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Squats: the program for 30 days. Physical exercises

To keep the body slim and fit, inAt home, enough time to squat regularly. When performing, it is important not only the quantity, but also the technique of performing the exercises. If you use squats correctly, the program will save you excess weight for 30 days, help burn excess fat in problem areas, "pump" the muscles of not only the legs, but the whole body.

sit-ups program for 30 days

Advantages of squats

Squats serve not only to build up the muscles of the lower body, they are also a catalyst for the growth of the musculature of the whole body.

Pros of squats:

  • The squatting program for girls will help burn fat. The stronger and stronger your muscles become, the more effective you lose weight.
  • Squats improve coordination, allow you to maintain mobility, increase stamina.
  • The correct technique of performance will improve the condition of the joints, since during squatting the load goes immediately to all joints, reducing the likelihood of injury to an individual joint.
  • Squats are practical, they can be performed anywhere and in any company, on the air, with children, in the gym with weighting.
  • There are a lot of options for doing squats (per month), from which you can choose the most optimal, based on the initial level of training and physical fitness.
  • To lift a body requires a lot of energy, so when doing sit-ups, you increase your strength, which is useful when doing other exercises.

sit-ups for a month

What muscles work during squats

As a rule, the purpose of performing squats is towork on the lower part of the body. With the help of this exercise, you can pump and round the buttocks, remove excess centimeters from the inside and outside of the thighs, tighten the tummy.

In the first case the gluteal muscle works. The quadriceps muscle and the resulting hamstrings work mainly for all variations of squatting. The program for 30 days also involves the oblique and rectus abdominal muscles.

sit-ups on one leg

Squatting technique

To achieve at least some result, you must follow the technique of the exercise. Remember the following:

  1. The abdominal muscles should be strained and form a kind of "corset" for your spine.
  2. The heels are pressed to the floor.
  3. Breathing is smooth and calm to the rhythm of squats.
  4. The back is straight, you should not bend or round your back.
  5. In the lowest position, the knees should be parallel to the feet and should not deviate inward or outward.

Classical squats are carried out in the following way: feet on the width of the shoulders, hands along the body, knees bend to the formation of a right angle, then the body returns to its original position.

Squat program for 30 days

To make the body fit, but the buttockselastic, use special squats. The 30 day program starts with determining your level. For this, squat as much as you can. Do not miss this stage, because starting from a different level, it's easy to earn health problems. The goal of the whole program is to make 200 sit-ups and more.

Squats for the month
Age:Up to 30 years30 to 39More than 39
LevelNumber of sit-ups
A greatmore than 49more than 41more than 31
Very good44-4936-4126-31

If your level is from medium to good, then,training promises to be successful. Starting from its initial level, start the exercises. The table of squats for 30 days is given below for the first 3 days.

  • The number of squats is less than 10, then follow 1 column.
  • If done up to 20 sit-ups, see the 2 column.
  • In the area of ​​30 sit-ups - then follow column number 3.
  • If you managed to make more than 30 sit-ups, boldly go right to the 3rd week.
Day one (rest between approaches 60 seconds and longer, if necessary)
up to 10 times11-20 times21-30 times
Approach 161421
Approach 291721
Approach 361215
Approach 461215
Approach 5Maximum (not less than 9)Maximum (not less than 17)Maximum (not less than 22)
Day two (rest between approaches 60 seconds and longer, if necessary)
Approach 171521
Approach 291824
Approach 361418
Approach 461418
Approach 5Maximum (not less than 11)Maximum (not less than 20)Maximum (not less than 26)
Day three (rest between sets of 60 seconds and longer, if necessary)
Approach 181824
Approach 2122025
Approach 381521
Approach 481521
Approach 5Maximum (not less than 12)Maximum (not less than 23)Maximum (not less than 30)

According to what the table of squats gives30 days, you are engaged in the first week. The second week does not introduce any changes in the class. At the end of the second week, make an initial test, which you did before the program. Result write down or remember.

Once your level reaches 50 sit-ups,you can start doing squats. The program for 30 days actually starts right now, the previous two weeks were preparatory, if the level of physical training was not enough. Divide squats into several approaches, increasing the number of times performed according to the table below.

Squat table for 30 days
Day 150 sit-upsDay 16recreation
25517150 sit-ups
Day 10105 sit-upsDay 25220 sit-ups

Squats on one leg

One of the most effective varieties of squats is the exercise pistol. That is squats on one leg. This exercise has a number of advantages over other squat options:

  • A squat on one leg helps to develop coordination, flexibility, and to pump the muscles of the whole body.
  • Connects to work small muscle fibers throughout the body, which can not be caught by any other exercise on their feet.
  • A small load on the spine will avoid problems with the back.
  • As a rule, many have a leading leg. Asymmetry can be solved with the help of a pistol, as it is possible to regulate the load on one leg, rather than on both.

The main difficulty at the very beginning of the road when doing squats on one leg will be keeping the balance. Therefore, the fall should not stop you, you should try again.

squatting program for girls

Technique for making a pistol:

  1. Go to the door jamb and lean against it a little sideways. One leg is straight, the other is bent at the knee.
  2. Begin to bend the leg in the knee on inhalation. The second lead forward. The back is straight.
  3. On exhalation, return to the starting position.

Variations of squats in the program for 30 days

If you decide to take up squats, the programfor 30 days will allow you to choose the exercise to your taste. It is also recommended not to stop on one exercise, you should constantly change the variations of squats, combined with the load on other areas of the muscles.

Squat table for 30 days

Variants of squats:

  • Squats with a load. Suitable dumbbells, bar from the bar or just bottles filled with water. The number of repetitions in this case is reduced and divided into several approaches.
  • Shallow, but frequent sit-ups allow you to work out those muscles on the buttocks that are not involved in deep squats. They help to eliminate excess fat and cellulite in the buttock area.
  • "Plie" is carried out with the most apart legs, socks look in different directions, squatting is done as deeply as possible. When returning to the starting position, the knees should not be straightened.
  • Squatting against the wall is carried out for unloadingmuscular back belt. The back is pressed against the wall, legs are shoulder-width apart and are set forward. Squatting is done, as if sliding down the wall, the bottom position is parallel to the floor. The legs should not slide on the floor.
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