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How to activate "Promised payment" ("Rostelecom")

A variety of communication services is used todaymost of the inhabitants of our country. Without access to the Internet, interactive television, fixed and mobile communication, it is already difficult to imagine work or rest. These services are in most cases provided on a prepayment basis.

Situations are different, and sometimes replenish the accountthere may not be time or technical opportunity. In this case, for the subscribers of Rostelecom, the "Promised payment" service will have to be the way. Rostelecom is one of the universal operators in Russia. The services of this company are used by millions of customers.

Promised payment by Rostelecom

Who can use the service?

How to make a "Promised Payment" ("Rostelecom")? First, let's see who the service is available to.

"Promised payment" ("Rostelecom") is available to allsubscribers of the company who use prepaid services for more than 3 months. There is one more restriction. The presence of a positive balance of more than 20 rubles will not allow you to take "Trust Payment".

Important! To organizations and other legal entities, the service of the promised or trust payment may not be available.

How to make the promised payment to Rostelecom

"Promised payment" for mobile subscribers

The service of temporary replenishment of balance especiallyis relevant for mobile subscribers. Call may be required urgently, while the account may lack own funds, and the nearest ATM or terminal is far enough away.

Rostelecom promised payment number

Consider how to take the "Promised Payment" ("Rostelecom") to cellular subscribers:

  • via the USSD command;
  • with the help of a personal cabinet.

The easiest way to activate the service"Promised payment" - send a special team. To do this, enter * 122 * 1 # on the phone and press the call button. Within a few seconds, Rostelecom activates the "Promised Payment", the number will be replenished by 100 rubles.

Another option is to use the "Personal Cabinet". After registering and joining the service, "Promised Payment" ("Rostelecom") can be activated in the "Payment" section.

"Promised payment" for Internet and IP-TV subscribers

Most actively, Rostelecom most recentlypromotes Internet and interactive television services on the market. Sometimes their users forget to pay the bill on time, and access to the network or channels is suspended. In this case, to renew the service, you must refill the account or activate the option "Promised payment". The most convenient way is to connect the option through the "My Account".

how to take the promised payment to Rostelecom

It is worth remembering that the activation of the service "Promisedpayment "(" Rostelecom ") for Internet and TV subscribers is available only with a negative balance.If the account has funds, then the option will not connect.

Consider how to activate the "Promised Payment" ("Rostelecom") and in this case, using the "Personal Account":

  • go through the registration procedure on the site;
  • Log in to the "My Account";
  • activate the "Promised Payment" in the "Payment" section.

The registration procedure is quite simple andis to fill a small form on the operator's website. In it, the client must specify his personal data (name, phone), e-mail, and also choose a convenient login and password for easy access to service management in the future.

After registration it is necessary to enter into the "Personalcabinet "and to connect the available services following the prompts of the system After the services are added to the" Personal Cabinet ", the subscriber will have the opportunity to view information on them, me a set of options and a tariff plan, as well as make payment.

how to activate the promised payment by Rostelecom

Activation of the "Promised Payment" service is carried out in the "Payment" section. To do this, you need to choose the payment method, specify which service the "Promised Payment" is connected to, and its amount.

Terms and Conditions

Despite the fact that the "Promised Payment" is available to the majority of the company's subscribers, there are some requirements that must necessarily be fulfilled to connect the service, consider the main ones:

  1. A service contract must be concludedmore than 4 months ago. Subscribers who connected a number, the Internet, etc. from Rostelecom less than 120 days ago, will not be able to use the "Promised Payment".
  2. Lack of locks. If a subscriber for the last 3 months used a voluntary blocking of access to the Internet or telephone number, the company will refuse to activate the service, notifying about it.
  3. Negative balance. Activate the "Promised payment" Internet and TV users can only with a minus on the account, for subscribers of cellular communication, a small amount not exceeding 20 rubles is allowed on the balance.
  4. No arrears. If the subscriber accounts have a negative balance for a long time, then it will be impossible to activate the "Promised payment" service.

How to repay the debt?

Promised payment by Rostelecom
After activation of the service, subscribers mustbe sure to replenish your account for the amount of "Promised payment" within 5 days. If this is not done, then in the future the company may refuse to "Promised payment".

Important! Service is paid. Its cost is 7-10 rubles, which will be automatically withheld from the next payment.

Where should I go with questions?

If activation of the option "Promised payment" can not be performed automatically, you can contact the help desk at 88003001800 or one of the company's offices.

Employees can quickly help in the activation of the service or perform it immediately.

It is worth considering that with telephone consultationthe operator will need to identify the customer by recognizing the passport data or the keyword that was indicated when concluding the contract. When applying to the company's office, it is absolutely necessary to provide the employee with an identity document, in addition, some information can only be received by the subscriber personally.

"Promised payment" service from the company"Rostelecom" allows conscientious subscribers to always stay in touch with their friends or colleagues. It is important to understand that this service is intended for emergency assistance in case of lack of funds on the balance sheet and do not forget to repay the debt in time.

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