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"Light Mountains": paid fishing. "Light mountains": photos and reviews

For many people fishing is the main andoften a common hobby. This lesson can bring a lot of positive impressions. Where else can you relax and relax as if you are not standing on the beach with a fishing rod and enjoying the silence and local beauties. For guests and residents of the capital there are many similar places where you can spend time with profit. Mainly fishing on such water bodies. Those who do not wish to leave too far from Moscow, it is worth paying attention to the village of Svetlye Gory, there you can also relax and please your relatives with a wonderful catch.

General description of this wonderful recreation center

fishing "Light mountains"

This lovely pond is located in severalkilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, there is the Pyatnitskoye Highway, along which it is necessary to move to the pond. For settlement Mitino this reservoir was created on the territory of the dammed river Sinichka, where fishing takes place. "Light Mountains" (pond) has opened its welcoming beaches for guests here since 2004. The area of ​​this pond is 2.5 hectares with a depth of no more than 2 meters. Later on its territory were formed pits for wintering depths of 3.5 meters. Allowed paid fishing on Pyatnitskoye Highway ("Light Mountains") almost all-the-year-round. The banks of this reservoir, though not wooded, but fairly green, are equipped with special pylons and cozy pavilions. At the request of customers are provided good barbecues, firewood to them and other related materials.

Paid fishing - "Light Mountains"

Pyatnickoe highway

This fishing place is paid, the cost of admission to the base is quite reasonable. For certain categories of persons, a system of discounts and benefits applies. There are also free fishing offers.

On the territory of the base there is an establishedthe schedule of fishing, for example, in the summer it is allowed to fish from 06:00 to 21:00, in the winter time the same period starts from 08:00 to 18:00, which is related to the duration of the daylight hours. Fishing at night is allowed from 21:00 to 09:00.

The administration of this farm takes care of itstocking every 10 days. Fish here are found in sufficient quantities, without a catch, no one will remain. There is a real chance to become the owner of a particularly large individual. On the territory of the base even created a special rating of those who caught a bigger fish. To ensure the comfort of visitors everything is provided by the local administration.

Types of fish in this pond

In the warm period of the year this pond regularlyfilled with a good carp, an impressive white cupid. You can also see individuals of past launches. This explains the abundance of trophy specimens. Captures of carp and cupid are also recorded, the weight of which reaches 8 kg. Such specimens are capable of catching any fisherman by surprise. Pike also can meet such impressive sizes.

Rich in water and perch, roach. Such fish, like crucian carp, okunek and roach, come here free of charge.

This place is a favorite point forcarp, there are a lot of carp. It is quite possible to brag of their decent size. Also there are representatives of the aquatic world, such as the magnificent royal sturgeon, carp, heavy som, lin.

In this case, stocking occurs year-round,the administration does not forget about the purpose for which visitors come here. Due to the artificially created deep bottom fish can safely survive the winter period, and visitors can not deny themselves the pleasure of fishing in the winter. They have a real chance to bring a good catch home even in the harsh winter.

With the onset of coolness, an activefilling the reservoir with quality trout, and a little later with a pike. Fishing on Pyatnitskoye Highway ("Light Mountains") on these fish species begins during the whole winter and from the ice.

If necessary, you can get all the necessary equipment on site. You can use the current rental gear, all the necessary bait is also available in the implementation.

General rules for finding a pond

Paid fishing "Light Mountains"

For all who want to try everything that givespaid fishing on the Pyatnitskoye highway, "Light Mountains" (fisheries) opens its doors for guests from 08:00 to 18:00. Prices for tours are as follows: 2000 rub. on the whole body of water, in this case the catch limit for trout is 4 kg, for pike - 6 kg. Access to the main water area is opened by a tour price of 1000 rubles. On it goes 2 kg of trout and 3 kg of pike. For those who want to catch only roach and perch access to the reservoir will be open for 500 rubles.

In case of excess of the catch rate, an additional payment is obligatory at the established rates for overfishing. Trophy specimens weighing more than 5 kg are subject to indispensable leave.

Every fisherman and guest coming must pay a ticket. With the help of the fisherman's gear, his wife and child up to 12 years of age can fish.

