/ Tackle the carp. Feeder tackle on carp. Carp in carp

Tack on carp. Feeder tackle on carp. Carp in carp

To catch a large carp, one spinningor the fishing rod will not be enough. Pick up gear on carp can be very different, besides they can be made even on their own. It is important to remember that a large catch depends not only on the equipment, but also on the degree of preparation for the fishing process itself.

Feeder tackle

tackle carp

Catching carp with feeders is a processIt is not easy, and it is necessary to prepare beforehand for difficulties. True, and the result will be more effective. However, this requires, first, to think about the type of rod. Feeder tackle on carp involves the use of rods up to 3.9 m in length with bait weight - a test - up to 90 grams. Secondly, catching carp on the feeder follows after spawning. There are several rules for this process:

  1. It is necessary to find a place with a flat bottom without changes in depth - it is here, most likely, the fish nest.
  2. The process of catching a carp on the feeder is long, so you should be patient. Need to constantly watch the rod.
  3. Carp bites confidently and strongly.
  4. To cast a line is as far as possible.

What kind carp equipment will be needed

If you decide to fish in this way, youFirst of all, a long rod (up to 4 m) is required. The coils should be with a rear clutch (spool size 3000). The line should be 0.25-0.28 mm thick and the hook size 8-6. Let's not forget about the lure: it should be a lot, because carp - one of the fish gourmets. The best top dressing is bread crumbs, cookies, corn with small grains, fried ground seeds or ground roasted peanuts. Carp loves various fruit flavors. If you fish near the shore, then you need to feed a small part of the day. The main thing is to feed a lot and well, carp loves it!

carp feeder

Feeder gear for carp is a worthy alternative to expensive fishing rods. In addition, the process of catching will be more convenient and universal, and even an inexperienced fisherman can get the carp.

Or a float?

Many people prefer to fish in the usual way -on the float, however, to each fish, and in this case a certain approach is required. The float rod is good for ponds and lakes, where the silt layer is thick. At the same time float tackle on the carp should be selected correctly:

  1. The best float systems are flywheel,match or plug. To catch individuals weighing up to 2 kg, you can use any of these fishing rods, the main thing is that the fishing line has to be selected correctly - it should be strong to break according to the size of the fish.
  2. If you plan to catch a trophy carp, then choose a fishing rod with a reel. The rod should be long (4-6 m), the coil is inertial-free.
  3. Carp - fish fastidious, so it's importantcorrectly choose the attachment and bait. In the spring, you can stock up with bloodworms, worms or maggots, and in the summer the best baits of plant origin are corn or peas, pearl barley or dough. The main thing is that enough particles are enough in the bait.

What is makuha

carp carp

Among anglers this technique is commoncatching fish like a carp on carp. The essence of this method is that fishing is conducted on the basis of a simple and affordable cake, which is also called makuhi. Cake - this is a bait, and a nozzle for catching fish at the same time. The main thing for a novice angler is to learn how to mount it correctly. It is quite possible to tie a smallpox to itself. To do this, you need to stock up:

  • A sinker, which can be of very different shapes. If the process of catching is carried out on the current, then it is best to load the dovetail or horseshoe types. By the way, on the current the weight should weigh not less than 100 g.
  • A fastener that will fasten the leashes. With their help, the cake will be retained during installation.
  • With a 0.4-0.6 mm diameter scaffold, this thickness is ideal for fishing on carp.
  • A hook with a leash (there can be two of them).

Now let's see how to make a tackle on carp. For this we pass through the sinker line, make a double knot. We take the makuhu and make a hole in it, through which the line will pass. We thread it into the hole, tie the hooks, move it into the narrow slot and fasten it. The carp for carp fishing is ready! By the way, the hook can be placed as you like: it can be stuck in the makuhu itself, but you can leave it just open.

Makutatnik: how it works

The characteristic of the cake in a characteristic strong odor andhigh fat content. After the cake is fixed on the rod, it is thrown into the water. Here part of the cubes begin to disintegrate and crumble to the bottom. A strong aroma attracts carp, which begin to suck in small particles of cake, and with them hooks. This is how the carp is caught on the mackintosh.

how to make a tackle on carp

By the way, such baits can be supplied as usualfishing rod, and powerful spinning. Since the carp is a fairly strong fish, it is better to insure yourself and choose a more reliable model that will not break at the time of trophy mining. The ideal time to hunt carp with the help of a swallow is May-June, because at this time the water warms up, and the fish actively changes its location in the water. And the fish at that moment prefers vegetable food.

Where to catch

It is best to catch on the turtle in smallwater reservoirs, where the bottom is clean, and the current is not strong. In addition, you should avoid too overgrown places, because cake can catch on plants or bushes and just break. Catching carp at the cake is possible at any time of the day, but the best bite is in the second half of the day.

float tackle on carp

How to choose a fishing rod

Tack on carp, as already mentioned, are neededcorrect. First, the rod must be such that the casting range is provided, because very often the carp hides far from the shore. Secondly, with the length you need to take into account and such indicators as the light weight, elasticity and strength of the rod. Thirdly, the fishing rod should be designed for a weight of up to 150 grams, which is especially important for catching large currents.

Many anglers know how to make gear oncarp with their own hands. For this, the simplest things are taken: spring pegs up to 6 mm in diameter, wooden handle, wire rings. They are selected reliable coils, preferably with a brake system, for example, bytraner. Its feature is two modes of braking with a coil, which prevent the breaking of the line and its tension.

fishing for carp gear

It is not worth saving on reels, becausemore expensive elements of rigging, the more effective and reliable it will be to cut and fish to the shore. With the help of special carp coils, for example, you can ensure a calm and confident fishing, when it will be possible not to worry that the fish will break and tear the line.

Stands, alarms: why

If you are interested in quality fishing forcarp, gear for it you need to choose only good and reliable. For example, many anglers can not do without an accessory like a stand. It is best to choose metal models that stand on four supports and are stable. The stand consists of two metal racks that move apart. On one put a rod, and on the second installed electronic alarms - they warn of biting.

tackle carp

If you fish on donka, you will needstock up swingers and electronic sensors that will warn you about biting, even if it goes far from shore. In the signaling device is passed a line with a rotating roller, and when the roller starts to rotate, the sensor gives a signal. With the help of a swinger, the line is stretched - in this element you can adjust the sensitivity, so that regardless of the wind or wave the signal is caught accurately and permanently.

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