as soon as they do not call it the kind of Russian troops. Coastal troops of the Navy, created to conduct combat operations in any conditions. The Marines are airborne and waterborne, armed with floating BTR-80 and 82, trained to storm strong points and heights. In addition to small arms, it has antitank and anti-aircraft portable complexes. Marine brigades are in close contact with other combat arms, especially with the fleet, but they are trained and act independently. Landing-assault battalions can, if necessary, move to an autonomous existence.

Russian marines black berets

The birth of the Marine Corps

During its existence, the Marine Corpsseveral times it was disbanded and was created anew. The official date of birth is 1705. During the Great Northern War of 1700-1721, there was a need for specially trained units that fired on the crews of enemy ships, and when approaching they went on boarding. For such purposes it was required to possess skill, dexterity, firm hand and courage.

The second birth date is 1939. The second, because the transfer of information from one generation of marines to another was interrupted. The conditions for war have changed, because they were already quite different units.

World War II and our time. Marine Corps of Russia

Black berets deserve their nickname "Blackdeath "during the Second World War. The famous Bialystoksky protrusion defended the Marine Corps units. Whether because of communication disruption in the first days of the war, or for some other, the marines went on the offensive, committed several daring strikes, diverting the enemy's forces and allowing their time to reform and retreat.

Despite the fact that our fleet was locked inports in 1941, the Marine Corps did not remain idle. She took an active part in the defense of Leningrad, and individual units - and in the defense of Moscow. Carrying losses, the marines continued their glorious existence, even new battalions were formed. Along the Black Sea coast, forays into the enemy's rear, sabotage, attacks on fortified points. Snipers in black berets became famous near Sevastopol.

Russian marines black beret hymn

Existing marine brigadesinfantry support the traditions and remember the heroic deeds of their predecessors in all military conflicts, beginning with World War II. Brigades are called Guards, and the Red Banner of the Guard is received at the cost of blood and self-sacrifice. The Red Flag is the highest award honored by the Russian Marines.

Black berets, the photos of which you see above,represent the troops of constant combat readiness, capable of performing any combat mission. As part of the brigades there are separate companies and battalions with different functions, as a result they are able to storm enemy ships, keep defenses, take high-rises and fortified points, land from ships and aircraft to the rear for diversions and distract attention to themselves. Marine units exist in different countries, but Russian is considered to be one of the best.

Basic armament

Armed with small arms, the Marinesnot much different from motorized rifles. The main weapon is AKS-74M, also in the department there is one RPK, RPG-7 and SVD. Each company has a rocket-propelled grenade platoon, armed with grenade launchers AGS-17 "Flame" and PKM. Drivers, officers and various specialists have PM (sometimes with a silencer), APS and AKSU-74M. Depending on the tasks to be accomplished, Marine Corps units are supplied with an RPG-18 "Mukha" or a hand-held RPO-2 "Shmel" flamethrower.

marines of russia black beret songs

Periodically, the troops are updating equipment. Since 2009, the BTR-82A has started to enter the marines - this is mainly for the Baltic Fleet, and for the Black Sea infantry - BTR-80 (instead of the BMP-2). The Baltic can also be proud of the ship class "Zubr". This is the largest amphibious assault ship.

The beauty and pride of the navy

Russian marines black berets photo

Off the coast of our country confidently bears its serviceMarine Corps of Russia. Black berets are considered one of the best soldiers. They have something to be proud of, and every new guy who wears a black beret becomes a part of an army family. He is now responsible not only for his honor, but also for the honor of the fleet, the honor of the Marine Corps. The worst punishment is to get a ban on wearing a beret - an unofficial punishment, but clearly reflecting the spirit of the troops. If a guy is forbidden to wear a black beret, then it disgraces his actions. The Marines are the beauty and pride of the navy and must stay with it!

