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How to keep the correct posture

Modern life makes us hurry. And while we are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle. We are sitting in a private car and in public transport. We spend hours sitting at the computer monitor and at the TV screen. And we do not notice how our posture is disturbed. Only when there are pains in the back, neck, joints, when cardiovascular diseases develop, we recollect and try to remember how to keep the correct posture.

how to keep the correct posture

Why is correct posture important?

The spine is the backbone of our skeleton. From his condition directly depends the work of all without exception of internal organs. So, our health, our mood depends. Moreover, the posture depends on how people perceive us. After all, a man with a correct posture, with his shoulders and head held high, gives the impression of a successful and happy. If the person's back is bent, shoulders are lowered, the sight is directed at the feet - nothing but compassion, he will not cause. It is more difficult for a man to find friends, work, and love. As a result, new disappointments and new reasons lower your head even lower. That's why it's important to know how to keep the right posture and watch your back.

Rules of good posture

In order to preserve youth andhealth, have more opportunities to fulfill desires, it is worth taking care of your spine. We suggest that you remember and observe several general rules that tell you how to keep the correct posture.

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  1. Watch your weight. Excess weight creates an excessive load on the spine, contributing to its curvature. Slender people are much easier to straighten out.
  2. Go in for sports. Swimming and gymnastics are especially good for proper posture. If there is no possibility to go to the gym or pool, at least perform a simple gymnastic complex at home to strengthen the muscles of the back, the press and the shoulder girdle. They are primarily involved in maintaining proper posture.
  3. Correctly choose a mattress and pillow. Too soft bed and too high a pillow (as well as its complete absence) often cause the violation of posture.
  4. When you have to carry children or heavy bags, watch for the uniformity of the load on your back, try and straighten your shoulders and straighten up in this situation.
  5. When sitting, keep your back straight, give uphabits of throwing a leg on his leg. Periodically perform a warm-up. If there is no possibility of getting up, perform several exercises to straighten your back sitting, stretch.

Do not despair if you do not immediately notice the effect. Not understanding in my childhood how to keep a correct posture, now it is necessary to achieve this by daily work.

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Spine assistants

In order to straighten and maintain a goodposture, follow the back is necessary all the time, and gymnastics at least 5 days a week. Only in this case, after a while, you will notice a change in your state of health and mood.

If something does not work out or the posture is brokentoo seriously, you need helpers of the spine. Many in scoliosis doctors recommend a corset to correct posture. It helps the muscles of the back to fix the necessary position, when they can not do it themselves. The corset is worn for several hours a day and to some extent replaces gymnastics.

Sometimes to correct stoop or toprevention is also recommended by a posture corrector. The feedback of those who use it is always only positive. With the correct application of these medical developments in combination with physical exercises that strengthen the muscles of the back and abdominal press, maintaining the correct posture is facilitated, and the result of work on yourself becomes obvious.

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