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Engine Duyunova: description, principle of operation. Motor-wheel of Dmitry Duyunov

Duyunov's Advanced Asynchronous MotorIt was developed on the principle of combining the windings of motors according to the scheme "Slavyanka", which included the parallel configuration of the "star" and "triangle" configurations. In fact, the invention is a six-phase motor, connected to the network in three phases. Let's consider the features of this product, its characteristics and customer reviews.

duyun engine

Interesting information

Motor parameters significantly improveddue to the combination of windings, thereby increasing their effectiveness. Reducing energy losses allows you to reduce the dimensions of the engine Duyunova, while not losing the power factor. Already developed more than two hundred different schemes that allow the use of elements for motors of different sizes, depending on the scope of their application.

Developer D. Duyunov has many years of experience in creating drives for cars, but a new idea is aimed at making models available to a wide range of people. Including equipped with such a device can scooters and bicycles.

History of creation

Devices, the configuration of which resemblesasynchronous engines Duyunova, were developed before. However, their use on vehicles was very limited. This was due to the lack of the possibility of using electronic DC-to-variable converters.

As the basis of the invention, copper brazedrotor, the construction of which includes a pair of electric rings of closed type and rods, connected together by soldering. The weight of the whole device is lowered by machining the upper part on the lathe.

asynchronous duyun engines

Briefly about the developers

Duyunov Dmitry Alekseevich together with his son anda group of like-minded people became the first team of engineers to implement a silent asynchronous motor. Subsequently, a patent was obtained for the invention, and the company "AS and PP" was established, specializing in the development of improved lighting technologies, plasma and welding innovations.

Their pride was invented by the inventorsDuyunova in honor of the chief designer. Also the enterprise successfully introduces the newest methods of cutting and welding of non-combustible materials. The beginning of development and creation of a motor-wheel is considered to be 2015. The main goal of the team is the production of electric motors accessible to the population, which in time will be able to substantially squeeze out aggregates on internal combustion engines, and also to improve bicycles and scooters.

How does it work?

Duyunov's engine is equipped with a new type of launchwinding, which makes it possible to obtain a high starting effect. In this case, there is a decrease in operating currents, including on standard power units. Previous attempts to create such a design have failed due to the low starting torque and a small specific power of the usual windings. The first introduction of innovative technologies was the rear wheel-motor of the bicycle.

The device operates according to a specialconstructive and technical scheme. This is due to the combination of standard windings such as "star" and "triangle" in one block. This configuration became known as "Slavyanka" and got completely new electromechanical possibilities.

rear wheel of bicycle

Scope of application

The rear wheel of a bicycle equipped withconsidered by the type of engine, allows to increase the working life of machinery and to simplify its operation. In addition, similar analogues can be installed on cars, as well as military and special vehicles. According to the characteristics, this power unit in many respects exceeds the development of "Tesla".

Asynchronous Duyunov engines are designed fortechnology, which requires compliance with higher standards in terms of noise and vibration. These parameters have been significantly reduced, reducing the acoustic effect caused by electromagnetic waves. The main winding is located in the compartment, the induction vectors of which form a 30-degree angle.


The considered invention was successfully passedtests on four-wheeled units. The prototype was mounted on Zaporozhets. The car at international competitions managed to bypass the Korean car "Kia" in terms of speed and mileage. On one battery charge for the motor-wheel, the vehicle overcame nearly 650 kilometers. The objective advantages of this power unit include the possibility of equipping the machine with all the leading autonomous wheels.

The device was activelyvarious contests and exhibitions. Nevertheless, it has not yet been launched into mass production. Dmitry Duyunov is considering the possibilities of effective implementation of the idea on the domestic market, as well as the economic component of the project.

motor wheel for scooter


The invention is characterized by a common original circuit,which allows you to develop a speed of up to 250 kilometers per hour. The plant is powered by the electricity produced by the engine. The main part of the motor is placed in the wheel, weighs 18 kilograms, produces a power of about 35 horsepower. To get an inertial action, just one click. This makes it possible to maintain a uniform movement of the vehicle in the 70-80 km / h mode.

