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What is a squash court? Description, rules of the game, addresses and characteristics of the courts

One of the most unusual and vibrant sportsis a squash. This unique sport training takes place indoors and is performed using special rackets and a super light ball. The site where all the action takes place is called a squash court. More details about it and the features of the game itself, we'll talk about in this article.

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Some information about squash

The name of this game is directly related tousing a light and almost hollow ball with a diameter of 40 mm. According to experienced athletes, this game skillfully combines elements of badminton, big and small tennis. It is noteworthy that the first competitions were performed on a primitive squash court using a harder ball, and the game itself was called "rackets".

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What is the essence of the game?

The essence of squash boils down to the following: One player or a pair of fans is required to send the ball to the appropriate place with the help of a racket. The feed is in progress. In doing so, he must hit the wall in a certain place. Then the ball should again be caught on the racket and again sent, but on another wall squash courts.

If the player does everything right, his opponentjust do not have time to get the ball and earn a point to your advantage. Accordingly, if the action is wrong, the opponent gets an advantage in the form of an incentive point, and you lose it.

The difficulty lies in the fact thatact quickly. Moreover, at the moment of impact the ball can bounce off not only from the walls, but even the floor. And you do not have the right to make a mistake, as an out and a wrong blow will immediately bring a point to your opponent. For the same reasons, only the most hardy squash court player can perform, performing the most accurate blows.

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A few words from the story

It is believed that the first players in squash appeared in thearistocratic England. However, the exact time of the creation of this game is not known reliably. So, for the first time about this sport was mentioned in the book, dated 1807 year. It dealt with the mores of the inhabitants of the foggy Albion, and the pictures showed prisoners who played fanciful rackets and ball. In this case, the squash court sizes, judging by the image, were small, and the walls conditional.

While the game has turned into the kind of sport thatknown to us, not one millennium passed. During this time the squash has changed not only the name. The court itself also underwent the change, where the games took place. So, in addition to the main on it, additional side walls began to appear. Later, the new squash courts got the front, back and two side walls.

After 1970, squash moved to America. After a while he got to the countries of the Near and Middle East, got to Asia. Closer to the 90-ies in this game have already played the inhabitants of Germany, Austria, Russia. According to preliminary information, people from 100 foreign countries are addicted to this unusually fascinating sport. According to the results of the Forbes study, squash was recognized as one of the most useful and healthy sports in early 2003. Based on the following parameters:

  • Cardiorespiratory loads.
  • The level of muscle strength.
  • Indicators of flexibility and endurance.
  • Probability of injury.
  • The number of calories consumed.

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What are the requirements for the court?

The modern construction of squash courts is associated withcertain rules. It is noteworthy that the dimensions of this field for the competitions were approved back in 1920. These are international standards, which should be adhered to when building such sports facilities. So, the length of the court itself should not exceed 9750 mm. Its width should correspond to 6400 mm.

Further, the field of walls and floor should be drawn inAccording to the established rules for markup. For example, the line of the top out should be drawn at an altitude of 4570 mm, and the lower one - 430 mm (it, as a rule, is bordered by an additional painted side with a width of 50 mm). The feed line should be carried out by measuring the height in 1830 mm. And from the floor to the top of the wall, you should draw another line of out. The distance to it is 2130 mm. And, finally, thick inclined lines are usually drawn on the side panels. They are the connecting element between the outs and the frontal wall.

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What materials is the court made of?

The floor covering of the court is polished parquet. According to experienced players, it is the tree that allows you to achieve the maximum damping effect and reduce the pressure on your joints.

The walls of the room are made of special, shockproofglass. First, it is almost impossible to break it, even if you make an effort. And secondly, through them it is convenient to observe the playing of professionals from the side. Thirdly, the glass is processed in a special way, which makes it possible to increase its resistance to ball hits. Moreover, if it does break down, it will simply dissolve into small parts, which reduces the risk of crippling to a minimum. It is these features and have squash courts in Moscow. More about them, we'll talk further.

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Where can I find courts in Moscow?

All residents of the capital can play and knead. For this you can, for example, visit one of the clubs of the "Squash Factory" network. Find it real on the Luzhnetskaya embankment, house 2/4, building 23. Its representation is on the 5th Cable Street, house 2 and on the Olympic Avenue, 16, building 4.

It is here that you can play the game of squash. Renting a court in this club is hourly. The cost also includes renting a ball and rackets. It is interesting that the network's representative offices open very early, at 7 am, and close no earlier than midnight. So come here at any time convenient for you.

Courts at the "Factory" are very spacious and bright,designed for two and four people. All of them are equipped with a glass back wall, which opens an excellent view for the audience. You can book a court by phone or on the spot.

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Addresses of the "Academy of Squash" and "Multisport"

In the "Academy of Squash", located on the streetKrylatskaya, 10, too, are waiting for lovers of an active lifestyle. It is noteworthy that during the daytime it is safe to bring children here, starting from the age of six. Classes are performed with experienced trainers on an individual program or in groups. In the evening, courts are free for adults. For training, free sports clothing and non-slip shoes should be worn. If you do not have special equipment, it does not matter. He is at the club.

Few people know that the very first court appeared infitness club "Multisport". This institution is located on Luzhniki Street, 24, building 10. There are three courts at once, which can be rented hourly. At the same time, the order of time and inventory will cost three times cheaper for those visitors who have a paid annual subscription.

City Squash Club and its professional courts

This club is almost in the centerthe capital, on the 5th Donskoy proezd, 15, building 7. If you decide to come here, as a guide, pay attention to the nearest metro station called "Leninsky Prospekt". In this club there are three professional courts, working from 7am to 11pm.

It is interesting that in this club there is "Night Squash". It is designed for fans of extreme sports. As lovers of this sport say, it's fun and unusual at night. At this time, the ultraviolet rays are turned on and all important lines are highlighted.

Greece Hotels with Squash Court

Due to the growing popularity of squashequipped halls appeared not only in Russia, but all over the world. For example, they are in Greece. Therefore, going to rest in the homeland of the Greek gods, in advance, learn about the hotels in which there are similar courts. So, on the north coast of the island of Crete, there is a five-star hotel Aldemar Hotels. It is a couple of kilometers from the center of Hersonissos and 20-25 km from the main airport. His address is: 262 Kifissias Avenue, Kifissia, 145 62, Athens.

In this hotel there are courts for large and smalltennis, a field for mini-golf and volleyball. There is a large gym on site. There is one hall for squash. Instructor's services and rental of sports equipment are paid separately.

In the picturesque and beautiful bay areathe romantic name of Mirabello is the five-star Elounda Beach Hotel. From it to the international airport of Heraklion about 65-70 km. On the territory of the complex there are equipped playgrounds for playing football and basketball. There is a place for mini-golf. Children can have fun, moving huge chess on a large board. Animators work in the hotel, you can play squash, tennis and badminton. Under the squash are two small areas. Rent of equipment is provided.

In a word, wherever you are, this is not an excuse to give up your favorite sport. In any place and even a hotel it is quite possible to find squash courts.

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