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Lipetsk Pools: description, addresses and contacts

Big cities are always famous for the variety of placesentertainment, whether it be parks and squares or large shopping centers, sports complexes and other institutions. However, residents of such settlements do not particularly value their luxury. Many spend their time at home, forgetting about physical activities and active leisure.

The small town of Lipetsk, although little known,there are several sports complexes built, there are big supermarkets, cinemas and other places. Special attention should be paid to the Lipetsk basin. More in detail the most popular centers will be considered below.


Nice swimming pool in Lipetsk with excellent conditionsfor both adults and children. It is located in the distance from the city bustle, inside the forest. But public transport is excellent here, so it will not be difficult to get there.

Neptune Pool Lipetsk

The Neptune pool (Lipetsk) offers itsclients classes in the gym, a large roomy pool, some types of massage from the simplest to the deepest, sauna and other wellness treatments. The cost of services must be found on the website: http://www.neptun48.ru/. There are also customer reviews, contacts and news from the center.

Address: Lipetsk, Admiral Makarov, d. 1c.

Comfortable conditions for sports and comfortablelocation put forward "Neptune" in the leaders of the pools of Lipetsk. The newest technologies and pleasant service are all that is needed for a good pastime.


One of the professional and the most equippedplaces in Lipetsk. There is not only a swimming pool, but also a large gym, a covered football field, a room for aerobics and fitness, and much more. Thanks to the multi-profile there is a huge number of sections that all residents of the city visit.

pool Spartak Lipetsk

Pool "Spartacus" (Lipetsk) can be excellentthe venue of the competition, both local and larger. The length of the tracks is 25 meters, around the bath are the stands for spectators. The water is pure, chlorinated, but absolutely harmless to the skin. In the basin, it is possible to correct scoliosis and other body defects, the groups are recruited for preventive and treatment classes.

The institution has a website: http://okdysh.ru/index.php / podrazdeleniya. There, the parameters of the pool, the hall, their quality and equipment are described in more detail. Contacts are indicated, and other useful information can be contacted.

Address: Lipetsk, Gagarin, 70a.

The location creates for the sports complex an excellentattendance, because around there is a network of residential quarters. The place can be considered the center of the city. There are many shops, supermarkets and other food and household goods.


A large sports complex Lipetsk, whichoffers customers the opportunity to swim in the pool, visit the equipped gym with the latest technology, neat repairs and a pleasant atmosphere. The pool is large (6 tracks of 25 meters in length) and deep (up to 6 m). For the main advantage can be considered a multi-stage cleaning system. Thanks to it, the water does not smell of chlorine and is absolutely safe for children and adults.

pools in Lipetsk

After training, you can go to relax in the cafe-bar. Here you can choose from light snacks and drinks. Clients of the sports complex appreciate this service very much. For additional entertainment, you can include billiards - more than 30 tables. All adaptations are neat, new. Although there are a lot of visitors, things keep their appearance for a long time.

Address: Lipetsk, 40 years of October, 35a.

On the official website http://globus-fitness.ru/ you can find out more information. There is always the opportunity to call and clarify the points of interest.


Quite a large pool in Lipetsk. There are often swimming competitions among schoolchildren. Around the bath are small stands specially for the audience. The water is clean, slightly smelling of chlorine.

pools of Lipetsk

The building of the sports complex is remote from the city center,but there is a public transport on schedule, so you can get there if you want. Next to the pool is the Cemetery LTZ, which can serve as a guide for the search.

The organization has an official website: http: // пламя48.рф/. There you can find information about classes, prices, instructors and other information.

Address: Lipetsk, LTZ, ul. Ilyich, d. 31a.

A cozy quiet place that invites lovers of active training and offers a warm welcome.

In general, the overall impression of the Lipetsk basinsremains good. Everywhere clean, quiet, good staff and equipment. Reviews are positive. Therefore, the city can be called successful in terms of physical recovery of the population.

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