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Sir Alex Ferguson: secrets of the success of the legendary Scotsman

For 26 years spent at the helm of the football club"Manchester United", his mentor Sir Alex Ferguson, whose photo is below, was able to win 28 trophies. According to his own decision, the season 2012/2013 was the last in the coaching career of the Scotsman. On the other hand, even though he worked in the club structure, he had a lot of time for memories.

Sir Alex Ferguson, whose biography will be releasedvery soon, already now does not hide the methods of his work as coach of one of the most popular and successful on the planet football teams. During a speech before students of the Harvard Business School, he said that the first time he arrived in Manchester, immediately set himself the goal of building a completely new football club. Having information about the great role of working with young people for club traditions, the manager took a risk and made the main bet on young people. The fact that to achieve success with young players is quite realistic, he was prompted by the coaching experience, even though he was modest. And he found it easy to find a common language with the youth.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson argues that in manyEnglish clubs losing the team in three consecutive matches usually ends with the dismissal of the head coach. Now this can be explained by the fact that a new generation of owners and managers require a tutor from the immediate result. Wait for the completion of the team for several years, no one is going. The legendary Scotsman does not agree with this position, since the win in a separate meeting can only be called a temporary success. Stability in the football field can be achieved only by building a team. The victory in one separate match is a temporary success, according to Ferguson.

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Another important aspect in the coachingactivity is the absolute power of the mentor over the players. Sir Alex Ferguson never had problems even with the stars. He managed to establish such an atmosphere in the team that every football player was ready to do everything in order to win every match, so he worked hard. According to the long-time steering "Manchester United", only the coach must decide when to conduct training and give a weekend, as well as choose the tactics for each individual duel. Otherwise, the mentor will not stay long. It was with such thoughts the Scotsman and came to Manchester, having set a goal to prove himself stronger in comparison with all the rest.

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Observation Sir Alex Ferguson calls the maincomponent of their work. In the event that the coach sees any changes in the behavior of the player, he must take action, because the reasons for this can be several, ranging from banal fatigue and ending with family problems. In this connection, the key to success is often the ability to see things.

Sir Alex Ferguson believes that big money andcomfortable conditions made modern footballers more gentle compared to those that performed 25 years ago. However, he is happy that he has learned to keep up with the times and not to stand in the same place. It is based on these considerations, in Manchester is doing everything possible to create the best players for training conditions.

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