/ How to obtain Portuguese citizenship? Portugal Visa Application Center

How to obtain Portuguese citizenship? Portugal Visa Application Center

The westernmost state in the continentalEurope is Portugal. Many people like his culture, lifestyle, traditions. And some have the opportunity here to find a job. However, all of them are interested in such a topic as Portuguese citizenship. How to get it and what are the conditions for this to be observed?

Portuguese citizenship


Portuguese citizenship can be found inseveral stages. The first is the most important. It is necessary, while still in Russia, to prepare all documents for a visa and submit them to the embassy. The passport must remain valid for a further 3 months after the end of the stay. And, of course, a person needs to have a sufficient amount that will go to his residence in the country.

The visa must be issued not ordinary, but resident. With her, a person will be allowed to stay in the country for up to four months. And during this time he will have to file documents already for obtaining residence permit. But the fact that a person in the passport is stamped with a resident visa does not yet guarantee the issuance of a residence permit. In addition, he will have to wait about 60 days for a decision.

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Residence permits and Portuguese citizenship are not issued to allcontract. The government should know that a person represents a certain value. So he will have to decide on the type of activity. The best option is to look for work in Portugal. And with a contract on hand and a visa will be issued without problems. Only in order to get a job, you need to be a worthy specialist who is of interest to this or that organization. Then she will invite the foreigner to the post.

Another option is the organization in Portugalown business. Visa to private entrepreneurs is issued often. But you will have to provide data about your business and documents that support the necessary qualifications. This is the case if the person in the case plans to provide services in private.

By the way, there is one hundred percent guaranteedoption, taking advantage of which it is possible to obtain Portuguese citizenship. Invest in the economy of the country a million euros. That is, to risk investing. The same thing if a person opens an enterprise in the country with thirty jobs. And you can buy a home for at least 500 000 euros. All these three options are a "golden visa". They are aimed at "revitalizing" the economic situation in the country. Over the past year, for example, it has been possible to issue a thousand such visas. So the event has borne fruit.

Portuguese passport

Who else can get a Portuguese passport?

In the State under consideration, there is the so-called Citizenship Law. Here he explains in great detail how and who can get a Portuguese passport.

The right to obtain this document has children,which were born in this state by foreigners who legally lived here for 10 years. And a child born in the world outside of Portugal (anything can happen) among the citizens of this country. Children adopted by citizens of this state will also be Portuguese.

But this is not all cases. Emigration to Portugal for permanent residence is as simple as possible for a person who decided to bond himself with a marriage to a citizen of that country. Only the union should last for more than three years. After that, a foreigner can apply for a Portuguese passport.

By the way, it will still be easy for people who already havethere is a residence permit. In Portugal, such a law: if a foreigner lived there for 5 years and went through the procedure of naturalization - he will be issued a passport. In neighboring Spain, for a moment, this period is 10 years.

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Important nuances

The residence permit is what a person needsafter the visa, if he needs to move to permanent residence. Portugal issues this document for a year. After the expiry of the term, it is necessary to engage in an extension. And it is better to think about this in advance, since the procedure takes a certain time, and illegal residence in the territory of Portugal is punished. Often a denial of citizenship.

Each visa center in Portugal will confirm that the application for issuing a national passport is considered only after the expiration of six years of legal residence in the country.

A man has to pass the examination for knowledgePortuguese language, to prove their "cleanliness" before the law with a certificate on the absence of previous convictions and confirm the financial condition. The availability of personal housing is a huge advantage.

Vunge in Portugal


To obtain citizenship, you will needproduce some more documents, besides the above. We need a personal statement, a Russian passport and "zagran", and a birth certificate. And what confirms the fact of residence in Portugal for the due period (visa stamps, residence permits, labor contracts, etc.).

It is important to remember that each document must be in the state language. And all need to be assured from the notary. Each document should be marked with an apostille stamp.

Visa center services

Briefly I would like to note the topic and the topic,concerning organizations of this type. The visa center of Portugal is not able to help a person get a residence permit. In fact, these organizations are created in order to relieve the work of the consulate and the embassy. And to facilitate the task to the client. They help to collect and issue documents, but for this, in addition to the consular fee, they also take payment. And rather big. Therefore, if you want to save money, it's better to do everything yourself.


Other nuances

Portugal is a very attractive country formany people. With loyal legislation. Here, even privileged taxation is granted to foreigners. The list of priority occupations includes scientists, artists, doctors, as well as many other specialties who have a permanent source of income outside of Portugal. And for pensioners, benefits also work. Those social payments that are accrued by the fund of their home country are not taxed.

Portugal is also good because it allowsthe alien has dual citizenship. A vivid example is the United States. You can obtain citizenship there, only by giving up the previous one, and swearing allegiance to America.

Finally I would like to say a few words about thisphenomenon, as naturalization, since it was mentioned above. Every person applying for citizenship in Portugal is obliged to pass through this procedure. And it represents a change in the constitutional and legal status of someone who is a foreigner. If we address the original meaning of the word, then naturalization is translated as the acquisition of natural rights. In order for a person to become a citizen of Portugal, he must feel himself from within.

In general, as can be seen, the requirements forforeigners are not very tall. Even without the knowledge of the language here you can get settled - try yourself in the construction, fishing or agro-industrial sectors. But before deciding to move, you need to think carefully. After all, a serious step.

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