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Cassette bomb: the legendary and forbidden type of weapons

It's not the first year that a cluster bomb has beenprohibited weapons in more than 100 countries around the world. At one of the world conferences in Dublin, diplomats from many states approved a preliminary agreement on the complete ban and recycling of this type of weapons.

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The project called for stopping the existing productionand destroy all cluster bombs from arsenals around the world. According to the discussion and signed documentation, all the stockpiles had to be destroyed within 8 years. However, the treaty of political representatives was never fully implemented. Today, it is possible to create improved bomb samples. According to the plan, they will have a smaller radius of defeat and will not pose a threat to civilians.

Cassette bomb - one of the favorite typesweapons in the US, Russia and China, so these countries oppose the international agreement on the complete utilization and shutdown of current production. This is not surprising, because these powers are the owners of the largest and most powerful specimens.

Cassette bomb is quite massiveThe shell, which starts from the air and breaks above the target, scattering all the damaging elements over long distances. This was the main factor for banning production: too much damage radius. Very often, its use destroyed not only the target, but also nearby objects. There are cases when some elements,

cluster bombs
falling to the ground, were not torn. But they retain their combat capabilities for several years.

The cassette bomb contains various typesammunition, many small mines and fragments. A large number of small-batch fillings are divided into three main types. The bulk is assigned to the fragment elements equipped with instant fuses. Their application is aimed at destroying machines, any kind of machinery or structures.

But this is only a small internal contentshell. The cluster bomb is equipped with anti-tank mines. The cumulative charge burns the armor up to 300 mm. Considering the fact that many combat vehicles have sufficiently little protection, this type of weapon is capable of destroying entire columns of infantry equipment, even if they are well armored. At the same time, all living things die, and equipment breaks down.

cluster bomb
The uniqueness of cluster bombs is that,that they not only have instantaneous charges, but also fragmentation munitions. Dropping such shells into the open territory, the military mines the facility in a matter of minutes. Usually they are used for transport and air ways to cut off the path of advancement.

The installation differs not only in power and internal composition, but also in the way it is used. The general design is divided into non-resettable and resettable unguided bombs.

No matter how exciting the history of cassettedevices, but this type of weapon is a threat. Due to the long range of the danger, not only the target is exposed, but also the civilian population.

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