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The Hope of Russian Swimming Evgeny Rylov

Member of the Russian Swimming Team Evgeny Rylov tohis twenty years has a number of major achievements, including medals of the World Cup and the Olympic Games. Son of a professional athlete at first engaged in football, but eventually found his calling on the swimming lanes of the pool.


Evgeny Rylov was born in 1996 in Novotroitsk,in the Orenburg region. Sports genes came from his father, who played for the Ekaterinburg Uralmash, who once played in the big leagues. So he was in Novotroitsk, moving here to finish a football career in the local "Nosta".

In the biography of Yevgeny Rylov, swimming did not appearaccidentally. The boy in his childhood was painful, and on the advice of doctors, parents gave their son to sail. Since six years, Eugene began to train in the pool, his first coach was Inna Kokoreva.

Evgeny Rylov swimming
A little later, Evgeny Shishin became Evgeni's mentor;which the boy was engaged in in the Volga Basin of Novotroitsk. For some time Evgeny Rylov swimming combined with football, but soon realized that he was more interested in watching the game than participating in it, and concentrated on swimming.

When the boy was ten years old, the whole familymoved to the Moscow region, where Rylov continued training under the leadership of Gulnara Romanadze. Later it was replaced by an old acquaintance of Eugene, his Novotroitsky coach Evgeny Mishin, with whom they are inseparable until now.

Quick junior

By the age of fifteen, a specialization was chosenEvgeniya Rylova in swimming. He focused on the distances of 100 and 200 meters on his back, showing less good results in the sprint 50 meters. However, if necessary, the young man could swim well and the crawl, so he advocated the area in the relay competitions freestyle.

In 2011, Evgeny Rylov starts loudlydeclare yourself at the domestic level. At the 5th Spartakiad of schoolchildren, he won his first awards in junior sport with a wide margin from his competitors. Two years later, Zhenya established youth records of the country on disciplines of 100 and 200 meters.

Evgeny Rylov swimming finals

In 2014, a Moscow athlete went to thehis first international tournament, which was the Junior European Swimming Championships. Here he won three gold at once, including two top awards in relay races and one at a distance of 50 meters on his back.

Cheeky newcomer

The results of the young swimmer spoke for themselves, and his mentors decided that the hope of Russian swimming Evgeni Rylov no longer makes sense to sit up in juniors.

In 2015, he was selected to participate in thechampionship on water sports, held in Kazan. In the disciplines of 100 and 200 meters on the back of the tone asked such venerable athletes, as Australian Mitch Larkin, Japanese Irie, Pole Kavetski.

Nobody expected from yesterday's junior that he couldat least catch on to the place in the top eight. However, with every swim Eugene improved his results and sensationally made his way to the final of the two hundred meters with the best time.

Evgeny Rylov swimming biography

One of the weaknesses of the young swimmer wasslow start, the first fifty meters he swam worse than his competitors. On this basis, he was betting on a quick finish, which often worked on previous competitions. Approximately in the same vein, the newly-born leader of the Russian swimming team Evgeny Rylov planned to take part in the finals of the World Cup.

Everything happened as Zhenya planned. Only a little he failed the third section of fifty meters, but, after issuing a perfect finish spurt. The first place was confidently taken by Australian athlete Mitch Larkin, ahead of the competition for almost a second.

However, for a place in the top three winnersa fierce battle. Polyak Radoslav Kavetsky ahead of Rylov only 0.05 seconds, becoming a silver medalist. Eugene, in turn, only one touch ahead of the Japanese Irie, winning his first bronze medal of the World Cup.


Prizewinner of the swimming championship of the planet EugeneRylov for the Olympics in 2016 was already in the status of one of the favorites. By this time he had made serious progress, greatly improving his personal achievements. As in Kazan, the main feats of Eugene at the Olympic Games were associated with a performance at a distance of 200 meters on his back. The favorite was still the same Mitch Larkin, but in Rio came a strong American Ryan Murphy, who was the leader of the US team.

Evgeny Rylov swimming Olympics

As a result, the whole struggle unfolded between the three above-mentioned athletes. This time the American became stronger, ahead of the second prize-winner by 0.35 seconds.

The second was Mitch Larkin, again ahead of Rylov. But if in Kazan, the Australian won with a clear advantage, then here he was ahead of Russians just one touch, which cost only 0.01 seconds. The Moscow swimmer set the record for Europe and was generally pleased with his result, which he improved almost a full second in a year.

Before the finale

At the last Russian Swimming ChampionshipsEvgeny Rylov competed practically with himself, simultaneously renewing his own records of Europe, and won all three disciplines: 50 meters, 100 meters and 200 meters.

At the World Championships in Budapest, an athletewent with one task - victory. July 28, 2017, he brilliantly swam a distance of 200 meters, ahead of American Murphy, and brought the men's national team of the country's first medal of world championships since 2003.

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