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Uruguayan goalkeeper Fernando Musler

Fernando Musler - Uruguayan footballer,speaking for the Turkish "Galatasaray". He stands on the position of the goalkeeper. He was thirty this year, and the goalkeepers have a period of reaching the top, so Fernando Musler is now showing impressive football.

Carier start

Fernando Musler was born on June 16, 1986 inArgentina, but already in his early childhood moved to Uruguay, where he began his sports career. However, he joined the professional club rather late - only in 2001, when he was already 15 years old, he entered the system "Montevideo Wanderers". After three years in junior Musler signed a professional contract and began to speak for the main team on a full-fledged basis. Already in his first season he appeared on the field twice, substituting the main goalkeeper, and in 2005 he became a regular base player, having spent 29 matches on the field. After another six months of performances for the Wanderers and 13 impressive matches, Musler was leased to the nation's largest club, Nacional. There he spent three months, went on the field five times and convinced everyone of his incredible potential. Naturally, they were interested in European clubs, and in August 2007, 21-year-old Fernando Musler moved to the Italian "Lazio", which paid him three million euros.

Going to Lazio

Fernando Musler, whose biography aftermoving made an incredible turn, first found himself on the bench - in his first season in Italy he went on the field only 13 times. But the next year he managed to prove that he deserved to be the number "one". As a result, for four years in "Lazio" Musler played 114 matches, won the Italian Cup in 2009, and in the summer of 2011 took the next step and moved to the Turkish "Galatasaray".

The game for "Galatasaray"

Fernando Musler

Unlike the previous transfer, in"Musical's Galatasaray arrived already in the status of a pretty decent goalkeeper, so he immediately took the place at the base. In the first season he played 39 matches and even scored one goal. At the moment, Musler has five seasons in the Turkish club, during which he played 208 matches, won three Turkish championships, won three Turkish Cups, twice ranked among the top ten goalkeepers of the year in the world, and also took the 21st place among the best goalkeepers of the 21st century. In the current season, Fernando Musler came on the field in 12 matches, conceding 11 goals in them - he defended four games "to zero."

National team appearances

Fernando Musler Biography

In the team of Uruguay Musler debuted in October2009 and has since become her main goalkeeper. In many ways, thanks to his efforts, Uruguay was able to reach the semifinals at the 2010 World Cup, and in 2011 to win the America's Cup. In 2013, Musler was at the gate of the national team at the America's Cup, where the team reached the semifinals. Well, at the World Cup in 2014, Uruguay reached only 1/8 finals. Fernando was the main goalkeeper in the Americas Cup 2015 and 2016 and remains to this day. In total for the national team Musler held 88 matches.

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