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Jamie Vardi: biography and interesting facts

More recently, "Leicester" was able to win the Premier League,bypassing more prestigious teams. A huge contribution to the conquest of the trophy was made by striker Jamie Vardi. The guy became famous all over the world, scoring almost every match. Despite his 29 years, the football player has amazed fans and coaches with his speed and technique. The mentor of England even invited Jamie to the national team, where he also distinguished himself from the best side. Where did Vardi Jamie come from, "Arsenal" from London for which he offered good money?

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Jamie was born on January 11, 1987. The birthplace was the town of Sheffield, which is known for the accent of local residents.

Childhood and youth

Jamie Wardi spent all his childhood in the streetshometown. Here he received an iron hardening and a bad character, which in the future made it very difficult for him. The boy was energetic and dreamed of becoming an athlete. He was fond of football and played only in the attack. He studied at the Sheffield Wednesday school, but at the age of 16 he was expelled due to low growth and disputes with coaches. The mentor made a verdict and did not have a talent.

Without football

After Sheffield, Jamie Vardi, whose biographytells about the formation of the star, about a year did not engage in football. Most of the time I spent at a local pub, where I often found myself in unpleasant situations. Once, for participation in the fight, he was put behind bars. After the scuffle, I had to wear an electronic bracelet for some time, which tracked his location.

As a rule, many players after such a recessionno longer go back to the big sport. Jamie Vardi did not break. The young man did not want to go to work in the factory, but decided to do what he could best do-play football. In Jamie did not see the talent of many coaches, but he had a dream. Go back to the "Sheffield", which at that time shone in England, the player did not work. Leaving attempts, he goes to play in the eighth division.


Three seasons football player Jamie Vardi fought hard forplace at the base. He was fully laid out in training, and then ran home. On his arm was still a bracelet, which notified the police in case of violation of the curfew. The league games were held on weekends, on the remaining days Jamie worked at a local factory.

In Stokesbridge, the striker spent 3 seasons and managed to score 66 goals. Then Jamie received an offer to leave Sheffield and move to the Halifax club.

Next stage

"Halifax" played in the same strong league as"Stokesbridge." However, Wardi's salary increased. Here, the footballer has become more important for leadership and partners. In the courtyard was 2010. Jamie, along with the team managed to rise to the 6th Division and at the same time became the best scorer.

Wardi Jamie Arsenal

The cool game caught the attention of the team fromthe fifth division - "Fleetwood." Everything was much more serious here. Players who dreamed of becoming stars began their journey in this division. Jamie and "Fleetwood" is not lost. Scoring more than thirty goals, he drew the attention of the teams of the second league. It was already a success for a guy from Sheffield.


The famous "Leicester" today purchased Vardi forone million pounds. The new acquisition is a very sluggish start to the season. The fans were booing Jamie, who could not adjust to the speed of the second most powerful league in England. The management of the team also began to doubt the player. Vardi was difficult to get used to increased loads in the "Leicester". Season 2014/2015 the club held in the first division, but took only 14th place.

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Next season the team started in the Premier League. The first match was good for the club, and for Vardi. "Lester" defeated "Manchester United" with a score of 5: 3, and the striker participated in all the goals. The season 2015/2016 was especially successful for Vardi. The player managed to score in 11 games in a row. For 36 matches he beat 24 goals and made 8 assists. Together with the "foxes" he won the championship of England. Jamie and the team gave unforgettable feelings not only to fans of the club, but to all football fans.

So, a simple guy who a couple of years agowas going to finish his career, became the most recognizable player of last season. In early 2016, the player extended the contract with "Lester" until 2019, despite the fact that many famous clubs were interested in the forward.

V9 Academy

Jamie Wardie footballer

Recently, Jamie Vardi opened a football academy,which was called V9 Academy. The main goal of the Academy became young talents from the lower leagues. Jamie wants to give the chance to the players from the very bottom to play in the top teams. And not only the British can get into the academy.

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