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"Sony M4 Aqua": reviews of the owners

Smartphone "Sony M4 Aqua" in the first placeit is notable for its waterproof case, as well as for the battery. The operating system in it is used by the "Android" series. For the compact size of the reviews, the phone "Sony M4 Aqua" gets mostly positive.

The thickness of the device is only 7.3 mm. The display, in turn, is set exactly 5 inches. The screen resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels. If we talk about memory, then "RAM" in the device has 2 GB. This smartphone will cost about 15 thousand rubles.

sony m4 aqua reviews

Filling the device

The processor of this smartphone allows you to solvecomplex tasks. The chip in the device is used with resistors. High performance of the system is provided by a high-quality modulator. The touch screen of the model breaks rather seldom. For the quality capacitor smartphone "Sony Xperia M4 Aqua" reviews is good. Additionally, experts positively talk about a thyristor block. With interference in the device, he copes successfully.

Tools for communication

To communicate in this phone is a browser"Google Chrome", which allows you to easily send to friends and acquaintances messages, so "Sony Iksperiya M4 Aqua" reviews are mostly good. If necessary, changing the program panel is quite simple. Also note that you can create bookmarks in it. Directly the signal is caught quickly by the device.

Also, the browser allows you to scaletabs. Standard message model supports. If necessary, the smart input system can be enabled via the main menu of the smartphone. Insert symbols in the text is allowed. You can use different objects in the correspondence.

sony iksperiya m4 aqua reviews

If you believe the consumer reviews, then sendingmessages is carried out with great speed. It is also important to mention a convenient menu. There, the owner is able to change the input language of SMS. The function of insertion of a destination in the device is provided. For the bluetooth "Sony Iksperia M4 Aqua Dual" reviews are good. To send a file to a friend, go to the device's hardware tab.

Which camera is installed?

13 Mp camera in the presented phoneallows you to adjust not only the brightness, but also the photosensitivity. Video can be removed from this device. Directly the resolution of images the user is able to set through the settings of the camera. To go to video there is a button on the screen. If necessary, a timer for the delayed shooting is provided. The contrast is adjusted through the effects tab. The magnification of the camera is fourfold. For portraits, the owner can use the recognition function.

sony iksperiya m4 aqua dual reviews

What do they say about the camera?

For the camera smartphone "Sony M4 Aqua Dual" reviewsreceives different. If we consider the weaknesses of the model, then it should be noted that switching to video takes sometimes very long. Brightness in daylight is very large. The function of anti-aliasing of bands in the device is absent. It is also important to mention that when you zoom in, the picture loses much in quality.

If we talk about the advantages, then in the firstturn buyers well respond about the rapid preservation of the photo. The mode of viewing images in the smartphone is provided. The flash in this model works fine. All this suggests that at night the images look clear, so the Sony Iksperia M4 Aqua reviews are mostly good.

sony m4 aqua duel reviews

Media Player Features

For comfortable listening to the tracks specifiedThe device fits well. In this case, the interface is quite simple. If necessary, you can adjust the sound from the display. Music rewind function is available. The user can change the visual images through the general settings of the player. Information about the music can be viewed in albums. Moving tracks to other folders is possible. If necessary, music can be uploaded to the general list from the memory card.

What are the reviews about the media player?

For the player smartphone "Sony M4 Aqua" reviews fromowners gets different. Many buyers speak positively about it because of the simplicity of management. The buttons on the panel contain only the most necessary ones. The user can quickly turn off the sound of music. The background function in the device is available. If necessary, find the right melody will not be difficult. However, the "Sony M4 Aqua" reviews are of a negative nature, and they are important to consider. First of all, it's about slow loading tracks into the player. It is also important to mention that the player opens for a long time. However, in this situation, much depends on the workload of the phone's processor.

What's in the kit?

The configuration of this smartphone includesconvenient charger. For the case "Sony Iksperiya M4 Aqua Dual" reviews are good. If you believe the opinion of buyers, then it will last a long time. The box itself is very compact, and looks good. There is also a USB cable in the set for connecting the device.

Special abilities

The option of dummy locations in the submitteddevaysa attaching. If necessary, information on the applications can be viewed, so "Sony M4 Aqua" reviews are good. In order to change the security settings of the smartphone, you need to go to the protection tab.

In this case, you can set passwords. At the same time, the error reports are quite extensive. You can also zoom in on the display. For the presence of the function of hardware overlay smartphone "Sony M4 Aqua" reviews get positive. The user can set the display area by himself. Backup options are set via the main menu of the device.

smartphone sony xperia m4 aqua reviews

Device Organizer

The calculator in the device is used simple. With normal functions, he copes quite quickly. This opens the program in a matter of seconds. The converter is provided by the manufacturer. Also in the smartphone there is a convenient alarm clock. The repeat function of the signal in the device is set. Calendar in the organizer is also available. It can be used for notes and reminders.

Another function is the appointment of meetings. Birthdays in the smartphone are pretty easy to celebrate. If necessary, all notes can be deleted. Also there is an opportunity to erase reminders for a certain period of time.

What applications are there?

Of the useful applications of this smartphone attentiondeserves a text editor. For business people, this program will work fine. All major formats it can read. Also this device pleases owners with interesting games. Races in this case are presented for every taste. For gambling people, card games are provided.

In addition, the smartphone has a photo editor. Therefore, the owner can change his own images in different ways. There are many tools for this in the application. For the anti-virus system of the "Doctor Web" series "Sony M4 Aqua" reviews get different. As some buyers say, with the search for viruses, this application handles well. However, the system sometimes hangs, and the performance of the smartphone can fall dramatically.

smartphone sony m4 aqua reviews

How to make firmware?

Failures in the specified smartphone can sometimestake place. There are such problems, as a rule, after the system files are corrupted. In this case, the update center of the smartphone is not able to solve the specified task. In order to significantly improve the performance of the device, the owner will have to download from the Internet a program called "One." Find it is not easy, but you can.

reviews phone sony m4 aqua

First of all, you have to put the smartphone oncharging, so that it does not turn off during firmware. Additionally, a USB cable is required to connect the device to the PC. The next step is the "One" program. Next, it will remain to test the smartphone and enable the installation of system files.

To test the device on the panel, atab of check. After testing is finished, you will be able to flash the device. This is done using the start button. The whole process takes no more than 15 minutes.

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