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Mobile phones "Bravis": reviews, settings, models

To date, the mobile device marketdozens of manufacturers are represented. Each of them has its own branch of models, distributed on modifications and versions. All this creates an incredibly huge abundance of smartphones, among which the buyer chooses.

However, it is much easier to determine which gadget to buy. To do this, at least enough to understand the class of those smartphones that you can afford and which ones you prefer.

In this article we will talk about one of themanufacturers of devices that clearly position themselves in the same class, has one niche and due to this is in demand in one category of buyers. Meet, in front of you - the manufacturer Bravis, a supplier of budget smartphones that are in great demand in the CIS countries.

phones "Bravis" reviews

About company

To begin with, we note that the company that producesproducts under this brand, has Ukrainian roots. It is there that the main offices of the manufacturer are located, as well as warehouses with products. The profile of the manufacturer is wide enough. In addition to that you can buy a smartphone "Bravis", on sale there are also other electronic devices - lamps, home appliances, various musical gadgets and so on.

As the developer conducts his activity alreadyhere a few years, here managed to bring out a whole line of devices that have different technical characteristics and functionality. A user who wants to purchase a device can do this in any of dozens of online stores where Bravis mobile phones are presented.


The phones that this company offers,have a special accessibility (in comparison with other manufacturers). The price point Bravis can be attributed only to the lower budget class, given the average cost of devices. At the same time, the quality of the devices is no worse than Chinese products.

Bravis Base

As indicated on the official website of the company,their phones they make on the Chinese factories producing other affordable devices: ZTE, Jiayu, MicroMax and others. All this testifies that it is possible to compare Ukrainian and Chinese phones on the similarity of approaches to their production. True, there are similar brands in our country, ordering products in the Middle Kingdom.

What are the devices included in the smartphone line of thiscompany? First of all, we can say that this is a wide range of devices from the lower price range. That is, the most expensive phone will cost no more than $ 100 (we are talking about "top" models), while the average smartphone will cost no more than $ 60-70. This, for example, is somewhat outdated in its filling "Bravis Jazz".


If you look at how cheaply offereddescribed devaysy, you can wonder how this company exists, whether it works at a loss. Even Chinese smartphones from the same class may be more expensive than their Ukrainian (or Russian) counterparts. How can this be?

"Bravis Jazz"

Speaking specifically about the products of "Bravis",the manufacturer marks the low expenses for marketing and promotion of phones. If you believe the message on the official website, due to this, the final cost of their devices is significantly reduced. And this, in turn, gives the buyer the opportunity to save on each purchased mobile phone.

Also an important point in the cost policy isname the volume of sales. Each Smartphone "Bravis" (and we are talking about almost two dozen modifications) is presented on the market in thousands of lots. It is not surprising that plants can allow to reduce the cost of each of the devices, providing substantial discounts to end customers. This attracts a person who is looking for a budget, affordable and yet universal gadget.

Smartphone "Bravis"


The fact that each phone "Bravis" (its price atthis does not matter) has a wide range of functions, you can also make sure - just look at the characteristics of the models. All of them are built on the basis of the Android operating system, which already implies the ability to work with such basic applications as the browser, camera, audio / photo / video players, maps, Google Play application catalog and others.

Of course, the possibilities of the device vary independing on the model. For example, there is such a touch phone with a 4-inch screen, like "Bravis Jazz". It, of course, is controlled by the Android OS and, as we said, it has all the features that are present in a modern smartphone. At the same time, the cost of the device is very understated, since this model is no longer produced by this company. For those customers who want a minimum of features, affordable price and comfort in working with the device, this gadget is the best option.

Another example is the so-called dialerBravis Base. The phone is presented in the case "monoblock", which means the presence of a physical keyboard, a small screen and, of course, the lack of any operating system. With this "toddler" it is convenient to work only in the event that you will have enough of the most primitive - the ability to send and receive messages, calls, have a list of contacts. On the Bravis Base itself everything is organized in a very convenient form. For this, it is acquired.

phone "Bravis" price

"Top" models

As mentioned above, the "Bravis"(reviews about them will be a little further on) are presented by a rather wide list of models. However, only some of them, as shown by the promotional offers of stores, are quite in demand among buyers. About them, we'll talk in more detail in the framework of this article, in order to understand more specifically what is at stake.

Bravis A501 Bright

In the first place in the hierarchy of devices fromUkrainian manufacturer as an obvious "flagship" is presented the device with the code name A501. The smartphone does have good characteristics: at least it was made in a unique case with a rounded shape (similar to the one used by LG to develop its "curved" smartphones). Obviously, even in the appearance of the phone was invested a lot of effort of designers.