Motor-wheel for scooter refers toelectrical equipment, its analogs are used in the automotive and light industries. Installation can be carried out in the initial configuration or after an additional upgrade. Such an engine weighs six times less than a standard 20-kilowatt motor. The first tests of the unit took place in Germany, production planning in Russia is planned, as well as patenting in Europe and America.

What is the difference between a motor wheel for scooters and cars from Chinese counterparts?

In China, the models similar to the engine under consideration are produced. However, Duyunov's offspring has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • It has resistance to temperature changes.
  • It differs in a cheap and relatively simple assembly.
  • No need for magnets.
  • The product can be made entirely from domestic elements.
  • The speed indicator is 100 km / h.
  • Anticorrosive properties are at a high level.
  • The manufacturing price is about 30 percent lower than the identical figure for foreign peers.
  • The device is characterized by minimal parameters of vibration and noise.
  • This engine is characterized by its strength and high working life.
  • Maintenance does not require special expenses.
  • The unit has an increased mileage range.

rear wheel motor

What does Duyunov say about his invention?

According to the engineer, theThe design can be placed in the dimensions of a standard automotive wheel. In this case, the power of each element is 20 kW at a torque of 1000 rpm. The aggregate capacity will be 80 kW, which exceeds 100 horsepower, and this is quite enough for a city vehicle. The weight of the unit will be only 18 kilograms, which is quite acceptable, given the lack of drive shafts and hubs used in the standard car layout.

First of all, increasing engine poweris carried out by increasing the thickness of the outer winding. On average, this is 350 mm at 2.5 kW, and 700 mm is enough to reach a parameter of 20 kW. Due to timely patenting, the invention is protected from plagiarism, although attempts to bypass this point are scheduled regularly.

Is it possible to make a motor-wheel by yourself?

To make the motor rear wheel of a bicycle,you will need to purchase a suitable type of wiring and several fuses. Having general knowledge of electrical engineering, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the principle of operation of the unit under consideration. In fact, the device is an electric DC motor. The power factor for such models can be adjusted within 2.5-10 kW.

The speed of an electric bicyclewill be not less than 60 kilometers per hour. Additional settings for this device are not required. For correct and long-term operation of the unit, it is necessary to perform correct and calibrated calculations of the assembly elements. This approach will enable you to select the optimum operating conditions, eliminating the subsequent erasure and wedging of the motor. If by this time to be irresponsible, the probability of deformation of all parts of the unit is great. Used parts can be used second-hand parts, if their technical condition is normal. The remaining items will have to be bought at specialized outlets.

battery for wheel motor

Tools and equipment

For self-manufacturing of the motor-wheel the following materials will be required:

  • A new or used wheel, with a diameter of 20 to 28 inches.
  • Battery.
  • Speed ​​switch for adjusting the driving modes.
  • A special case in which the battery will be placed.
  • A block with wires and a controller responsible forthe motor part of the wheel. As a rule, it is installed in an aluminum casing, which avoids atmospheric and other negative effects. The part is a board, often it is placed on the place of fixing the flask to the frame.

If the power of the bicycle machine is more than 2.5 kW,it is necessary to take care of ensuring minimum gaps in rubbing elements. For this, special bushings are made on the turning bench. Remember that this power unit is a set of complicated electrical circuits. All connections and components require careful isolation, as well as the need to think over the system to protect the electric motor from salt, dirt, sand and moisture.

What do consumers think?

A bicycle, like an electric car, reviews aboutDuyunov's engine got mixed. Some users are sure that the motor-wheel is the future of the motor vehicle industry. They note that a bicycle or scooter with such a device does not require rights, and it is also possible to overcome significant distances without significant costs.

 electric car reviews

Skeptics believe that Duyunov's motor is his ownkind of fiction, which is no more than another waste of money on an unnecessary invention. Serial production will make it possible to understand how the situation is in reality, but while the search for investors is ongoing, it remains only to wait.

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