/ How to set up the Internet on "Tele2"? Instructions for setting up unlimited Internet on "Tele2"

How to set up the Internet on "Tele2"? Instructions for setting up unlimited Internet on "Tele2"

Almost every person is currentlyprefers to connect the Internet to your smartphone in order to always and anywhere have a connection to the World Wide Web. Mobile Internet gives you the opportunity at any time to check your e-mail, download and play various applications and games, communicate in social networks with friends from around the world, as well as many other benefits. But not every smartphone user can independently configure the Internet on his phone. Many are wondering how to set up the Internet on "Tele2". Therefore, in this article we will discuss this in detail.

how to set up the Internet on the phone2

Ways to configure mobile Internet

In order to solve the problem of how to set up an unlimited Internet on "Tele2", there are 2 main methods: automatic and manual tuning.

Automatic tuning is performed whenconnection of the "Tele2" card. Within two hours on the smartphone come the settings of Internet, MMS, WAP. And when you manually configure it, you need to create a profile for connecting the Internet.

Get automatic settings

To receive automatic settings, you can go to your personal account and order them there, or simply make a call to the operator.

To get the settings from my accountuser, it is necessary to perform the authorization procedure on the official website of the named operator and right after that it will be possible to order settings for the phone. The phone type is selected from a special list. After that, the settings will be sent to his number. You need to save them, and then restart your gadget. Then you can use the Internet.

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You can also call for a short freenumber 679. It will be necessary to name the phone model, after which, within two hours, the necessary settings will be sent. They should be accepted and saved, and then restarted and checked to see if the Internet is working.

Manual setting

In order to do everything manually, you will need to find the Internet settings in your phone:

  • Be sure to see if there is a "Tele2" in the list of "Internet profiles." If it was not there, then you need to create a new profile. By the way, you can enter any name for it.
  • Then you should enter the address of the home page - for "Tele2" this m.tele2.ru.
  • The "access point" will look like this: internet.tele2.ru., and "Connection type" for almost all devices - GPRS.
  • Password and user name do not need to be marked.
  • The proxy server can be disabled, as it is not needed.
  • If the Internet does not connect after these actions, then it is required to check if the data transmission is enabled on the phone. If this did not help, then you should restart your smartphone.

After that, the Internet must earn.

set up Internet TV2 for iPhone

How to connect Internet Tele2 to Android, version 2.3

How to set up the Internet on "Android":

  1. To connect, you need to go to the "Wireless networks" menu via "Settings".
  2. There you will find a section called "Mobile network". After that, click on "Access points (APN)".
  3. In this window you need to enter "name" - TELE2 Internet, in the line APN - internet.tele2.ru.
  4. In addition, you need to set the values ​​of MNC: 20 and MCC: 250.
  5. In the APN type column, you must specify - default.
  6. Use the "Options" menu to save these settings.

After the phone is restarted, the Internet will start working.

Internet connection "Tele2" on Android OS, version 4.0.3

Consider how to set up the Internet on the "Android" "Tele2":

  • First you need to go to the section called "Settings", and then find the "Wireless" menu.
  • Then go to the context menu "Mobile networks".
  • Then in the line called "Create APN" you will need to enter the Internet settings data.
  • In the opened window enter "name" - TELE2 Internet, in the column APN - internet.tele2.ru.
  • The MCC values ​​are 250 and MNC: 20.
  • The user name, password and proxy settings are not required.
  • The entered data is saved through the "Functions" menu - the "Save" submenu.
  • Then restart the smartphone.

set up the internet on android

How to set up the Internet "Tele2" on an iPhone

To configure the operation of the network in the iPhone, to startyou need to go to the "Settings" menu, and then find the "Cellular communication" list. After that, select the "Mobile data network" item and mark internet.tele2.ru in the APN parameter.

In new models of iPhones, the adjustment is carried outsomewhat differently. In the "Settings" menu, click on the item "Mobile connection", and then go to the "Cellular data" box. Then enable the 3G function. And after that you can click on the line "Cellular communication". This completes the configuration, and in order for the Internet to work, it will only be enough to reboot the smartphone.

In order for the Internet to function stably and correctly, it is very important to use the new generation of SIM cards "Tele2" that support 3G and 4G in a large number of Russian cities and in other countries.

In addition, before using the Internet,connect a certain tariff palan. It is recommended to use tariff options that have a specific packet of traffic, since iOS and Android are often updated along with applications, which consumes a considerable amount of traffic.

Configuring the Internet "Tele2" on a Windows Phone

How to set up the Internet on "Tele2" on Windows phone? The setup itself is very simple and does not take much time:

  • To do this, you need to find and open the item "Data Transfer" in the smartphone settings.
  • Then you need to click on the "Access point" and note the address internet.tele2.ru.
  • You must save the changes and reboot your phone.
  • After that, you can check your smartphone for the health of the Internet.

set up unlimited Internet on the phone2

Contacting a mobile operator

If you have any problems and problems withaccess setting, it is recommended to contact the Tele2 service provider for assistance. Calling to number 611, you can consult with the call center operator on how to set up the Internet on "Tele2". To do this, you should tell your problem as much as possible. In this case, managers will help in solving the problems that have arisen.

In addition, you can contact your city inservice center "Tele2". But for this you must take your passport with you. The service center will check your phone and help you set up the Internet according to the relevant parameters.

You can help and the official website of "Tele2". To do this, on it you should go to the section called "Help", scroll down the page and click on the "Online consultation". Consultant in online mode will answer all questions of interest.

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