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Violation of human rights in Russia and in the world

More than half a century after the adoption of the Universala declaration of human rights, the provisions of which contain norms that proclaim a person and his life the highest value, life continues to demonstrate more and more violations of the international instrument. Cases of infringement of legitimate interests of the person occur everywhere.

Violation of an individual's rights
Violation of human rights in the form of crueltreatment or torture, according to 2009, recorded in 81 states. And, according to the text of the international document, ratified in most countries, these actions can not be carried out under any circumstances. In addition to torture and ill-treatment, the agreement explicitly prohibits slavery, restricting freedom of thought and guarantees the right to a fair trial. In addition, the government can not arbitrarily and unjustifiably restrict the person's legal opportunities.

Unfair prosecution, according toinformation of 2009, takes place in 54 countries. UPKFF provides for the possibility of returning property to a person who has been rehabilitated, as well as payment of various property compensation. However, high-profile cases of the restoration of rights in human rights and the recognition by the judicial and investigative authorities of their mistakes often arise in the practice of Western countries. But this fact is not evidence of the correctness and infallibility of the activities of the relevant bodies in Russia. Rather, these circumstances can be related to the ineffectiveness of the work of the rehabilitation mechanism. In other words, it is difficult for the convict to prove that in his case there was a violation of human rights.

Violation of human rights examples
The facts of limiting freedom of expressionrecorded in 2009 in 77 states. The international document fixes the person's ability to express his thoughts openly (even if they do not coincide with the opinion of the majority). The press should also be free (in accordance with the principles of the Declaration).

But the violation of human rights occurs in thissphere. For example, in Russia the announcement of an atheist position and the statement of arguments for the justification of this form of worldview is fraught with the onset of administrative responsibility for insulting the feelings of a certain religious group. This circumstance is especially alarming given that the RF, according to the Constitution, is a secular state. In this case, the violation of human rights is again explicit.

Violations of human rights
In Russia there is also a publicationunconstitutional acts. Thus, the fact of violation of human rights was recorded in a resolution adopted in the Astrakhan region. The text of the document establishes a ban on the registration of persons from the Chechen Republic.

Violation of human rights was contained in the CharterKrasnodar Territory. The document included provisions prohibiting persons of a different nationality, other than Russian, from being elected to state and local authorities. In addition, based on the text of this document, only those who have lived on the territory of the subject for at least 5 years were eligible to vote.

The law of Tatarstan "On Elections" also contained a violation of human rights: it enshrined the possibility of holding non-alternative elections for the President of the Republic.

Well, we can only hope that in the near future the situation will radically change! And the violation of human rights, examples of which have been examined, will sink into oblivion.

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