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Spain, "Primera". A Brief History of Spanish Football

The overwhelming majority of the world's populationas a male half) is interested in such a game as football. He loves football and Spain. "Primera", or "La Liga" - one of the strongest tournaments of this wonderful game. Fans of clubs eagerly meet each new season to again and again to support your favorite team.


Like many countries, at the beginning of the last centuryfootball began to develop Spain. "Primera" was created in the late 20-ies by the director of the club "Arenas" - Jose Maria. For the first game in 1928, the winning teams of the Royal Cup were selected. In the 30s, the club, due to numerous victories, became the club "Athletic Bilbao". In the forties, many clubs lost a large number of players because of the war, but "Atletico" suffered not so much - he was the winner because of the merger of Atletico Madrid and Aviatsion Nacional. When things got better with competitors, in the late 40's success and recognition went to the "Barcelona".

Spain Primera

Madrid in the lead

As many as fourteen (in the period from 60th to 80th year)once the club became the winner of the league "Real Madrid"! Only "Atletico Madrid" tried to compete with the favorite, winning four times, but this was not enough for unconditional leadership. "Valencia" won twice, and "Barcelona" - only once.

But nothing is eternal, and the clubs of Madrid inearly 80's gave way to the leadership of the Basque - "Real Sociedad" and "Athletic Bilbao", which won twice each. In the 85th the "Barcelona" was crowned with the laurels of the championship, and from 1986 to 1990 the "Real" became the winner again.

Becoming the coach of "Barcelona" and collecting the mosttalented players in one team, Johan Cruyff led her to the first step of the podium in the league four times in a row in the early 90's. Then the winners were "Real", "Atletico Madrid", and again "Real".

New era, football Spain

The "example" started a new millennium withmany successes, "Deportivo La Coruna" under the strict control of Javier Irureta and adoption in the champions at number 9, the entire history of "La Liga". But "Barcelona" and "Madrid" still continue to compete, that excites a lot of their fans and makes carefully watch all their games.

football Spain Primera


In order to increase the motivation of players and teams inOverall, in the world of football there are certain contests that stimulate the growth of playing skills. Do not lag behind in this matter and Spain: "Primera" has several own awards. For example, the best scorer of the league is awarded the "Pichichi Trophy", and the best goalkeeper - "Zamora Zamora". Also one of the latest innovations is the prize for the best player of "La Liga" according to the results of a survey of readers of Spain's largest sports newspaper - "Trofeo Di Stefano".

In 2014, "Sample" opens "Atletico"Madrid, which became the champion last year, there will be twenty teams in total, but fans in the country are millions, it's time for fans to hang out a new slogan throughout the country that will sound like this: "Football, Spain," Primera! "" .

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