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Smartphone Fly FS454 Nimbus 8: specifications, description, reviews

Companies that produce budget mobile modelsphones, recently more often are accepted for outsiders. Indeed, along with such giants as Samsung or Apple, producing expensive devices with exponentially high performance, a low-power and cheap phone will be adopted quite coldly. But what if such a low-grade phone is released by a well-known company. It's about Fly FS454 Nimbus 8, the price of which varies from two and a half to four thousand rubles, which, of course, is cheap.

fly fs454 nimbus 8 specifications


The phone is delivered in a box of white cardboard. In size, it is not much larger than the smartphone itself. On the front side of the package the name of the manufacturer is flaunted, then, just below, the model of the phone, then in the lower third there is a decorative dark-lilac strip, and under it the inscription "Nimbus 8".

Under the cover you will immediately see a phone lying in thea pallet of cardboard. After the unit is removed, lift the tray and find other basic components on the bottom of the box, such as: a USB cable, a headset, a charger adapter, and a user guide for setting up the phone device.


At the moment, the smartphone Fly FS454 Nimbus 8Available in four different colors: official black and white and more everyday bright colors of green and red. In all the colors, the phone looks pretty good, but how damp the paint will be - remains unknown. Unfortunately, these studies have not been conducted. But in any case, a good solution is to purchase a boot.

smartphone fly fs454 nimbus 8

Apparently, apparently the device is practically no different from any other:

  • rectangular case with smoothed corners;
  • 133 millimeters in height;
  • 67.3 millimeters wide;
  • 10.2 millimeters in thickness.

The whole design weighs 130 grams. As you can see, the phone does not differ in size, so even for a small hand it will be very convenient.

fly fs454 nimbus 8 firmware

As for the location of various elements of the smartphoneand control buttons of the device, they are here, as they say, according to the canon. The power button and the so-called "rocker" for controlling the volume of the speaker is located on the right side of the phone. Ports for charging and a headset are routinely placed on the upper edge. The camera and the flash are in the left upper part of the back cover, if you look directly at it. At the bottom is a four-row speaker grid.

fly fs454 nimbus 8 reviews

Fly FS454 Nimbus 8: characteristics of the front display

Now we will go directly to the analysisphone display characteristics. Fly FS454 Nimbus 8 is equipped with a 4.5-inch display, which is half an inch less than the majority of manufacturers. Saving materials or the idea of ​​designers is a philosophical question. Most likely, all at once. The screen resolution is 854 by 480 pixels. By the degree of brightness of the display is not released, so be prepared to glare in sunny weather.

battery fly fs454 nimbus 8

Filling characteristics

Now will be told about the characteristics of FlyFS454 Nimbus 8, which relate to its filling. And if you can reconcile with the highlights on the display, then with what is hidden under this display, it is much more difficult to reconcile. Fly FS454 Nimbus 8 - cheap phone, respectively, and the insides he will have from the budget category. In more detail, on the base of the phone is installed a microprocessor MediaTek MT6580M - quad-core, with a clock speed of 1.3 gigahertz, graphic core ARM Mali-400 MP1, 512 megabytes of memory and 4 gigabytes of main memory. To increase the capacity of the main memory slot is provided for a microSD card up to 32 gigabytes.

At the moment, these indicators are extremely low. Yes, it's a budget phone for three or four thousand rubles, but still. Fly FS454 Nimbus 8 features shows non-Wagner. With such indicators, most applications, even the most necessary, will work with significant glitches.

Power Specifications

Now let's take a look at the Fly FS454 Nimbus 8 characteristics, which relate to its power supply. And if the previous reviews were more or less, then not everything is so good.

Fly FS454 Nimbus 8 reviews verymediocre, in view of the low cost price. Including in terms of nutrition, there are a couple of censures from users. The Li-ion battery Fly FS454 Nimbus 8 at 1,700 milliamperes / hour can not provide permanent operation of the device for at least 20 hours. Its limit is seven hours of talk time and four hours in the mode of using Internet services. Alas, for today it is a very mediocre indicator.

Sound and camera characteristics

You can not do without an article in the articleFeatures Fly FS454 Nimbus 8, relating to sound and camera. Well, the camera and speakers in the phone are not the most important components, but their quality should still be at an acceptable level, so that the photos do not cut the eye, and the sound is the ears.

With cameras at Fly FS454 Nimbus 8 everything is the samecomparatively good. Cameras it has two: front, 0.3 megapixels with a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels, and the main one at 5 megapixels with a resolution of 2,592 at 1944 points. The latter works in tandem with the Led-flash, which also serves as a flashlight.

fly fs454 nimbus 8 price

As for the sound, then it does not shine eitherquality. Conversational dynamics, as, indeed, the main, give a dry and quiet sound, not bringing any pleasure. Yes, you can hear the call or interlocutor, but the owners of musical ear will have to tight. And the same story and with the headset, going in the kit. It is not very suitable for frequent and long use.

After all this, it is not surprising that the Fly FS454 Nimbus 8 reviews are much worse than about its "older brothers". But still he is a representative of the budget segment.

Fly FS454 Nimbus 8: firmware

What does the gadget work on? Fly FS454 Nimbus 8 - smartphone based on the operating system Android 6.0. It has a specific list of protocols, tasks and software that ensures its functionality and functionality. But in this case, the operating system does not work correctly, because there are delays, glitches, automatic reset of the installed settings and a number of other problems that significantly interfere with normal operation. That's why there is a need to reflash some phone models, in order to ease the use of the device. And since the Fly FS454 Nimbus 8 firmware is not without flaws, flashing this phone - this is more a necessity than an alternative solution to the problem.


What do you want to say in conclusion? Fly FS454 Nimbus 8 - an ambiguous phone. It seems that it looks stylish, but at the same time, the phone's parameters are not very suitable for modern requirements. And the key word here is "modern". If you want to introduce your mom (grandmother) to new technologies, then this is an ideal option. The phone is cheap, not particularly difficult to learn, for the first touch phone in life it is very, very good. Or, here you already choose, you can give such a phone to your child, not particularly worried that it will be smashed, scratched or even stolen.

Well, as for a loved one, that is,the third option. If you are a fairly modern, young and successful businessman, why not get yourself an inexpensive, smart-looking smartphone, insert SIM cards with your business numbers and periodically answer calls? Very good practice everywhere practiced.

But, despite everything written above - the choice is always yours. At a minimum, you should weigh all the pros and cons before buying.
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