/ How to properly use a rowing machine for training?

How to properly use a rowing machine for training?

Rowing simulator is one of the mostcommon means for highly effective training at home. Such devices do not take up unnecessary space in the room and can be used both for building muscle mass and for losing weight. That's why they are bought by users of different ages who set themselves the most specific tasks.

What is a rowing machine?

rowing machine
The devices in this plan allow maximumrealistically experience the same sensations and stresses that the athlete during rowing on the boat. Using the device, the user exactly repeats the movements that are made while working with oars.

Some models have functionality,which brings the athlete closer to real conditions when rowing on the water. This is, first of all, handles, made in the form of oars, fans, which create the effect of wind blowing.

Currently, several versions are producedrowing machines - magnetic and mechanical. These devices differ in the principle of operation. The functioning of mechanical devices is based on the need to overcome the resistance of the shaft, on which the metal rope is wound. In magnetic simulators, the loads are electronically regulated, they work silently and smoothly, so they cost several times more.


how to practice a rowing machine
Why is it expedient to use a rowing machinetraining apparatus? What muscles work in its operation? Nowadays, in view of the inactive sedentary lifestyle, many people suffer from stooping, curving of the spine, osteochondrosis. Therefore, the main direction of work here is the training of the back.

Problems with the back, in particular, stiffnessintervertebral discs, often cause a decrease in brain activity, lead to a violation of digestion, metabolic processes in the body. Regular training on the rowing machine allows you to avoid the above troubles, give an opportunity to acquire a smooth, beautiful posture. Yes, and the breast thanks to such studies looks higher, voluminous, not to mention the active increase in muscle mass in the shoulder area.


rowing machine what muscles work
Let's look at what types of rowing machines are available to users. Currently, the following types of devices are selected:

  1. Amateur rowing simulator - used forcardio workouts at home. Such devices are limited in functionality, but are able to meet the needs of people who need to maintain muscle in tone, not seeking to build outstanding muscle mass.
  2. Professional rowing machine - suitablefans of fitness, bodybuilding, experienced athletes who need an effective device with numerous settings and modes of operation. Naturally, in view of such functionality, such models have a high price. Therefore, their purchase looks irrational, if the user is not going to use all available opportunities to the maximum.

The construction of a rowing machine

training on a rowing machine
Since the main purpose of the devicesThis category is simulated rowing, as the main mechanism used flywheel, which winds and unwinds the cable with attached to it handles. Also, there is a seat that moves along the guides along with the user, which brings into the procedure a feeling of believability. In the most functional devices, the operation parameters of the mechanisms can be controlled by the built-in computer.

However, it is not necessary to purchaseexpensive device. If desired, you can make a very practical rowing machine with your own hands. To do this, it is enough to get an elastic rope, attach the handles to its endings and tie the device to a solid crossbar, for example a gymnastic wall. Also it is necessary to take care of search of a convenient seat and a reliable emphasis for feet.

Naturally, the assembled rowing machinehands will not be so convenient and practical as the functional adaptation of the factory assembly. However, with the right approach to training, the benefits of using it will be no less.

Rowing machine - instruction

rowing machine
Let's consider the basic rules which will allow to reach high results at employment on rowing simulator:

  1. At the beginning of the session, a general warm-up of the body is required, which can consist of the simplest exercises.
  2. During training, it is important to keep your back in a perfectly level position, maintaining the angle of the torso with respect to the floor at about 45about. Only in this case the load will be distributed evenly to all involved muscle groups.
  3. Movements should be carried out in a measured and smooth manner. The main role here is played not by speed, but by the number of repetitions. Thanks to the planned increase in the latter, in fact, endurance develops.
  4. Using a rowing machine, the main load should be applied to the buttocks and back muscles, without overstressing the knee joints.
  5. It is advisable to continue the lesson for more than an hour. Increase the duration of training and increase the load should be gradual.
  6. It is important that lessons on the rowing machinewere held regularly. To maintain a good body, exercise is recommended daily at the same time. Thus, the body quickly get used to the existing loads.

How to achieve a gain in muscle mass while practicing a rowing machine?

rowing training
If the main purpose of using the device -To pump up muscles, in this case it is necessary to conduct trainings lasting no more than 20-25 minutes. At first, you should row slowly at the maximum possible resistance, performing approximately 20 complete movements for a minute. Then it is worth to increase the intensity, up to 80 strokes.

How to effectively use a rowing machine? What muscles work in the implementation of approaches? In the case of a direct grip of the handles, when the palms are turned down, the main load will fall on the triceps and back. Holding the levers in the palm up position will pump the chest, shoulders and biceps.

Advantages of rowing machines

rowing machine
Devices of this category have a lot of advantages. First of all, it is worth noting the optimal cost in relation to the quality of working out the main muscle groups.

Thanks to the folding design, these simulators take up little space and can be stored in any free corner. At the same time, their effectiveness is an order of magnitude higher than in the same fitness classes.

Understand how to engage in a rowing machine,even a child is capable. Benefit modern models have built-in computer control systems functionality, which makes it possible to quickly change the settings for personal needs.

Probably the main advantage of rowing machines- the possibility of rapid weight loss. During one medium intensity exercise, the user loses about 800 kcal. Therefore, employment on such adaptations is recommended to people who suffer from chronic obesity.


As you can see, the rowing machine is extremelyeffective means to maintain the body in good physical condition. Regular exercises using the device promote the training of the cardiovascular system, the development of proper breathing, the active burning of fatty deposits.

Before buying a rowing machine, you needdetermine personal tasks and needs, soberly assess financial opportunities. To give preference is worth the devices with a quality assembly that will allow us to train the body regularly for at least several years.

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