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Ruslan Adzhindzhal: career of the Russian midfielder

Midfielder Ruslan Adzhindzhal held a greatfootball career. Having finished the professional performance almost at 41, the midfielder remained a bright star in the biography of several Russian teams, and in 2015 the footballer was elected president of the Football Federation of Abkhazia.

Soviet hardening

Ruslan Adzhindzhal, footballer, who played in 11various clubs for his career, began his journey in his homeland - in the Abkhazian city of Gagra. At the age of 17 he signed a contract with Dynamo from Sukhumi, for which he played only one season. In January 1992, the young midfielder moved to the Maykop "Friendship", who played in the First Division, where he played along with his brother Beslan. Ruslan did not manage to achieve much success as a member of the Maikop team, but he proved himself to be a militant player and in the beginning of the 1994 season he was in the Kaliningrad "Baltic".

"Baltic success"

In the Kaliningrad Ruslan Ajinjal quicklyentrenched in the basis, like his brother, becoming an integral part of the team. In the first year of the performance, the midfielder became the bronze medalist of the First League of the Russian Championship, and a year later contributed to the release of Baltika in the Premier League, taking first place at the end of the season with a break of 13 points. Despite the game in the league level higher, Ruslan did not lose his place in the base, but continued to confidently stand for the "sailors".

Ruslan Adzhindzhal

The first season in the Premier League ended forKaliningraders quite successfully - without any problems the team was entrenched in the middle of the table, finishing the 7th. A year later, Baltika again scored 49 points, the number of which shared the seventh place with two other clubs, but losing by additional indicators, were only 9th. Consolation for the club was hit in the Intertoto Cup, where the "Baltic" confidently reached the third round of the draw, losing to the Serbian "Vojvodina."

However, on this success, "Baltika" ended. The following year, the Kaliningrad club was on the 15th place in the championship and left the Supreme Division. Despite the decline, Ruslan Ajinjal did not leave the team, but played one more season in the First Division, after which he decided to change the club.

"Torpedo", "Uralan", "Terek" and "Ray"

A new team for Ruslan was the Moscow club"Torpedo-ZIL". For "avtozavodtsev" midfielld spent only a year and a half, after which he moved to "Uralan" from Elista. Three years as part of the "townspeople" allowed to progress seriously to the player due to regular entry into the starting lineup, and in 2004, Ajinjal switched to "Terek" as the leader of "Uralan".

Ruslan Adzhindzhal footballer

In the Grozny club, for which the midfielderspent two years, Ruslan also did not get lost, from the first matches becoming the key link in the game of the team. The effectiveness of the midfielder fell, in comparison with the performance of previous clubs, but the experience of the player solved many problems during the game "Terek". After the completion of the contract with the Grozny, in January 2006, the Russian went to the east, where he settled in Luch-Energia. Playing for the Vladivostok club, Ajinjal showed himself to be the real creator of the attacks, gaining more than 10 points in two years, but wanting to fight the team for higher places, the midfielder did not renew his contract with Luchom.

Samara takeoff

A new club for Azhindal became Samara"Wings of Soviets". In their composition, the player became one of the key players of the midfield, and in 2009 he tried on the captain's armband, two years acting as the leader of the club.

Ruslan Adzhindzhal

For three years in Samara Ruslan took part in 72official meetings, two of which fell on the League of Europe, where the "wings" lost to the Irish "Saint Patrick" only in the number of away goals. Despite the position of the left midfielder, the Russian did not differ in high performance, providing the result to the team due to the ability to properly start the development of the attack. In January 2011, Ajinjal moved to the Nizhny Novgorod "Volga" for a year and a half, after which he again became a member of the "Wings", with whom he signed the contract until the end of the 2013/14 season.

A new name in "Krasnodar"

football club Krasnodar

In the summer of 2014, as a free agentRuslan Adzhindzhal moved to the football club "Krasnodar". Despite his age, the coach of the bulls counted on the midfielder not only as an experienced assistant, but also as a player. In the only season for the Krasnodar team, Ajinjal played in 13 matches in various tournaments, including the Europa League, and, becoming the bronze medalist of the Russian championship, announced the end of his career in the summer of 2015, having played more than 700 official matches. But a year later the fans could see the former player of Krasnodar in the club again, but already as an assistant to the head coach.

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