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For what and how to synchronize an iPhone with "Aityuns"

Are you the new owner of an advanced fashionable gadget - iPhone? Then this article is for you to read!

What is the need for synchronizing an iPhone with "Aityuns"

how to synchronize an iPhone with an ayunt
So, let's begin! The installation of "Atyuns", or rather, iTunes - is the first thing to do after buying an iPhone. This program is installed free of charge from the official website of Apple. "Aityuns" - this is what is necessary for your iPhone to acquire their individuality. With it, new photos, wallpapers, music, ringtones, books, movies, other videos and more will appear in your smartphone. All this can be downloaded on the Internet or found on your computer, in general, it does not matter where you find it and how. Synchronize the iPhone with "Aytiuns" and enjoy the ringtones chosen by you according to your taste - the main thing.

It is easy to install "Atyuns" on a computer - you just need to follow the instructions of the installation program.

The first connection of iPhone to "Aityuns"

The first thing you need is to connect your smartphoneto the computer using the USB cable that came with it - this is the same cable that is used to charge the phone. Later we will learn how to synchronize an iPhone over the wireless network, but the first connection should still be using USB.

Immediately after connecting to the computerthe necessary drivers will automatically be installed, and the iPhone will appear in the "Aytyuns" panel on the left in the section called "Devices". If you click on your phone icon, you can see information about the iPhone in the main part of the screen of the program, such as total volume and available memory, the battery charge level (by the way, when the phone is connected to a computer, it is recharged), serial number of the device, phone number installed SIM card, firmware number and other, no less useful information.

how to sync on iphone

How to synchronize an iPhone with "Atyuns" using WI-FI

Of course, it is more convenient. No wires, complete freedom. Before you synchronize your iPhone with Aituns over a wireless network, connect it to the same network as the computer with the installed AYYUNUS. The first connection, as mentioned above, is by cable. Then, when your smartphone appears in the left panel, find the "Options" section at the bottom of the window with information about it and mark the item "Synchronize with this iPhone via WI-FI". That's all! Now, when all the necessary conditions are met, namely the finding of devices in the same network, the iPhone is turned on, the computer running "Atyuns", the phone will be detected without a cable connection.

synchronization with iPhone

What do we synchronize?

Before learning how to sync oniPhone, we need to figure out how to prepare for synchronization. For starters, a very important note: when synchronizing files from the computer will not be added to the files in the iPhone, and replace them! Consider this if you connect your iPhone to someone else's computer. In order to keep the data you need on the iPhone, they should also be present in "Aiteuts", new data should be added to them.

What exactly can I change in an iPhone usingsynchronization, you can understand by looking at the tabs at the top. Contacts and calendars, programs, sounds, music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, books, photos - everything you need! If any of these tabs you do not see, then it just has not yet been activated as useless. As soon as you need the missing item at the moment, for example, you download podcasts without using this function, the necessary tab will immediately appear.

how to sync iphone


And, finally, in fact, howsynchronize the iPhone with "Aityuns". First, decide what exactly you will synchronize. Go to each of the tabs, check the boxes, you need to synchronize them or not. If the check mark is not checked, synchronization will not be performed. And here it is worth noting what was said above - if you do not mark any tab, then nothing will be removed from the installed one (downloaded) into the phone before, everything will remain as before. For example, if you want to add your own ringtones to your iPhone, and leave everything else unchanged, then by selecting "Sync" only in the "Sounds" tab, and leaving the other tabs unchecked, you will not lose your previously downloaded content.

To ensure that the files you need are onайфон, add them to "Айтюнс" in section "Медиатека", that, that in the left panel. To do this, just drag the mouse with everything you need to the "Atyuns", the program will itself determine the type of content, and it will appear in the right sub-sections: music, movies, sounds, etc.

Now, by selecting your device in the left panel,go to the tabs you are interested in and note what exactly you want to see in your device: everything that is in the library of the program or some specific files. If you are interested in music files, then "Aytiuns" conveniently sorts them by the names of albums, artists, genres. In order to upload a photo, you need to specify the folder on the computer where they are located.

That's it! Click the "Sync" or "Apply" button at the bottom of the screen if any changes have been made, and wait until the synchronization is complete.

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