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Lukas Theodorchik - Polish forward in the shadow of two giants

Lukash Theodorchik is a Polish striker,who was unable to achieve the same success as the stars of the Polish attack, such as Robert Lewandowski or Arkadyush Milik. However, he still shows a fairly strong game of football and at his level can be considered one of the best. From Poland, he left relatively recently - just two years ago, before that the athlete spoke only for local clubs. If you want to learn more about how the career of this player developed, for which teams Lukasz Teodorchik played and where he is performing now, this article is for you.

early years

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Forward from Poland Lukasz Teodorchik was born on June 31991 and from an early age he attended the football academy of the club "Vkra" from the city of Zhuromin. In 2009, the athlete signed his first professional contract, although he was in favor of the adult team already in 2008. His excellent technique and powerful blow attracted the attention of a larger Polish club - the metropolitan "Polonia", which in 2010 invited a young football player.

However, first the player only spoke forthe second part of the "Polonia". Debut for the main team Lukash Teodorchik could only a few months later. Two and a half years he was forward for the capital club, having played only thirty matches and scoring eight goals. In February 2013, Poznan's Leh, who raised Robert Lewandowski and sent him to Dortmund Borussia, signed a contract with a young talent for 125,000 euros. A little more than a year Teodorchik played for Lech and went on the field in fifty games, showing incredible bombardier talent. He scored 24 goals, that is, differed in almost every second match. As a result, in the summer of 2014 for four million Lukash was sold to the strongest club in Ukraine - Kiev Dynamo.

Going to Dynamo

Lukash Theodorchik, photos of which were adornedon all the covers of Ukrainian sports magazines, was considered incredibly promising and talented. But to show the game, which he showed in "Lech", the striker could not. He came on the field only 24 times, scoring only 10 goals. Therefore, in the summer of 2016 it was decided to send him for a year in rent to the Belgian "Anderlecht".

Rent in Anderlecht

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What was at the moment able to achieve in"Anderlecht" Lukash Theodorchik? Polish football was beautifully revealed in the new club, scoring eight goals in 13 matches. Ahead he has another year, so that he can rise to a higher level and more often fall into the application of the national team of Poland.

National team appearances

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As it was said earlier, in the national team of Polanda constant pair of forwards is Lewandowski-Milik, so Theodorchik is rarely on the field. At the moment he has only eight matches in the national team's shirt, in which he scored three goals, two of them in the opening match against Romania in February 2013. Another goal scored by the player in the match against the San Marino team a month later. On this goal series ended. The last time Lukas was on the field in the national team of Poland in March 2016 in a friendly match against the national team of Serbia. He replaced Robert Lewandowski in the 73rd minute.

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