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Learn how to lose weight by 10 kg per week at home

Very many are overweight and try withhim to fight. For this, they are engaged in starvation, sit down on various diets, go in for sports, attend acupuncture sessions, and much, much more. If you want to know how to lose 10 kg a week at home, then for starters, remember that such a quick weight loss can harm your health. All dieticians and doctors will tell you in one voice that it is impossible to lose weight. The most optimal weight loss is one kilogram per week. Of course, there are cases in life when you need to quickly lose weight. It could be a wedding or some important party, maybe you found the guy of your dreams, and in a week you will have the opportunity to get to know him, and you are so unhappy with your figure. Be sure - slimming by 10 kg per week is quite possible. Have patience, you will need willpower and a great desire to win. Then you will succeed.

The most important thing in such an important matter is youra positive attitude to the fact that you will succeed. As often as possible, repeat yourself, what is weight loss is very important for you. Having left behind with excess weight, you will forget about many illnesses. After all, very many diseases occur precisely against the background of obesity. Be sure to change your diet. Even if you chose a diet decision on how to lose 10 kg a week at home, do not start everything drastically. The best solution is to develop your own diet for weight loss. For example, on the first day forget about sweets and flour, next day exclude from the diet meat and milk. And from the third day already start a rigid diet. So you will not put much stress on your body.

The most optimal solution, how to lose weight by 10 kgfor a week at home, there will be a solution - there is practically nothing to eat. So you will definitely lose weight, be sure. On the first day, try not to eat anything at all. Bottles of mineral water are enough. Divide it into several receptions. On the second day, divide eight hundred milliliters of milk for the whole day. Before you go to bed, eat an apple. The third day again, repeat the menu of the first day - that is, do not eat anything, only drink mineral water all day. The fourth day will please you with a vegetable salad with sunflower oil. Literally, one tablespoon of oil will be enough. Divide the salad into three portions. In addition, it is not superfluous to drink two glasses of mineral water or tea without sugar. The next day we drink 800 milliliters of milk, then, on the sixth day, we begin to eat normally: for breakfast we will have one egg and a small cup of tea. For lunch, one hundred grams of beef and one hundred grams of canned peas are allowed. Eat apple, then for dinner - again an apple, and do the same before going to sleep. On the last day during the day you can eat a little low-fat cottage cheese, one glass of milk or fat-free yogurt, and in the evening drink tea without sugar. Before you lose 10 kilograms per week at home using such fasting days, ask yourself if you are ready for such a sacrifice. Only strong-willed people can force themselves to eat for a whole week in this mode. But there are also positive aspects. And you do not need to spend a whole week on food, and the weight will actually decrease. So, go for it.

And yet, of course, if time permits, thenit is better to lose weight more slowly. This is more useful for the organism, and it will be more pleasant for you to be on a diet in which you practically eat as before, except for some foods. The best answer to the question: how to lose weight in two weeks at 10 kg, will be a Japanese diet. Here, for two weeks you can not eat sweet, salty, carbonated water and alcoholic beverages. You will not starve, because every day is nutritious enough. All the days for breakfast you drink a cup of unsweetened coffee or green tea. For lunch on the first day you need to eat two cooked eggs, one tomato and a cabbage salad with one tablespoon of sunflower oil. For dinner, fry without salt 200 grams of pollock, and again, eat a salad of fresh cabbage with butter. On the second day for lunch there will be fried fish, the same pollock without salt, and a salad of cabbage, and for dinner - a little boiled meat and a glass of one-percent kefir. The third day will not be particularly happy. After all, this day at lunch you need to drink a raw egg and eat a boiled carrot, grated. But in the evening you eat a delicious apple. The next day in the afternoon, grind the celery root, fry it and eat as much as you can. In the evening again apples. On the fifth day for lunch there will be boiled breast, and for dinner - apples in any quantity. The sixth day - for dinner, any fruit, for dinner - boiled beef and yogurt. For the last day of the first week, pick up the ration of any previous day. Then start again with the ration of the first day. And so until the end of the second week. This diet helps to lose weight and keep the result.

Before any diet, be sure to consult a doctor so that he tells you whether you have any contraindications for sitting on such diets.

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