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Fishing for pike

A wonderful trophy for any fisher ispike. Fishing for pike is a rather difficult exercise, and it is difficult for anyone not versed in all the tricks of fishing to understand the variety of means of hunting for this toothy predator. A lot of various ingenious devices, special baits - all this has been invented by fishermen for centuries, so that fishing for pike is a success.

But first, let's learn better the habitsthis river predator. Pike likes shallow places, buckwheels along the riverbed, shallows, places of flowing streams into the riverbed. Often it can be found in wells with access to small areas. It is noticed that in the warm season of the year the pike often swims near the river vegetation, in shallow water, waiting for its prey - small fishes. With the onset of cold weather, it moves into deeper water spaces.

Fishing for pike can be successfully carried outboth in summer and in winter (ice fishing). Some experienced anglers consider that the greatest success when catching a pike coincides with the period of the greatest activity of this fish, and it occurs in spring and summer. When the temperature of the environment decreases, the pike reduces its activity.

If you want to fish for pike broughtyou good catch, pay attention to weather conditions. Experienced fishermen are advised to go to the pike early in the morning, at dawn. But there are those who successfully catch the pike in the afternoon. It is not necessary that the day was sunny. As a rule, on a sunny day, the atmospheric pressure is high enough and grows, which negatively affects the fish. Windless weather, calm - is also not an ideal option for successful fishing. In windless weather, the fish are more timid. But an easy, light breeze up to seven - ten meters per second will be for you only for the good.

Let us dwell in more detail on the ways of catching pike inwinter season and in the warm season. The most common and simple way for winter and summer is to catch pike on the jail. Gerls put on the shallows and at depth. As a bait, use a small fry - minnows, carp, darling, etc. As soon as the jail has worked, do not rush, give the pike to capture the bait, and only then start to hack.

In the winter season, fishing for pike - verylaborious process, because you need to drill a lot of holes, before luck smiles to you. Catching in a plumb line from the ice will be most successful at sunset or dawn.

Fishing for pike on open water is carried outspinning with the help of various kinds of artificial baits - blesen, twister, vibrotail. Many are fond of catching pikes in a plumb. This method of fishing requires a spinning rod with a long rod and a weakly moving boat. Catching is carried out with the help of artificial baits.

A fishing torpedo for fishing on a pike usesvery popular with avid anglers. In a large range of such baits are offered in specialized stores. When buying pens for pike fishing, consider that their size should be about 10 cm. Pike is a hunter, she should be interested in it and grab a spoon. The game of color in the spinner should be clearly pronounced even with the slightest twist.

A lance torpedo for fishing on a pike can be easilymake yourself. If you use makhu for fishing, then pay attention when buying on her smell. It should not smell of good, otherwise it will only scare away the fish.

Makuh for fishing must matchconditions of fishing, probably this is one of the main criteria for successful fishing. Take into account the flow velocity and water temperature in the chosen reservoir. The higher the velocity of the current and the colder the water, the faster the makusha will decay.

Have a good catch!

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