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All fitness clubs in Lipetsk

Absolutely in all cities, starting with the mediocre, there are fitness clubs. Lipetsk in the same number. It has about 30 sports clubs.

Fitness clubs in Lipetsk. Left-bank district

  • Orange Fitness. It is located on Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya street, house 1А. The main services of the club are: fitness equipment, halls for group dance and aerobic classes, children's room, trainings with a personal professional trainer, Thai massage, swimming pool, where there is a children's area, as well as saunas with a hammam and a fitness bar where you can drink a health cocktail . You can buy a subscription for yourself and as a gift.

clubs in Lipetsk

  • IC Neptune. It is located in a beautiful forest zone at the address: Admiral Makarov Street, house 1B. There is a swimming pool where experienced instructors, fitness and aerobic rooms conduct training, where they will select a program for individual lessons and trainings, a massage room. In the club you can also play in a separate hall for basketball or volleyball.
  • SportsPark. Located in the forest belt along the street Admiral Makarov, house 1M. There are halls for cardio training, gym and aerobic, swimming pool, sauna, tennis and billiard halls, and bowling.

Fitness clubs, Lipetsk: Oktyabrsky district

  • FC "Zet-fitness". Address: Belana street, house 11А. It offers halls for cardio, power, dance, personal training. There is a step-aerobic bar. The client is also offered an individual program for classes, thanks to which he will clean himself up and get better.
  • "Anna". The very first health club in Lipetsk. Offers personal training, as well as aerobics and power shells. In general, the work of this fitness club is built on individual training.
  • Training clubs "Krypton", "Light", "Lady", ""Flame", "New I", "Form", "Prime Fitness", "Slimclub" are also located in Oktyabrsky district. Their work differs in different approaches to their customers, pricing policy and the structure of the halls.

fitness clubs in Lipetsk

Right Bank District of Lipetsk

  • Sports center "Globus Fitness". Location: st. 40 October, 39, is equipped with a large pool of 25 meters in size and modern projectiles for cardio loads.
  • "City Fitness", club-hotel "Marathon", sports complexes "Spartacus" and "Galaxy" - good in terms of service fitness clubs.

Lipetsk, although a small city, but rich in variouscomplexes, both entertaining, and sports. In each microdistrict there are more than 3 fitness clubs in which there are group and individual training sessions, swimming pools and saunas, dances, aerobics, and sports power shells.

The Soviet district. Fitness clubs

Lipetsk is divided into 4 parts - districts. Above were named all the areas in which there are sports centers. Now consider the fitness clubs in the last, but the largest district, the Soviet. It is also called the Center.

  • Fitness club "Safari Fitness" is located at: Pestel lane, house 38. It has many training halls. To its customers gives discounts, free one-time visits and coupons.
  • IC "Star". Location: Tereshkova street, house 13. In this complex there are all: halls for aerobics, individual and group training, hockey, figure skating, basketball, volleyball, pool, fitness-cafe. Offers unlimited subscriptions for a certain period, discounts, coupons.

clubs in Lipetsk

Other sports institutions of the Soviet District:

  • Sports club "Sport System", is located on the street Tsiolkovsky, house 7.
  • Training hall «OLIMPIYA». Location: Kosmonavtov street, house 47/3.
  • FC "Drive". Located at: Tereshkova Street, 34/3.
  • «Prime Fitness». Address: Peter the Great Square, possession 2.
  • Health Center "Altai": Oktyabrskaya Street, 28.
  • "Ozone" is located along Nizhnyaya Logovaya street, house 2.

All fitness centers are located in the Soviet district, but they are much smaller in size than the previous two clubs.

Practically all the fitness halls and clubs of Lipetsk are described here. People who follow themselves or want to bring themselves and their body in order, visit these institutions and are very happy about it.

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