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Pepper mill - a way to make food tastier and improve health

Cooking is akin to creativity. Every time you prepare a dish, add a new spice, then some greens. The use of various seasonings not only adds new flavors of taste, but also strengthens our health: practically all spices contain aromatic oils, useful substances that have a beneficial effect on the body. So, the usual and habitual black pepper improves digestion and reduces the risk of cancer, promotes the breakdown of fats, is effective in the treatment of vitiligo, sinusitis (cold) and colds, improves the condition of blood vessels. A whole pharmacy in a small grain. So, adding ground pepper or peppercorns to your dishes, you do not just make them tastier, but also treat yourself and your family.

pepper mill
In order to keep the pepper maximumaromatic substances and all its useful properties, it is better to grind it directly before adding to food. This can be done using a mill or a traditional mortar.

The pepper mill can be made of wood,glass, plastic or metal. Today, there is a huge number of various models of this device. Everyone can choose to his liking. For fans of the original gizmos there is a pepper mill in the form of a bottle of beer or baseball bat, Rubik's Cube and a bunny, a toy robot or an idol's head.

electric pepper mill
For fans of more traditional solutions, there are grinders in the form of cylinders of various diameters and heights, kegs and bottles, metal mills with handles, and the like.

The pepper mill can be the subject ofCollection or a wonderful accessory and addition to the interior of the kitchen. It can be not only mechanical, but also electrical. Here the design is more standard and monotonous. Most often, the electric pepper mill looks like a metal cylinder. Some models have colored or transparent plastic inserts.

The production of pepper mills issome famous brands. For example, everyone knows that Peugeot produces cars, but not all know that the first of their products, which they produce today, were mills for salt and pepper.

peugeot pepper mill
The first samples of this production date back to 1842year. Peugeot brothers were the first to come up with a mechanism that allowed to change the fineness of grinding of pepper and salt. The design was so successful that the mill was given a lifetime warranty.

Designers of the company with pure French elegancecame up with various design options: from precious wood, polished steel. Today Peugeot pepper mill has 23 options of the mechanism, which can be decorated in 70 different variations. The price for the mills of a well-known machine manufacturer ranges from $ 12 to $ 290.

The pepper mill can be a good gift. Different design, from classical to absolutely non-standard and creative, will allow you to choose an accessory that will not only be an assistant in the kitchen, but also a wonderful element of decor.

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