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Konstantin Zyryanov: biography of the eminent Russian football player

When the Portuguese specialist Andre Vilash-Boaschled the St. Petersburg "Zenith", he regretted the old guard, which brought so many titles to the club and the Russian national team, from the main clip of players. Among others, Konstantin Zyryanov, aged but stable, was also removed from the main line-up. Along with Andrei Arshavin, Constantine can be safely qualified as one of the main creators of Zenit's victories in the UEFA Cup of the 2007-2008 season, the 2008 UEFA Super Cup, and they are involved in receiving bronze medals from the Russian national team for the 2008 Euro. This generation of Russian players is considered by many experts as the best galaxy in the newest national football history.

Konstantin Zyryanov

Konstantin Zyryanov: the beginning of a career

A well-known football player was born in 1977 in Perm,there he graduated from a children's sports school, played in the youth team "Zvezda", and then in 1994 moved to "Amkar", the club representing the country's top division. Promising player showed good results in the Perm team, and for 171 matches the midfielder managed to score 48 goals.

However, the vegetation of the native club at the bottomthe tournament table did not give Zyryanov full disclosure of his potential, and he decided in 2000 to move to the Moscow "Torpedo". In the new team, Konstantin Zyryanov no longer scored so many goals, more and more playing in the support zone. The club went further and further to the brink of bankruptcy, while the football player himself felt that his forces could come in handy for a venerable club.

Wife of Konstantin Zyryanov

Speech for Zenit and the Russian national team

In March 2007, it was announced that Zyryanovmoved to the St. Petersburg "Zenith". Footballer immediately joined the team and became one of the main players of the center of the field with the then coach Dick Advocaat. And this despite the fact that he was already almost 30 years old. It was a time when the skill of good and thinking players was reinforced by the tactical skills of Dutch specialists both in the club and in the national team.

It was at the Advocaat in "Zenith" KonstantinZyryanov was able to reveal himself in full, which could not hide from the eyes of the coach of the national team Guus Hidding. Since 2007 Zyryanov has regularly been involved in the games of the main national team of the country. A year later, both the club and the team reached the highest heights in the latest football history. However, few people now remember that this might not happen. After the qualifying tournament for Euro 2008 our team passed with a squeak, being content with "gifts" from rivals.

Despite the victory in Moscow over the British,Russians lost to weaker rivals. Konstantin Zyryanov foresaw such a development of events and urged his partners in the national team not to fall into euphoria after the victory over the ancestors of football. But the team considered that the deal was done, and lost important points in the games with Israel. And only Croatia's victory over the British allowed our team to creak in the last car of the train leaving for Euro.

Konstantin Zyryanov Zenit

Triumph at the European Championships

For bronze medals of the Euro-2008 national team of Russiathree good games were enough. After losing the starting game to the Spaniards, in the absence of the disqualified Arshavin, the role of the leaders in the game with Greece was assumed by Sergei Semak and Konstantin Zyryanov. It was with the filing of the then captain Zyryanov scored the only goal that brought the national team victory and hope of secession from the group. In the next game on the field, Andrei Arshavin already appeared, who with his partners arranged spectacular victories over the teams of Sweden and the Netherlands.

It's not surprising that after the championshipEurope, many talented football players of Russia decided to try their hand at the English Premier League. However, Konstantin Zyryanov Zenit did not plan to leave. He took root in the St. Petersburg club, became one of the key players and soberly assessed his own chances. In England, where the main requirement for football players is high-speed skills and power struggle, the 32-year-old Zyryanov has nothing to do.

Later years in Zenit

At Luciano Spalletti, the age of Zyryanov regularlyI got game practice. But with the arrival of the young Portuguese Andrea Villas-Boas as the helmsman of Zenit, the career of the venerable football player began to decline. In the press Zyryanov expressed his respect for a specialist who is younger than his age. Most likely, he did not cunning, because he understood perfectly well that the years were taking their toll. When the age-old players began to leave the St. Petersburg club one by one, the news spread that Konstantin Zyryanov left Zenit. However, in fact, the player moved to the youth team "Zenit-2" as a playing coach.

Konstantin Zyryanov left Zenit

Personal life

At one time a lot of noise caused a tragedy,happened in the footballer's family. In 2002, the then wife of Constantine Zyryanov, Olga, being in a state of intoxication, threw herself out of the window of the 8th floor with a 4-year-old daughter in her arms. The girl died on the spot, the woman herself died in the hospital a month after the tragedy.

In 2008, Zyryanov with his current wife, Natalia, was born the son of Leo. Now the happy couple has three children.

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