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Portuguese coach Andre Villash-Boasch

André Villas-Boas is a coach born inPortugal, which almost did not play in football at a high level. This is one of those players who quickly realize that they see this sport much better not from the field, but because of its limits. Villash-Boas was under the auspices of Bobby Robson and studied with Jose Mourinho.

Player's career

Andre Villash-Boas was born in PortugalOctober 17, 1977, at the age of ten, he joined the football academy of a small club "Ribeirense", where he spent five years. After that, he moved to Ramadens, a club with which he eventually signed a professional contract. Even then, the management noticed that the playing ability of the supporting midfielder is not so high, but at the same time he perfectly sees the field, occupies ideal positions on it and understands tactics perfectly. In Porto, the boy met Bobby Robson, who became his patron. Thanks to him, Villash-Boas passed the exam for his first coaching license at the age of 17 years, and by the year 21 already had the opportunity to enter the coaching staff at a professional level. In 1998 Andre joined Marekel, but spent only one year there - the fact is that he already worked in the Porto system, so he had less and less time left for the club's Sunday games. Therefore, in 1999, at the age of 22, André completed his career in order to give himself completely to coaching.

The beginning of the way

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Already in 2000, André Villas-Boas receivedthe post of technical director in the team of not the largest size - the British Virgin Islands. But at the same time he continued his activities in Porto, and when Jose Mourinho, former assistant of Bobby Robson, was appointed to head coach in this club, it was the Briton who advised Mourinho to take in his staff a young tactical genius. Since 2002, Andre Villash-Boas, whose biography began to unfold with incredible rapidity, began to work at the headquarters of the "Porto" under the leadership of Jose Mourinho. He served as scout, whose duties included monitoring the next opponent of the team and compiling a report on his tactics. When Jose was invited to Chelsea in 2004, André followed him, spent three years there, and then moved on for Mourinho to Inter. However, José has already realized that Andre's abilities are wasted, therefore in the Italian club Villash-Boas became Mourinho's main assistant - it was his preparation for an independent professional career. In 2009, Villash-Boas finally received a license to personally lead a professional club, and this began his adventures as a coach.

Start in Portugal

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Naturally, the new coach did not planimmediately lead the top club. He started with the "Academician Coimbra", where he spent one season, not allowing the club to fly out of the league and bringing it to the semi-finals of the Cup of Portugal. In 2010 Villas-Boas received an offer from Porto - and immediately agreed to take the post of coach of the club. There he also spent just one season, but showed just an incredible result - he won a trill consisting of the Championship of Portugal, the Portuguese Cup, and at the same time the League of Europe, the second most prestigious European tournament after the Champions League.

European Career Coach

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Naturally, they immediately became interested in the leadingclubs of European top-5 championships, and in 2011 André headed Chelsea, where he worked under Mourinho from 2004 to 2008. However, the performances of the team under his command did not suit the rather picky management of the club, so in March 2012 he was fired, and Roberto di Matteo shook the fruits of his work, winning the Cup of England and the Champions League from Chelsea. In the summer of 2012, Villash-Boas became the coach of another English club, Tottenham, with whom he finished his first season in a satisfactory fifth place. However, the next season began not so pleasant, so Andre was fired before the New Year. As a result, he spent two months without work, until in March 2014 he became the head coach of the Russian "Zenith". And in the first season he was able to win the Russian Championship, and a year later became the owner of the Cup of Russia. But in June 2016, he was replaced by Mircea Lucescu as coach, and Villash-Boasch decided to take a break before regaining coaching.

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