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Instantless coils - it's convenience and comfort on fishing

Open-type inertial coils are equally in demand by both professional and novice fishermen due to their small size, lightness and long life.

inertia-free coils
This type of fishing equipment, thanks toits design features, provides an ideal casting bait, having different weights, at any distance. Many manufacturers that produce inertia-free coils, in practice, introduced the latest developments, which minimize the wear of all structural elements of the product, as well as fishing lines when performing cycles of rewinding and casting. For some, especially beginners, fishing with the left hand, and also the fact that the Daiwa coil is located at the bottom of the rod, may seem uncomfortable, but after completing a few casts, the fisherman immediately forgets about it.

The line during the casting cycle easily leaveson the edge of the spool in the direction of the first transmission ring. With full filling of the spool, the friction force of the line is practically absent from its edge, and this circumstance gives the line straightness and smoothness, without letting it curl.

inertia-free coils daiwa
In the process of rewinding the lines should be observedstrict uniformity, sometimes this is achieved with the help of special gaskets. In most cases, the non-inertia Daiwa coils of very good quality are designed for winding ninety meters of fishing line without an additional device of linings.

When making a winding line, the bow of a specialThe device returns to its workplace and produces its uniform distribution on the spool. These devices (lekoukladyvateli) are brought into working condition with the help of the trigger mechanism of a special manufacture, but to date many inertia-free coils have a manual method of incorporating the arch of the timber scraper. These coils are installed only on rods that do not have "saddles" or bends.

Casting is done with both hands, while the leftHolds the rod by the handle, and the right moves the reset line. Then, having carried out the transfer of the lever of the lever of the scrap iron to the working position, the rod handle is placed on the abutment in the abdominal area and the fishing line is rewound.

spool daiwa
The most popular are inertia-free coils,which have spools of a replaceable type, the change of which is made by pressing a special button. Coil models equipped with two spools ensure the use of a fishing line intended for catching an ordinary float fishing rod and fishing lines for the bottom.

When fishing is caught, it is necessary to havevery sensitive brake, which reacts to the smallest pressure. The inertia-free coils are supplied with both a rear brake and a front brake. The brake of the front type of action showed itself very well when fishing with tackle, which is equipped with a stationary coil of large size. For small inertia-type coils, the use of a rear brake is most preferable. Open-end inertia reels require the fisherman a minimum of time for training, and when all the tricks are mastered, fishing turns into a complete pleasure.

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