"Filling" the device also boasts its owntechnological: here is installed the processor SC7731, giving a clock speed of 1.3 GHz. 1 GB of RAM allows you to play even a fairly "cumbersome" (in terms of graphics) games, as well as without delays to work with videos. Also worth noting the possibility of connecting a memory card, the presence of two cameras (2 and 5 megapixels), as well as a capacious battery for 2000 mAh. If you properly configure the phone, it can be enough for a day of work on a single charge.

mobile phones Bravis

Bravis Air

Another representative of the brand on saleis the Air model. About these phones, "Bravis" reviews buyers write about inexpensive, obviously not the most productive, but reliable devices. A simple angular case, the minimum for a smartphone display diagonal (4 inches), resolution 480 x 800 pixels - all indicates that this gadget serves as a good "ringer" with additions in the form of a memory card, camera and Bluetooth wireless interfaces and GPS. The processor runs on two cores, showing a 1.2 GHz clock speed. But with the operating memory, everything is not so cool - 512 megabytes for this phone is clearly not enough.

Bravis Alto

Another phone, "Bravis", whose pricereaches 100 dollars, is a model of "Alto". It also has a large, colorful 5.5-inch screen, 4 processor cores, and 1 GB of RAM. From its predecessors, the smartphone features a powerful 8 megapixel camera. But from the standpoint of autonomy, you should not buy these phones "Bravis". Reviews note that Alto have batteries for only 2000 mAh. If you consider the level of charge consumption, this gadget will last in the active mode of operation no more than 8-10 hours.

Plus, again, the phone is easy to configure - just pick the interface in the most convenient way for you.

Bravis Light

Some phones of this manufacturer, despitethe fact that they are equipped with a touch screen and a powerful processor, in their technical parameters do not differ too much from the "classic" button versions. Here, for example, there is a model "Bravis Classic" - a stylish, strict (in its design) device with a physical keyboard. And there's Bravis Light - a device that, although it is running Android, but has only 512 megabytes of memory (like Air) and not the best screen resolution with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. There is a main camera with 2 megapixels (and 0.3 megapixels - front), as well as a number of wireless interfaces (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G).

Such phones "Bravis" reviews are called basic, and in terms of their capabilities, they are really close to the keyboard "monoblock". But at least they are profitable to take to work with two SIM cards.

If you are not interested in Android, the camera andtouch screen, you can do with a version like Bravis Jazz. There is only internal memory (represented by a microSD card for 32 GB), 1.77-inch display and support for 2 SIM cards. By the way, the cost of the device is only 15 dollars. In the settings, as you can guess, it is also as simple as possible.

Bravis Alpha

Is in the line of the Ukrainian manufacturermobile devices and the average in the ratio of price and quality option. It, however, has already been removed from production, but positive feedback from customers about it is still possible to find.

The device has a simple display size 4.5inch (based on the IPS-matrix), a 5-megapixel camera, and a MediaTek processor (1.3 GHz clock speed). Adjusting the graphic parameters, you can achieve the optimal performance of the gadget. This applies to the graphics settings in games, for example.

A noteworthy model is that it costthe order is cheaper than its "colleagues" in a number of (flagship devices, in particular, version A501), but it showed very good results. Read more in the section with characteristics from real people.

"Bravis" manufacturer


So, we have described several of the most significant phones of this brand. It's time to submit feedback that is mentioned by those who worked directly with these devices.

So, to begin with, note that they really area lot of. This suggests that smartphones "Bravis" are in high demand, people are buying these phones. The second aspect, which we managed to draw from the characteristics of users, is the orientation to a low price. Most of the reviews emphasize the fact that Bravis products are very affordable, low cost, which means that they can compete with inexpensive but less quality Chinese smartphones from noname brands.

The third point is quality feedback. The devices presented in this article do not really have the best technical characteristics on the market. Even some representatives of respected brands in China show better results in terms of performance, for example. But people positively note the build quality and stability of the model.

For example, take the same "Bravis Alpha". The phone, which has not the most powerful processor, works without "delays" and hangs, as it is often found in the weak on the characteristics of Chinese smartphones. The manufacturer "Bravis", apparently, pays attention to proper optimization of the operating system and hardware of its devices, due to which their work is more harmonious and stable.

Finally, we should not forget about "pleasant little things." These are the design points for the phone, such as its design, hull materials and positioning. If the device is presented in the lowest price class, but can please high-quality, hand-held plastic, the user will be happy to purchase it. Apparently, the company is working on this tactic. At least, the mass of positive feedback is a confirmation.

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