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Perfection has no limit: how quickly to clean the stomach at home

clean the belly at home
Who does not dream of a beautiful slim belly? Men want to have treasured cubes, and girls go to all sorts of extremes, just to lose weight in this area. And the most important mistake, which almost everyone admits, is starting to rock the press daily to exhaustion. This zeal is commendable, but the fuse quickly disappears due to a lack of visible result. What to do? How to clean the stomach at home?

Lose weight only in the stomach can not

how to clean your belly for a month

It is a mistake to believe that by doing exercises onsome part of the body, we grow thin in this area. Of course, the muscles are strengthened, but fat splitting is very insignificant. Therefore, it is important to approach this issue in a comprehensive and intelligent way. The first thing that should be done to clean the stomach at home is to adjust the diet. Then you need to make a set of exercises for the whole body with an emphasis on press and aerobics.

Changing food habits

Are you interested in how to clean your stomach for a month or two? Change your food! We are accustomed to eat two or three times a day, exposing the body to daily stress as a result of hunger and overeating. After several hungry hours, our body seeks to store more fat in case of the next hunger strike. This fat settles, of course, on the stomach. Therefore, we switch to a fractional power supply. You should divide your daily ration by 5-6 servings and eat every 3-4 hours. Then the body will not store anything, because it will know that it will be fed on time. To clean the stomach at home, still need to give up fast carbohydrates (sweet, flour), as well as from fatty and smoked foods, do not buy more mayonnaise and packaged juices, forget about alcohol. Instead, eat more protein, cereals, vegetables and fruits. And, by the way, there are six after six, but in the evening it is better to prefer a protein dinner (skim curd, chicken breast). Do not forget about the importance of consuming a sufficient amount of liquid. Drink more water and green tea without sugar.

Connect sport

help clean the belly and sides
You can often hear: "Help remove the stomach and sides!" But no one wants to go in for sports. And without this beautiful belly does not get. The first thing that burns fat is aerobics. Twice a week for 30-40 minutes you can ride a bicycle, run, most importantly, to increase the heart rate. To remove the abdomen at home, you should connect the strength exercises. It is enough for beginners to do push-ups, sit-ups, press exercises. The muscles of the press should be pumped once a week so that they can be fully restored. Exercises for the press: simple twisting, twisting with a twist (on oblique muscles) and lifting the legs in a hanging position on the crossbar. For one training we perform 4-5 sets of 15 reps per exercise. Push-ups and squats are done in the same way.

Thus, practicing five times a weekphysical exercises and eating properly, you can quickly notice a pleasant result. The abdominal muscles will be tightened, digestion will be adjusted, the state of health will be cheerful and joyful, and this is the most important thing in the matter of self-improvement!

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