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Simulator Smith will make the body divinely beautiful

"Parent" of this famous simulator, withoutwhich now can not do any, even the smallest hall, is Jack La Lennie. However, Smith's simulator is called that way precisely because his "debut" took place in the distant fifties in the hall, owned by Rudy Smith. By the end of the fifties the simulator began to make its first steps towards its worldwide fame, being sold in the USA. And in our days without this machine it is impossible to imagine any self-respecting gym.

What is this simulator

This outlandish device consists of a neck withhooks, guides, on which the bar moves, and limiters. This is a required set for this simulator. Some time ago, the kit of the simulator included a "walking" neck - this should not be. It is important that the Smith simulator is designed so that the bar occupies a strictly horizontal position, which, for example, allows you to perform bench presses with one hand if desired.


Purpose of the simulator

Simulator Smith is designed to perform movements withbounded by the amplitude, this is its construction. Constraints, in fact, serve as a "truncation" of the amplitude. The main idea of ​​this machine is to ensure stability of weighting with considerable weight. Training in a limited amplitude becomes effective when using a weight that exceeds the usual values ​​for a person. It is also remarkable that when working with this device insurance will not be needed, since its role falls entirely on the limiters. Thanks to these obligatory elements, the load will not drop too low and will not crush the person.

Some athletes mistakenly believe thatSmith's simulator does not develop strength indicators. Using the example of a bench press bench, it can be seen that the restraints can be set so that the main effort, i.e. the press itself, falls on the upper part of the amplitude of the motion. This point is called "dead", on it the projectile "gets stuck" the easiest. Having lowered the barbell to the limiters, and then, squeezing after a pause in a second, the athlete not only psychologically prepares to overcome the "dead" point, but also makes the muscles of the arms and chest stronger because of static tension.

People who want to follow their form, but who do not have the opportunity to regularly

universal simulators
To visit sports centers, they will helppurpose universal simulators. The uniqueness of these machines is that they suit absolutely everything. All of them are equipped with a very flexible training program, which allows them to engage in both an experienced athlete and a novice lover, pre-setting individual parameters.

A multifunctional simulator may have a differentcomplete. It may include a treadmill and an exercise bike, a rowing machine and power trucks, and many other options. Their effectiveness is undeniable, because with a limited time interval, they allow you to load a variety of muscle groups. Control over your condition during training can be entrusted to the built-in computers with which many models are equipped. The computer display will inform you about the time spent for the exercise, the heart rate, the amount of calories consumed and will tell you a lot of other useful information.

where to buy a simulator
Currently, the range of simulators andsports equipment is very large. Therefore, deciding where to buy a simulator, you just need to choose between the usual sports shopping or shopping in the online store. Actually, both the first and the second option has its pros and cons. Choosing a simulator in the sports salon, the buyer has the opportunity to inspect everything, try, clearly estimate the size of the installation, but it will take time to choose the right simulator. Using the services of an online store, you can save time by flipping through the catalog of goods and using filters. Here you can see the description for each installation and choose the right one, and then just expect an early delivery.

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