/ Protective faceplate. Personal protective equipment for welders

Protective face shield. Personal protective equipment for welders

Personal protective equipment for workers isSpecial clothing, footwear and accessories, whose task is to protect the body, the face of employees in the enterprises. For each profession, there are PPE, and when the welder is working, the protection of the person is important. For this purpose, special protective face shields are used. What are they and what are their characteristics?

Goals and objectives

protective face shield

The protective face shield is a modernA remedy that prevents the entry into the face of various substances, chemicals, acids, liquids or sparks. And some models can become a reliable protection against radiation. Typically, these masks are widely used in a variety of works - from welding to repair and finishing of facades. When choosing this tool you need to proceed from the degree of the value of the shield, since it is this factor that ensures the safety of the work process. To make a protective part of it, light, non-toxic and fire-resistant materials are used. Ease of use is provided by handles and headrests. Face shields are widely used:

  • in construction;
  • gas and oil production;
  • ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy;
  • chemical industry;
  • machine and aircraft construction.

It is noteworthy that the protective face shield can be used not only by welders, but also during plastering or repair work.

From what materials?

For the manufacture of modern shields are usedhigh-strength materials, resistant to wear of various types, mechanical and impact loads. A well-thought-out production technology ensures that the products will withstand any temperature fluctuations. Accordingly, it is possible to use shields in any climatic conditions.

welder guard

In most cases, the protective face shieldIt is made of polycarbonate, which protects the face from strong heating. The second popular option is the use of non-combustible plastic, which can reduce the intensity of heat radiation by almost 50%. In addition, plastic serves as a reliable protection of the face from mechanical impact due to good indicators of impact resistance.

If you need a cheap model, then you can choose the shieldsfrom organic glass or PMMA - thermoplastic plastic. The use of modern technology makes it possible to increase the resistance of the material to impacts, chemical influences. The most important thing is that all three materials differ in dielectricity, which makes it possible to use them when working with electrical installations.

Technology for comfort

Welder suit and other components to itare created taking into account modern technologies that allow achieving a high level of safety. It is noteworthy that manufacturers use materials such as suede, leather, cloth, tarpaulin for tailoring suits, which are supplemented with a special incombustible lining.

The use of high-tech methods is a guarantee that the use of personal protective equipment will be safe and comfortable.

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Protective faceplate has a thoughtfulThe design, which provides ease of the accessory and reduces the burden on the neck. The screen glass in them has a 100% transparency, so the slightest optical distortion is minimized. Accordingly, and the eyes will not get tired during work. Inside the shields, soft covers are provided, which do not distract the eye when working. Due to special belts, a reliable fixation of the shield on the face is carried out.

What are the species?

Modern protective shields for welders and other professions are represented in a variety of species and differ in their characteristics. Among the popular options are:

  • shields of universal type;
  • shields with fastenings on the helmet;
  • shields with fastenings on a helmet for welding;
  • protective face shields for electric welding.

Universal welder can be usedwhen carrying out any work where it is necessary to protect the person from damage. Such masks serve as protection from getting small particles, sprays, sparks. Among the features of this configuration, we can note the ease of fastening, an elongated screen, somewhat sloping downwards. Ergonomic design ensures easy operation of the flap.


Such models have head restraint,enlarged screen. For example, the shield "Vision" is made of heat-resistant polycarbonate and serves as a reliable protection against flying particles. The elongated screen protects the neck, the upper part of the chest, for its covering a special compound is used, which serves as a protection against abrasion and scratches. Head support is complemented by a soft and hygienic obturator.

Separate attention deserves NBT2 SUPER "Vision" - a shield, which is also made of impact-resistant and heat-resistant polycarbonate. Its feature is in a foggy screen.

Helmets with protective flaps

The protective faceplate of the welder canused in construction as well as to take off and put on it comfortably. Products with fasteners on the helmet feature a convenient design, which can be fixed in different positions. A special lifting and locking device is created from heat-resistant and cold-resistant materials that do not lend itself to wear.

Vision shield

Among such models it is possible to note KBT "Vision"ENERGO, which has a non-fog screen with fire-resistant fringing. The fastening itself is universal and suitable for any suit of a welder, and for its production heat-resistant materials are used without the use of metal elements. Any shields "Vision" differ in the reasonableness of the screen part:

  • the screen is completely removed, so a good view is provided with good protection of the face, head;
  • for its covering a very strong layer is used, which remains resistant to scratches, abrasion;
  • screen materials contribute to a decrease in the intensity of thermal radiation by about a quarter;
  • Each flap is supplemented with a visor in an improved shape, which provides complete head protection.


A wide range of professional equipment, inincluding accessories for welding, offers the German brand FUBAG. The manufacturer himself accentuates the fact that welding masks created by him meet the safety requirements of operation. In the line of this German brand there is a huge number of masks that can be used for welding. So, the welder mask FUBAG BLITZ 11 is made of a flexible and durable material and has a special body shape, which protects the screen from fogging during operation.

This mask promotes effective eye protectionwelder even with prolonged work. The model is equipped with a "chameleon" light filter, which automatically darkens the screen when the welding arc is ignited. You can adjust the sensitivity of the optical sensor to deliver the desired mode for the welder.

personal protective equipment for workers

The innovative mask can be considered the mask FUBAG ULTIMA5-13 PANORAMIC BLACK, which is made in 3D-design and has the largest field of view 100 x 93 mm. The distinctive features of this accessory include the increased speed of automatic switching of the screen to a dark state, smooth adjustment of sensitivity and degree of dimming, the presence of four optical sensors.

FUBAG BLITZ 9-13 TIGER is a mask for the welder,which with reliability is distinguished by a bright design solution and ergonomic shape of the case. Among the additional functions, you can note the filter off when you need to grind while cleaning the seams.


NBT shield - an integral partmandatory welder personal protective equipment. With this accessory, you can protect your face and eyes from splashing into them, sparks, fragments and splashing of various liquids. For the manufacture of the screen part of the flaps, a colorless impact-resistant polycarbonate is used, whose thickness is only 1 mm. For greater visibility, optics are enlarged and covered with a layer that provides resistance to chipping and scratching. These guards are widely used in the chemical industry, metallurgy, gas and oil refining, engineering and automotive industry.

welder face shield

Guard NN-10 welder PREMIER FavoriT - thisAn accessory made of heat-resistant material that does not burn and does not change in composition with any temperature changes. Sophisticated design in combination with high-quality light filter provides reliable protection of the face and head as a whole. Head-mounted model can be adjusted in the desired position.


NBT shield

Thus, face shields,The eye is modern accessories that can be used in any type of activity where appropriate protection is required. The flaps are presented in a wide range of models, so there is always the opportunity to choose the option to suit your preferences. When compact, flaps are versatile and comfortable, providing full face protection. Innovative solutions embedded in masks provide a large viewing area, giving the opportunity to carry out long-term welding work in different welding modes.

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