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What should be a fly rod

Flywheel is a telescopic poleform made of carbon fiber or fiberglass. If the bug is good, then it should be kept all the time in the hands. So, first of all, it should be easy and convenient, because if the fisherman wag a heavy rod all day, then by the end of fishing, his hands will just ache. The flywheel must also be well balanced. The reel in similar gear, as a rule, is attached to the end of the rod handle for a better balance.



When choosing the length of the flywheel it is necessary to drawattention to the place of fishing. Rods of these gears, as a rule, have a length of 3-11 meters. If a person knows in advance where he will fish, then he will not be able to choose a fishing pole. However, if it is in the fishing ground for the first time, then you will have to take with you a whole bunch of rods of different lengths, because if the length of the tackle exceeds the distance of catching, you must pull the float after each cast. As a result, there may be a surplus of fishing line that will interfere and adversely affect the timeliness and speed of cutting. You can just take an average tackle. This is a flywheel 7 meters long.

Fly fishing rod 7 meters

Strength and weight

One of the most important properties that should beto possess a flywheel, is strength. Often very much depends on it, especially if it is a fly rod for carp or other strong fish. In addition, the very technique of such catching involves large loads. Typically, such gear is made of lightweight, but durable materials. This allows them to withstand heavy loads and less to tire the angler. In many respects the strength of the rod depends on the number of knees. Companies that produce such gear make them reliable and convenient. However, the very fisherman needs to handle with a rod carefully - use protective covers, do not allow strikes and chips. Otherwise, at some point, even a fly rod that has served well for a long time may fail. For fishing with this technique, it is desirable to take a spare snap, designed for different conditions.


Flywheel can be equipped with floats of differentsizes. It all depends on the places and conditions of fishing. For example, for long rods you need heavy rigging, since if it is light, long-distance casting will not work. A good weight and a massive float are needed for catching in depth and in too windy weather. However, such a tool has some disadvantages. She can scare off too cautious fish. The sensitivity of the float is also affected by the size and diameter of the keel. Heavy and thin is well suited for reservoirs with the passage. Such a float less blows. Experienced fishermen often choose a keel made of fiberglass, since when casting it does not create a splash when it hits water, so it does not scare away the fish.

Fly fishing rod for carp
As for the line and the leash for the flywheelfishing rods, then, no doubt, you need to choose the finest rigging if possible. However, if the plans for catching large fish, then preference should be given to strength. For successful fishing and ease of casting, competent loading is important. If it is chosen correctly, then even a child can manage such a tackle. With proper equipment, the biting will not keep you waiting, and the success of fishing will be provided.

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