The paid voucher includes the following: use of all conveniences, including footbridges, comfortable benches, toilet, parking for private cars. Pavilions in this cost are not included, they must be paid separately. Fishing is allowed for 2 tackles.

Prohibited on the territory of the reservoir

It is not permitted during fishing to perform the following actions:

  • create campfires on the shore;
  • to release freshly caught fish, except for very large specimens;

  • boat fishing is unacceptable;
  • the use of methods such as catching fish for "rubber band", "TV", etc.;
  • Bathing in the waters of this reservoir is also prohibited.

Also do not forget that in the event that fishing ("Light Mountains") was unsuccessful, there is no reverse compensation.

This comfortable base offers a wide range of services for the convenience of fishermen, from which you can choose everything you need for successful fishing.

Services for visitors to the database

"Light mountains" fishing reviews

The administration of the base is pleased to offer its visitors the following opportunities:

  • the possibility of a decent catch weighing up to 17 kg;
  • unlimited catch of perch, roach, crucian carp;
  • beautiful barbecue with firewood;
  • cozy gazebos of various levels;
  • a fine store of necessary equipment for fishermen;
  • picturesque beaches, designed for fishing, and for placing tents at night;
  • the possibility of rolling out the necessary gear;
  • order hot drinks in the administration's house;
  • a cozy cafe where you can eat well.

The administration took care of all this, providing its customers with a wide range of services, including fishing. "Light Mountains" have everything necessary for this.

Accommodation conditions at the base

Fishing on Pyatnitskoye Highway "Light Mountains"

Anyone wishing to continue their valuable vacation can rent a house located near the pond in the cozy cottage village "Svetlye Gory", located 8 km from the Moscow Ring Road.

There is all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay:

  • gas supply;
  • electricity is also provided;
  • there are sewage outlets;
  • water supply system;
  • good asphalt road.

This settlement represents a residential area of ​​40 cozy houses, fully equipped with everything necessary.

To the service of lovers of comfortable rest are various camping sites and expensive sanatoria, conveniently located on the beautiful shores of the Istra Reservoir and near Pyatnitskoye Highway.

In the time free from active fishing it is possible to use the following types of entertainment:

  • ATV riding;
  • driving on fast snowmobiles;
  • the opportunity to rent skates in the winter.

Not far from the village is the town of Mitino,where you can go shopping and other entertainment. You can visit the cinema, ride a horse in a specialized equestrian complex, or go to change the exterior to the nearest beauty salon.

Reviews about the Coal Reserve "Light Mountains"

Paid fishing on Pyatnitskoye Highway "Light Mountains"

Experienced fishermen have long been fond of thisbeautiful pond. About payer "Light Mountains" reviews are very good. Many visited this place note that it is good to catch a pike here, at a greater depth there is a real chance to meet a particularly large specimen. It is better to arrive before the fishing begins on the "Clear Mountains" pond, the testimonials of experienced clients speak about it. It is better to determine in advance the place of fishing, bribe the bait and the necessary nozzles. The local administration is completely loyal to its customers, always wondering why it is the fishermen suddenly collect things and leave their shores. Always give the right advice, which is better to catch and where will be the best fishing. "Light Mountains" are always open to all comers, including those who like carp fishing, who come here with pleasure. In general, the pond has a fairly neat appearance, in places a cattail is seen, a growing reed. Virtually every bridge has a brazier with firewood.

If we compare the pond "Light Mountains" with othersimilar fish places, for example, with Durykino and Nefedievo, then he largely wins. First, it is much more efficient in terms of catch and is closer to the capital, and, secondly, the nature here is much better.

How can I get to this fish place?

Settlement "Light Mountains"

This wonderful base is located in truepicturesque place. It is located just 11 km from the main metropolitan ring freeway. It is necessary to move towards Mitino and Istra Reservoir right along the road called Pyatnitskoe Highway. Then there will be a turn to the right with the pointer "fishing -" Light Mountains "."

This will mean that the movement is in the right direction, in 200 meters there will be a pond. You can settle down and start fishing.

For those who have not yet acquired a personal car, you canTo use public transport in order to get to this pond. You can get there on route number 575, which departs from the metro stations "Tushino" and "Mitino". The stop on which you need to get off is Marino-Znamenskoe, from there it will be the closest to go to the pond.

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