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Blade for ATV - design features, materials of manufacture, manufacturers

With the onset of cold weather for the owners of suburbanhousing is often necessary to clean the backyard of the snow to clear the paths, make entrances for transport. At the same time doing manual work or calling a snow-removing equipment does not look like the best option. Coping with the task yourself, saving time and effort, will allow a blade for the ATV.


blade drawing for ATV
Structurally, the snow plow for the ATV is represented by the following units:

  • ladle;
  • fasteners;
  • rotary mechanism.

To prevent deformation of fastenersmotorized equipment and avoid buckling of the bucket, in addition, often installed special progressive spring devices. Secure sensitive coatings on the site, which is to be cleaned, allows you to equip the edge of the blade with a protective rubber band.

Materials of manufacture

blade for an ATV
Modern dumps for snow removal ATVmade of metal and plastic. The latter variant has a reduced weight, but it is considerably inferior in strength and, correspondingly, to the service life of metal models.

Steel dumps are made of sheet steelthickness from 2 to 4 mm, and their sizes are from 1200 mm in length and from 48 mm in height. The larger the metal blade for the ATV, the more the load is on the engine of the machinery.

Chinese heaps

snow-removal blade for ATV
Products of this category are differentaccessibility to a large consumer audience. Buy a Chinese blade for the ATV today, you can for 11-17 thousand rubles. The cost here is formed depending on the parameters, configuration, functionality.

Among the obvious drawbacks of Chinese designs is worth noting:

  • sufficiently weak attachment of the bucket;
  • No depreciation facilities that prevent the blade from breaking when contacting obstacles;
  • short service life;
  • low quality of painting.

A blade for an American ATV

snow-removal dumps for ATV
Among American dump manufacturerssmall-sized motorized machinery, whose products attract the attention of the consumer, Warn takes a special place. The products of this brand are distinguished by the high quality of the assembly, the thoughtful design, the optimal parameters of the width and height of the snow-removal buckets, the reliable depreciation of the system when the obstacle is hit.

The disadvantage of Warn designs fordomestic consumer is a high cost. The price for a snow blade for an ATV from an authoritative manufacturer today is about 32,000 rubles.

Blade of Russian production

Among the most optimal solutions in terms of price-quality should be allocated dumps for ATVs of the Russian manufacturer ATVSTAR. The cost for the kit today is from 18,000 rubles.

Domestic dumps ATVSTAR have a thoughtful design and act as a budget analogue of American Warn products. Advantages of this solution:

  • optimal bucket parameters;
  • quality external coating;
  • reliable cushioning mechanism;
  • the possibility of fine adjustment of the angle of rotation of the bucket;
  • quick installation and dismantling;
  • presence of a powerful snow-removing knife.

ATVSTAR dumps are invariably present onthe domestic market for several years and do not cease to be in demand. Possessing almost the same consumer characteristics as the products of American production, the products of our manufacture are almost 2 times cheaper.


How rational is it to acquire an expensivethe factory design for snow removal, which is suitable for installation on a small-sized equipment? Perhaps it's easier to find a drawing of a blade for an ATV and to assemble such a convenient tool yourself?

To give money for a dump or not is a personal mattereveryone. But undermining your own health by removing the snow manually with a shovel is also not an option. Although there are many lovers of manual work in the open air. Whatever it was, users who have already managed to use the snow blast with an ATV rarely return to doing this work manually.

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