/ How many goals has Pele scored during his career?

How many goals has Pele scored during his career?

If you are fond of football, then, more likelyall, you know who Pele is. This is a legendary football player who scored the most goals in the history of this famous sport. He is recognized by many as the best player of all time, but there are skeptics who pay attention to the fact that an impressive part of the goals that are attributed to Pele were scored in friendly and charitable games. Also, people say that he spent his whole long career in the Brazilian league, which is several orders of magnitude weaker than any European one. However, one way or another, this Brazilian distinguished himself with a surprising number of realized moments. How many goals has Pele scored during the whole time he played football? This is the question you will find the answer in this article. Naturally, you need to understand that due to the consideration of friendly and charitable matches, the sources can not come to a common agreement as to what specific number of matches and how many goals Pele scored, but there are indicative figures.

Goals for Santos

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As everyone knows, almost all of hisPele spent his career in his native Brazilian "Santos". There he played 19 years - from 1956 to 1974. How many goals has Pele scored during his entire stay at the club? Only in his first season he was not a player of the base, since then he was only sixteen years old. But already in 1957, the Brazilian began to appear constantly in the starting lineup of the club. As a result, during all these years he spent 665 official matches, scoring 646 goals in them. This is an incredible result - statistically Pele differed in almost every match at least one goal. However, this is only if we take into account official meetings. If you analyze also for comradely duels, which have passed a lot during this time, in total 1114 matches are obtained. How many goals scored Pele in more than a thousand games? Also more than a thousand, namely 1089. This is a true record that hardly anyone can beat - it is also unlikely that any of the players of Santos will manage to bypass the legendary striker both by the number of matches and by the number of goals.

Goals for the "New York Cosmos"

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In 1975, the 35-year-old Pele passed from Santos toAmerican club "New York Cosmos", where he played two and a half more years. Thanks to this, he recorded on his account a few more goals. The experienced striker entered the field 107 more times, but was not so clogged - although his score was still impressive. He scored another 64 goals and in 1978 announced that he was completing his career as a player.

Which scored in his career football player Pele bestgoals? The most beautiful goal is the one he scored with a twist to the gate of the national team of Romania for the national team of Brazil. Also incredibly beautiful was the goal, which Pele scored for Santos in the goal of Juventus - juggling the ball, he beat the defenders, and left the goalkeeper out of work. Well, and one more goal, which should be inscribed in the top three in the performance of this brilliant football player, is the one who became his last at the World Championship in 1970. This goal Pele brought victory to the Brazilians in the final, in a match against the Italian team.

Goals for the national team

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Career Pele was not only a club - he alsois the record holder of the Brazilian national team. For the national team, he played 92 games throughout his career, scoring in them 77 goals. At the same time, 12 of them are at the World Championships. Six goals Pele scored in the World Cup-1958, four goals - at the 1970 World Cup, and one more at the 1962 World Cup and 1966 World Cup. Also, some sources ascribe to Pele 22 more unofficial matches in which he scored another 18 goals. And if you summarize all the data, you will get an incredible indicator of the legendary striker - 1283 goals, which were scored in only 1,366 games for the whole career.

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