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How to find out the password from "Wi-Fi" on your phone and set up an access point

Sometimes it happens when the password from the pointWi-Fi access is simply forgotten. This often happens when users save a combination, for example, on the phone, but after that any settings are lost. Accordingly, the most important question arises as to how to recognize the password from the "wi-fay" on the phone. In fact, the solution of this task can take you only a few minutes, but for this you must necessarily read the above instructions, and then you yourself can understand that the process does not bear any difficulties.

First start

how to find out the password from your phone
When the modem and wirelessthen the password is set. Of course, all devices are connected to the test, accordingly, after the first input of the secret combination it may not be required for a long time, but if there were any problems or updates, for example, in a mobile phone or on a laptop, then the access point Wireless Internet will ask the user to enter the data again. As you could already understand, in order to connect to the Internet, you need to enter all the necessary information, but if you do not know it, then follow the instructions. After reading the above material, you will also be able to decide how to find out the password from "Waifa" on the Samsung phone, if you are a user of this communicator.

Through a PC

In order to recover lost password fromWi-Fi, you only need to use one computer that has full access to this network, and an active connection, remember that this item is the most important. On the PC, go to the task manager, and then find the "Network Management Center" tab. Next, go to the next page. You need to double-click on the corresponding icon. If you need to get information about how to find out the password from "WiFi" on your phone, then follow these instructions and you will be able to connect not only your device, but also other devices that can use the wireless network.

The final stage

how to find out the password from the wifi on the phone samsung
In a new window, go to the sectioncontrol wireless networks, where you can set a new password or create an access point. In fact, the question of how to find out the password from "vayfay" on the phone is asked very often. But he decides, as you can see, without problems. If your friends do not yet know how to find out the password from "vayfay" on the phone, then you can advise them the above instructions. If you are in a public place, for example, in a cafe, find out the necessary combination from the staff of the establishment.

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