Black berets in the cinema

Valor and courage of marines more than oncesang in songs, books and movies. The Airborne Forces has its own ensemble - "Blue Berets". A musical group consisting of officers, which the Russian marines adore - "Black Berets". The hymn, written by them, is known to every fighter and stored on his phone.

black berets how to hit

In films, the image of the seainfantryman. Strong, courageous, quick-witted and courageous. The last tape, which clearly shows the education in the ranks of the Marine Corps and the direction of thinking in combat conditions, is "22 minutes". Marines have to take the ship by storm to release civilians and their comrade. An interesting idea is that when preparing an operation, they consider their captive comrade to be the default combat unit. This means that the Marine will perform his duty in any conditions. The name of the film came from the time that was spent on the assault and sweep of the ship.

Despite any obstacles, the task wasis fulfilled, and the enemy is destroyed. Its honor is maintained and supported by the Russian marines - black berets. Films about them cause pride for our soldiers, and in the hearts of the boys - the certainty that they will once wear such a hat and will wear it with dignity,

I went to the marines - be proud!

Did not hit - rejoice! This phrase is heard by everyone before putting on a black beret. An original dedication. Army service with a touch of romance - it's just a look from the "citizen" to what the Russian Marines are. Black berets do not complain about the conditions. However, the service is not easy, but the romance is forgotten after the first march-throw, when the machine's belt begins to rub the shoulders, and on the back after the 5th kilometer a bruise is stuffed, the comrade who was entrusted with the machine gun can not run anymore, as a result, a machine gun, and himself. To withstand such loads, the platoon must unite.

Officers do not have privileges in terms of physical training and, along with personnel, participate in marches, shooting and obstacle courses.

Preparation for service. Marine Corps of Russia. Black berets

How to get into these troops? If the desire in you is alive and inextinguishable, then it's worth starting to prepare in advance. First, make sure that you have no restrictions on health, and the doctor at the military registration and enlistment office will put you in group A. For places in the Marine Corps and the Airborne Forces there is a struggle. You need to take precedence over others: this will be good physical preparation, performance of army standards, category "B" or "C" rights, sports categories and achievements. Ranks and prizes for hand-to-hand combat, parachute jumping, swimming will be the most significant factors.

black marines training

Steady psyche and physical form will allow you to pass all necessary tests and quickly adapt to the army service.

Training of Marine Corps

Marines are not born, they become marines. Since the mid-1960s, the black berets of Russia have carried out military service and participated in military conflicts in various parts of the world: Syria, Israel, Poland, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Angola, Mozambique, Chechnya, Dagestan, Abkhazia, Georgia, Vietnam and many others.

Typically, the Marine Corpsrefer to parts of constant alert. Those who are here are in for heavy physical training, especially if they manage to get into the assault-assault battalions or the reconnaissance company. All should be able to marines of Russia (black berets), preparation for war which never stops. Hand-to-hand combat, combat with arms, obstacle courses, tactical exercises at the training range, preparation of defenses and assaults of heights, disembarkation of troops into the enemy's rear, landing from ships and battles in the coastal strip, march-rushes, day and night shooting - all this is training worthy real man.

Nobody except us!

Beautiful phrase! Before serving in the army, many consider it pretentious, empty and arrogant. A well-known group belonging to such a line of troops as the Russian Marine Corps - “Black Berets” - is trying to make its songs understandable, truthful and explain the general meaning of the service. After all, it is worth at least to attend the exercises, as the opinion about the army changes. Separate parts of our army can act independently, but in the case of a full-fledged war, the troops will have to act as a single organism. "No one but us!" - say the paratroopers. There is a great responsibility on their shoulders, they are the first in the ranks of the offensive, their task is to land in the rear of the enemy, capture the height and hold it until the main forces arrive. However, this phrase also applies to all other types of troops, each has its own function, in case of non-fulfillment of which others will suffer.

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The combat mission must be completed. “Nobody except us!” Is both a motto and a sentence. Because the price may be the highest.

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