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How to issue a power of attorney for a car (car)

Owners of cars quite often collidewith the need to grant the right to drive their vehicle to a third party. The reasons for this can be a lot: several drivers for one car in the family, the need to give it to friends or business partners, etc. How to issue a power of attorney to the car (car) correctly?

The power of attorney is a written authorization,which is issued by one person to another for presentation (representation) by the third. The person signing the power of attorney is legally called the principal; the person receiving the document, by a representative or attorney. A document drawn up according to all the rules confirms the authority of the person who obtained it to use the car on behalf of the issuing citizen.

There are three types of powers of attorney: single, universal and general. The first and second are not certified by a notary, issued for a single (one day) or multiple use (year, two, three) by the machine. The last option must be notarized.

Keep in mind that the power of attorney orallydoes not exist. The power of attorney for the car is issued in written (simple) form on the form in which the passport data of the principal and the attorney are handwritten. The data on the make and technical characteristics of the car are also entered in the form, the sign of its state registration is indicated. In addition, to identify the machine, the year of its production, color, engine and body number are stamped; series, date of issue and passport number of the car. The document prescribes the term of its validity, the signature of the principal is entered. To issue a power of attorney is not necessarily on the form, it can be a regular sheet of paper, but in order for it to have legal force, it must contain all the required requisites.

The power of attorney for the machine has a validity period,which limits the period of time during which it has legal force. In most cases, this period is three years from the date of registration (the limit established by law). If you do not set a time limit in the document, it will only be valid for one year. If, for some reason, the validity period is more than three years, according to the legislation, the document will become null and void after three years. If you do not renew the validity of the document in time, when driving a car with an expired power of attorney, you will have to pay a fine.

When issuing a power of attorney for a car, you need to know thatat constant presence of the car in that subject of Federation where the vehicle has been registered, any problems with management will not arise. However, at the same time you need to be prepared for the fact that when you leave the region, the traffic police will check the legality of using the car much more carefully, so you need to treat it calmly.

If you want to avoid such problems, thenthe power of attorney for the car must be certified by a notary. In this case, it becomes a full-fledged document that allows you to safely leave the region. In this case, law enforcement agencies will treat the document as loyal.

Greater powers and authority over ordinarygives a general power of attorney. By it you can not only drive a car, but also dispose of it at your own discretion (including, sell or give).

When applied by a vehicle for whichissued a power of attorney for the car, any harm to third parties, all responsibility under the law should be borne not by the representative, but by the owner. In the event that such a car gets into an accident, the insurance will be paid in the amount of not more than 120 thousand rubles. In addition, if the owner can not prove that at the time of the accident, he was not behind the wheel, he will be held accountable (administrative or otherwise).

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